Kiss Kiss! (Celebrity! AU with fangisawesome)

The wide screen at the crossroads always played the latest in fashion and pop culture.

So when a pink logo of pretty face, blowing out a kiss and spelling the words “Pink Kiss”, schoolgirls stopped in their tracks, boys froze in their footsteps, and everyone watched as the commercial flashed images of a fashion show, featuring-

“Kyaaah! It’s Hari Hari-chan!”

“So cuuuuuute!”

“No way! Is that the new line for spring!”

“Pink Kiss Fever” had been sweeping Japan for over a year…all thanks to a single girl’s revolutionary style and charm. And right across from the street, watching the commercial with pride…Hahari crossed her arms and turned her head to grin at her manager. “See Shani-chan? They loved it!”

Shani had never gotten a more busy lifestyle since becoming Hahari’s manager. And she rolled her eyes at Hahari’s smug smile and cheeky look, swiping her fingers across the electronic notepad in her hands. “It’s impressive, but it’ll take more than a viewing in Harajuku to gain attention for this year’s show. Did you finish editing your submissions?”

“Yup! All set!” Hahari stretched, before bouncing onto the nearby couch, flopping onto it and relaxing. “All that’s left is a few talk shows, the appearance at the Shikijima fashion walk-”

“And five commercial set ups.”

“Whaaat?” Hahari whined. “Shani! I thought we were done with commercials?!”

But the manager shook her head, looking over her schedule. “Nope. Five of the sponsors have been begging for you to promote their business, and since they’re the ones supporting the Pink Kiss fashion line, you owe it to them to give a good commercial for business.”


“Oh don’t be such a diva.”


Omg Tamaki’s oh-so-subtle jealousy
Tbh, at this point, I shipped Haruhi with Hikaru (but I started shipping Haru with Tamaki later on)