Heaven is nice, We should go there again. (SMUT)

Anon request: Akiyoshi (OTBS) x MC 

“can I please request an akiyoshi smut, where they both have sex in the shower?” 


Frozen from the winter chill _____ rushes into the house she shares with her boyfriend.

“I’m home” She calls out through chattering teeth. No response told her, her boyfriend wasn’t home yet. Shivering as she enters the living room it doesn’t take her long to decide to have a hot shower. Walking into the bathroom she turns on the water getting it to a satisfying temperature before shedding her clothes. Stepping under the barrage of hot droplets ______ lets out a sigh as she feels herself get warmer in a instant.

A few minutes into _____’s shower, Akiyoshi returns home. 

“______” He calls rubbing his hands together to bring some kind of warmth to his chilly fingertips. ______’s loud hums to her current favourite song alert him to her whereabouts. He smiles, he loves it when she hums or sing, it makes him relax. Following the sound of her voice he enters the bathroom. He opens to door & through the thin layer of steam coating the the room he can make out the outline of her body, her hips swaying to her own hums & to the touch that runs down her sides not intentionally sensual but so endearing to him. 

A swell of affection grips Akiyoshi as well as a desire for her. He closes the door behind himself. She still hadn’t noticed him & Akiyoshi didn’t mind as he slipped out of his clothes already gaining heat from the steam as well as the blood pumping straight to his crotch. 

“If you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight” _____ sings as Akiyoshi steps into the shower.

“Okay” He whispers into her ear. 

“Kyaaaahh” ______ nearly slips as she spins round to see her naked boyfriend towering over her, sly grin playing on his lips. She slaps his chest.

“Jeez, you sca-” Akiyoshi cuts her off with a gentle kiss, lingering a few seconds longer knowing she’ll get flustered. He pulls back & stares down at her with a satisfied smirk as her cheeks tinge pink. Akiyoshi pulls _____ against him. A breath away from touching her earlobes one of her many weak spots. 

“I want to go to heaven, but I’m taking you with me” His breath caressed her earlobes sparking a desire in her body. The desire taking hold of her limbs, her control totally lost. He always knew exactly how to make her weak. & she loved it, how his voice grew deep with desire & whispered against her weak spots sending delicious shivers coursing straight her core. 

They stare at each other what was only a couple of seconds but to them it felt like a entirety. Not sure which one of them lent in first their lips collided with lust. His hands finding her hips immediately pushing her against the wall of the shower. The water coating their skin adding to the heat of the moment. 

_____’s moans muffled into Akiyoshi’s mouth as their tongues danced to their own song. His hands tracing the skin of her stomach before cupping her breasts slightly pinching her nipples trough the gaps of his fingers. His cock pressed against her stomach. 

They had no time for foreplay. No time for sexy back & forth’s. This was carnal lust, primal desire to be one with each other. As if the only way to drive away the cold was to be one with each other in the most intimate way. _____’s weight shifted as Akiyoshi removed his hands from her breasts & straight to her legs to wrap them around his waist. 

Akiyoshi broke the kiss as his cock pressed against _____’s wet pussy a hiss leaving through his gritted teeth. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she pressed as much of her weight against the wall. Her fingers nails grazing the back of his neck, one of the only weak spots of his she had discovered. He growled & closed his eyes as he aligned his cock to _____’s entrance. 

“Fuck….” Moaning the same profanities into each others lips as they connected, they smirk at each other. Their hunger for one another taking over their bodies on a level that only connected them together. Pushing her hips into his she took all of his cock into her. Her wet walls clenching on him, making him moan out her name, barely audible over the whirring shower head still raining down on them. 

A second or two to adjust to each other their hips move together. So finely attuned to each others bodies, thrusting in a pace that gave them both a great amount of pleasure. Akiyoshi’s cock plummeting into her g-spot sending fiery sparks straight to the already burning orgasm pending in the pit of her stomach. _____’s pussy clenching & rolling around him, rubbing his cock not leaving an inch untouched. Their moans lost in each others mouth as their lips find each other again. Tongues battling for dominance as their appetite for the other grew larger with each thrust. 

_____’s hips lost their perfect rhythm fast becoming sloppy & desperate as her pussy drew Akiyoshi in tighter, her lips leaving his & biting down on his neck, making him oscillate his hips in a equally messy pace. But the pleasure never ceasing to be more than heavenly as each thrust tipped them closer & closer to their happy ending. 

“Aki-iyoshiii…oh god…don’t stop” Her teeth leaving his neck her finger nails once again dragging down the back of his neck, trying to hold on. His hips slapping against her skin aggressively, _____’s moan snapped his control completely as buried himself in her harder. 

He watched her with an insatiable fervor, his eyes a shade darker, his pupils dilated focusing only on her. As her eyelids fluttered closed, he knew she was close. Grunting his pace picked up, the grip on her hips harder, almost bruising her perfect porcelain skin. ______’s head lulled back against the wall as her entire body clenched around Akiyoshi. Her legs wrapping tighter around him hips, her hands pulling his head into her neck where his teeth latched onto her as she rode out her orgasm. A flurry of sensual noises as well as Akiyoshi’s name left her swollen lips. Her pussy sucking him in deeper, rubbing every sensitive spot on his cock. 

Gritting his teeth, he pulls back to look at _____. Her eyes open dreamily as she comes back down off her high. Little whimpers leaving her parted lips as her body spasmed in post orgasmic bliss against his eager thrusts. The look in her eyes sent Akiyoshi soaring over the edge. His cock plummeting deep into her & stilling as his seed poured into her. 

_____ rested her forehead against Akiyoshi’s, his damp locks sticking to both of their skin. Their breathing slowly regulating to normal. Unsteadily they separated, letting the water of the shower was away the sweat & smell of sex before they get out & dry off.

“Heaven is nice, we should go there again” She chuckles, her sweet laugh making Akiyoshi smile.  

“I bought Mackerel for dinner, that okay with you?” _____ said tiptoeing to kiss Akiyoshi’s cheek.

“Yes, please” He smiled sheepishly, his voice filled with affection for _____. Her sweet, toothy grin sending warmth straight to his heart, that was filled to the brim with love for her.

“Every second with ____ is heaven.” He thought as he watched her go prepare their dinner.