Suspicious Partner Ep 13-14 Preview.

Preview Translation:

Bong Hee: Don’t be like this. If you ask me not to like you then you can’t be nice to me. You have to help me.

Ex-GF*: You used to catch people like this, but why are you now defending him.

Bong Hee: There is no direct evidence proving Jung Hyun Soo is the criminal.

Ji Wook: … and there’s also no direct evidence that proves Jung Hyun Soo is not the criminal.

Bong Hee: Lawyer-nim… sleep after removing the neck tie…

Bong Hee: I wasn’t going to take off all (his clothes)

Bong Hee: Please forget it…

Ji Wook: Eun Bong Hee, I’m sorry, just 5 mins. Please stay with me for just 5 mins.

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I might just be screaming with feels once this aired. The way NJW stares at EBH is… um.. um… smouldering. LOL I think you’re actually in trouble Bong Hee. Ya know, with all those pent-up and suppresed emotions of his. HAHAHA. The way Ji Chang Wook stares.. he can actually kill a girl with it. Like for real. Hahaha! OH MY.

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Reactions are open???11111 Kyaaaaaaah!!!!! Okay. How is cuddling with V and Hobi going to be during Christamas Eve after a small argument? It's winter and snowing there so this is going to be hot, kidding. Thank you!!!!!! :)))))


Taehyung wouldn’t think twice about apologizing to you. It would eat him up, no matter how small the argument was because he wouldn’t want the person he loves to stay mad at him. Taehyung is a very affectionate guy and his way of apologizing would be simple but heart-felt. 

You were cooking dinner when arms suddenly wrap around your waist. He’d bury his face in your neck, feeling his warm breath as he murmurs, “I’m sorry.”

You sigh, already forgiving him and you let him sway you from left to right. “I’m cooking Taehyung.”

“Cook later.” he mumbles as he reaches out and turns off the stove. “I wanna cuddle.”


“Please~” he pouts, doing aegyo. “I missed you.” You hated it when he does that and sighing, you let him pull you to the couch. Instead of sitting down on it, he sat on the floor and pulls you down with him, with you sitting in between his legs. You let him wrap his arms around you as he places butterfly kisses against your hair. You look out the window and smiled when you saw that it was snowing. You bury yourself deeper into his embrace, feeling the beating of his heart against his chest.

“Are you cold?” he asks and you shook your head as you encircle your arms around his waist. “Not anymore.”

He smiles and kisses your forehead, hugging you tight. “I really am sorry, jagiya.”

“I know.” you sigh as you look up at him and kiss his jaw. “Let’s just forget about it, okay?”

He hummed in response and murmured an “I love you”.  Taehyung was rarely quiet and still; and you savored the moment, glad that everything was okay and that you had each other this Christmas Eve. <3


“Jagiya, I’m sorry." 

You sigh as you place the phone closer to your ear, not wanting to miss a single word from your boyfriend. You had a small argument a couple of days ago and this was the first time you answered his calls. It was Christmas eve and you couldn’t help but feel a little stupid for not answering his calls sooner. Now you were alone in your apartment; alone on what’s supposed to be the happiest holiday of the season. 

"I’m sorry too.” you said and you heard him take a sharp intake of breath. “Really?”

You nod, “Yeah. No more fights.”

“Can I come in?”

“Huh?” you look at the door and immediately hop off the couch. You were in your jammies and your hair was tied in a bun for you weren’t expecting any visitors tonight. As you open the door, you see Hoseok holding his phone to his ear, his other hand holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers. 

“Hey.” you say as he hands you the bouquet. “I’m sorry.” he says. “Please forgive me.”

You place the flowers down on the table before wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him in for a hug. Hoseok buries his face on your neck murmuring how much he loves you and that he never meant to say those awful things. 

The night was spent with you in his arms, sitting on the couch as you watch a Christmas movie on the telly; the snow falling like crystals by your window, and your boyfriend’s embrace serving as your warmth. 



Can i just point out how effin’ adorable this OTP is like, Kyungie oppa being as bias as he is only truly focusing and smiling when it’s related to Nini oppa, and the usual Nini oppa who can’t finish a sentence without at least glancing for who-knows how may times towards Kyungie oppa.. The feels these 2 hot mess has given meeeee.. My ship is friggin sailing right now !!!!