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My favorite character from @kynimdraws‘s wonderful Nuzlocke comic, Mimi the Woobat (she later evolved into a Swoobat, but this version was so cute, it’s my favorite), in gijinka (anthropomorphic) form. Design is Ky-nim’s, I only arted it. I was going to add shading but I think this is going to looker brighter and prettier.

Mimi is so charming she even inspired a background out of me. Why does nothing I love ever last.

anonymous asked:

How are you such a good artist AND writer?! Do you have any tricks or secrets?? Any advice for people who want to make comics??

W ell, there’s tons of other nuzlockers out there who are more skilled at writing and art than I am– it’s still a learning process, really but thank…….
I don’t really have any tricks/tips up my sleeves because I pretty much wing shit 24/7 (like writing that game? I was thinking up all of the events on the spot yo.) And I always go back to what I planned for the story and change a few things still because it’s not perfect/A+ story.

But here are some really good writing links/tips that I like to read over by other nuzlockers:
Writing Deaths in Nuzlockes
Tips on Nuzlockes by cocoaferret/the-butcher-bird
- Tips by ky-nim/mythsofunova
- Things to avoid in a comic (mythsofunova/maenuzlocke)
- Tips on nuzlocking (dejasquietplace/nuzlockeboutthatkid)

Pokemon ORAS: Primal Weather~ ky-nim

Proof as of now: LINK=>



Hey guys~! So many things have been going on, but after some time, I’m finally able to release this new dub of Myths of Unova! Congrats Ky-nim on the nominations at Nuzlocke Extravaganza! Thank you so much for creating this amazing story and I hope I can continue to bring small bits of it to life!