ask-alex-and-rox  asked:

you got a really nice drawing style! btw whats it like being a pokemon trainer?

//kyaaah thank you!! /)////(\ and I think that question goes to Mirai, so here you go:

Mirai: Being a pokemon trainer is great! You have the chance to travel, follow your dreams, and you’re never alone snce you have friends and your team by your side! Of course we face trouble sometmes, but training, traveling and living together like this is the best! I couldn’t imagine my life without this

bluemoonlove1999  asked:

*wants birthday kisses*

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            Kyaaah~❤!! S-Senpai wants kissu desu ne?!? Waaahhh! Sugoi desu ne! I-If you wanted it so bad desu… *Kawaii-sugoi kissu* WAAAHHH! *faints from sugoiness*