ky mani

  • kaisoo haters: kaisoo isn't real lol
  • me: jong*n and ky*ngsoo stood facing each other and sang love, love, love to each other and did the cute actions to each other
  • me: jong*n put his ice in his top to look pregnant and he rubbed his belly and looked at ky*ngsoo who smiled widely
  • me: when a MC asked ky*ngsoo if he saw ins*ng a lot ky*ngsoo replied no and jong*n scoffed
  • me: ky*ngsoo said he wanted to eat ribs and jong*n said he wanted to eat mulberry leaf noodles and pinky promised they would to to these separate restaurants together sometime
  • me: chanye*l said kaisoo became the closest the fastest
  • me: jong*n said 'i love to hear ky*ngsoo sing'
  • me: when ky*ngsoo sang the word baby he pointed at jong*n
  • me: when y*xing kissed ky*ngsoo on the cheek ky*ngsoo looked at jong*ns reaction first
  • me: once jong*n rejected ky*ngsoos hug on stage and ky*ngsoo looked hurt
  • me: ky*ngsoo said he didn't want gifts for his birthday and jong*n said ky*ngsoo deserves love for his birthday
  • me: ky*ngsoo called jong*n pretty
  • me: when jong*n threw one of ky*ngsoos "hearts" on the floor and "stomped" on it ky*ngsoo looked hurt
  • me: jong*n once almost hit ky*ngsoo during a performance and after that he looked out behind him during that part
  • me: ky*ngsoo once felt jong*ns body and then did a thumbs up sign to him
  • me: when a fan said 'jong*n-ah! *weeps* i love you' ky*ngsoo said me too
  • me: when jong*n was hurt, ky*ngsoo kept staying close to help jong*n with his crutches and his onesie
  • me: jong*n told ky*ngsoo he was cold and they huddled/cuddled to keep warm for a bit before going on stage
  • me: after ky*ngsoo beatboxed jong*n called him cute
  • me: ky*ngsoo said 'my angel' when a fan posted jong*ns name on the fanboard
  • me: jong*n rubbed ky*ngsoos back when he thought he was going to cry during an interview and kept saying 'uljima'(don't cry)
  • me: jong*n said ky*ngsoo was the cutest member
  • me: jong*n chose ky*ngsoo as the member he thought was the most popular
  • me: ky*ngsoo was shocked almost offended when jong*n wasn't ranked the most handsome in the group
  • me: ky*ngsoo literally wanked off jong*ns finger in public and jong*n seemed to enjoy it
  • me: when ky*ngsoo said he likes girls who eat well jong*n replied 'i eat well' and ky*ngsoo cutely laughed
  • me: ky*ngsoo picked jong*n as the most erotic member and was literally poking jong*ns face
  • me: ky*ngsoo grabbed jong*ns balls on stage
  • me: jong*n sat down on ky*ngsoos apparent bulge
  • me: kaisoo are the only two different-age members who talk informally with each other
  • me: when the other members were teasing ky*ngsoo about his eye hurting, jong*n asked him how is eye was
  • me: kaisoo smirked when they saw a k*a*i❤️d.*o banner
  • me: when asked about their ideal types kaisoo looked at each other and ky*ngsoo gulped and jong*n laughed
  • me: ky*ngsoo flirted with jong*n on stage several times and he couldn't stop smiling
  • me: kaisoo played footsie under the table and kept touching each other's hair
  • me: kaisoo thrusted at each other while staring at each other the whole time and jong*n looked down at ky*ngsoos crotch area when he did it
  • me: jong*n got told to let go of ky*ngsoo at the airport by their manager and looked upset
  • me: jong*n literally grinded on ky*ngsoo on stage
  • me: jong*n wanted to choose ky*ngsoo as his fave member he'd choose if he was a girl but chose baekhy*n cause he hadn't been picked
  • me: ky*ngsoo said jong*n 'is very cool and sexy on stage and sometimes he feels like he might fall in love with him'
  • me: ky*ngsoo has stated several times how handsome and cool jong*n is
  • me: jong*n wouldn't let go of ky*ngsoos hand when he was standing up at the airport
  • me: jong*n is the literal definition of heart eyes when he looks at ky*ngsoo
  • me: kaisoo complimented each other during their interview together when bros usually insult each other
  • me: kaisoo went to the cinema together the day after valentines day
  • me: ky*ngsoo folds jong*ns shirts for him
  • me: jong*n caressed ky*ngsoos throat when his throat hurt
  • me: ky*ngsoo brought medicine for jong*n when he was sick
  • me: kaisoo were basically stuck to each other when they all went to russia
  • me: kaisoo were happy to be on the same team they hugged each other because of it
  • me: kaisoo have about a list as long as my arm how many times they've gotten jealous over interactions with other people
  • me: ky*ngsoo picked jong*n as the best looking member when the others chose themselves tho and ky*ngsoo was embarrassed he was so honest
  • me: jong*n called ky*ngsoo jagi
  • me: many clingy airport times
  • me: jong*n said he loved ky*ngsoo...twice

Screenshot redraws. With some alternate color palettes.

I really love the lighting in a lot of scenes in this game. Also, yeah, sorry for -All the Bedman- I find him really relaxing to draw. If I redraw any screenshots from later scenes I’ll be putting them under a read more. Just in case.

I really wanted to see what 8% was going to be…

Although I absolutely love seeing all these awesome human Bills about the place, with everyone having their own headcanons on skin and hair and clothes and everything, to me none of it seems quite right.

Because I don’t think Bill Cipher would have just one human form. Okay, maybe he’s got a main one for the time period and location he’s in, and tends to stick to the one when associating with the same people, but in the end he’s still a demon. Why would he use the same form over millennia?

Imagine Bill Cipher in Egypt, 3000 BC, skin as dark as Anubis’ head and wearing not a top hat but something suspiciously like the Pharaohs’ crown.

Imagine Bill Cipher in Mexico, 1200 AD, with golden earrings large enough to stretch the lobe and strings of beads around his neck. (Imagine him still there in the 1521, skin just that many shades lighter as he chats to Cortez about deals.)

Imagine Bill Cipher in Europe during the middle ages, brown hair and just chubby enough to show he was part of the ‘better’ classes, far easier to be trusted.

Imagine Bill Cipher arriving in Gravity Falls in the 70′s with pale skin and blonde hair and a skinny body, because then he’d look good and fit in and be trusted.

Then imagine him coming back in 2012 and scanning Dipper’s mind for the perfect form to appear in just so he’d be trusted.

((Imagine Bill Cipher standing in front of the mirror each morning flicking through his forms because he ‘can’t decide what to wear today’))

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And marry me too! xD I can even offer and give you my blood if you want *haha* Am I here too late? :')

“Another one of those crazy humans. How about we skip the wedding part and get to the blood donations instead? Seriously, isn’t a man just supposed to have one partner according to today’s standard?”

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Do you have any original stories you're working on? You mentioned OCs



PEN AND ELLIE. THEIR STORY IS CONSTANTLY IN FLUX, BUT HAVE MY TWO ARCHULETA SISTERS (half sisters, but Pen is in process of being adopted by Ellie’s mom) THEY’RE REALLY CUTE AND I LIKE THEM. Teh boy is Cole, he’s one of Pen’s best friends.


Fox and her duck friend! Little rapscallion kids that run around and cause trouble and little hijinx… they have a hedgehog friend named Philip, and Bager named Annie, an owl named May, and a ferret named Arin! They live in a sort of… phineas and ferb meets Little Bear world!


Claire just wants to survive school. And somehow she got a vampire attached to her and has to find out how to get him released and back to limbo before, well… hell is set loose. It’d help if Finley gave her any hint on how to do that, but… boy’s quiet.


GINGER IS AN OUTCAST RUNT OF THE LITER, AND COTTON is an exiled prince… i mean no one knows, but. Anyways they travel! She teaches him how to survive and he quickly develops a big crush on her and her angry loud ways.



… bit of a beauty and the beast tale mixed with red riding hood? (shrugs!)


Young wizard. Plant manipulator–not much of a story for her, but I enjoy her…. (peers over desk) her classmates are all based on my classmates…


a trio of sisters who journey to LIMBO in order to track down a demon that has harmed them and their family… 

… and I think… I think that’s.. IT…? (flips through files real quick) I have a few others, but they have no story and are more just design exercizes and for paintings…

2015 Reggae Mix
2015 Reggae Mix

2015 (Mostly) Fresh Reggae and Dancehall

1) Fantan Mojah - A Better Way Out
2) Irie Souljah - Learn and Grow
3) Mr. Williamz - Jah Armour
4) Sizzla Kalonji - Burn the War
5) Jah Vinci - King’s Highway
6) Morgan Heritage ft. Chronixx - Child of Jah
7) Natural Black - Knowledge
8) Gyptian - Kingston Town
9) Junior Kelly - Power to the People
10) I Wayne ft. Banking - Life Glory
11) Lutan Fyah - More Blessings
12) Gappy Ranks - Picture on the Wall
13) Inner Circle ft. Chronixx and Jacob Miller - Tenement Yard (News Carryin’ Dread)
14) J Boog ft. Sizzla Kalonji - Stand Firm
15) Protoje - The Flame
16) Capleton - Motive
17) Anthony B ft. Richie Spice - There’s a Reward
18) Cornel Campbell - Be Wise
19) Gappy Ranks ft. Barrington Levy - Them a Murderer
20) No Maddz - Shotta
21) Jah Cure - Rasta
22) Kabaka Pyramid - Well Done
23) Jah Sun ft. Charly B - Liberator
24) Luciano - Change Dem Ways
25) Capleton - Jah Preserve My Soul
26) Mark Wonder - Buzzrock Warriors
27) Brother Culture - Dreadlocks
28) Jahdan Blakkamoore ft. Lutan Fyah - Trumpet Sounding
29) Protoje - Criminal
30) Sizzla Kalonji - Children of the World
31) Stephen Marley ft. Bounty Killer - Ghetto Boy
32) Tomawok ft. Sizzla Kalonji - African Children
33) Pentateuch - Going Home (Acoustic)
34) Anthony B - March Outta Babylon
35) Ziggi Recado - Wolves
36) Barrington Levy - Be Strong (Acoustic)
37) Bounty Killer ft. Lukie D - Karma
38) Nesbeth - My Dream
39) Gappy Ranks - Lying Tongues
40) Jereme Morgan ft. Gramps Morgan - Try Jah Love
41) Iba Mahr ft. Capleton - Clean and Pure
42) Fantan Mojah - Nah Vote Again
43) Micah Shemaiah - Dread Act
44) Chronixx - Prayer
45) Romain Virgo - God Inna Mi Corner
46) Sizzla Kalonji - Heart of a Lion
47) Jah Cure - No Friend of MIne
48) Busy Signal - What If
49) Chris Matic - Never Change
50) Million Stylez and Ras Manuel - Healing of a Nation
51) Jesse Royal - Finally
52) Perfect Giddimani ft. Lutan Fyah - When We Smoke
53) Skarra Mucci - Bud Organizer
54) Busy SIgnal - Smoke Weed Again
55) Ragga Lox - Time Now
56) Jah9 - The Marijuana
57) Bugle - Angels in Heaven
58) Agent Sasco (Assassin) - No Gangsta
59) Busy Signal - Watch Me Now
60) Skarra Mucci - Turn It Up Loud
61) Lion D - Ruff Inna Town
62) Steppa Style ft. Deadly Hunta - Work Hard
63) Agent Sasco (Assassin) - So Mi Born
64) Bugle - Be Proud
65) Busy Signal - Out of Many (One)
66) Gentleman’s Dub Club - Music is the Girl I Love
67) Ky-Mani Marley - All the Way
68) Pressure Busspipe - Love Is
69) Jahdan Blakkamoore - Smood Blakk Skin
70) J Boog - Let Me Love You
71) Protoje - Answer to Your Name
72) Tarrus Riley - Cool Me Down
73) Gyptian - Anything You Want
74) Mr. Vegas - Fall in Love Again
75) Pressure Buss Pipe - Like It Is
76) Perfect Giddimani - Self Grammy
77) Romain Virgo ft. Agent Sasco (Assassin) - Fade Away
78) Notis and Iba Mahr ft. Tarrus Riley - Diamond Socks
79) Taiwan MC - Tell Dem
80) L'Entourloop ft. Skarra Mucci - Dirty Money
81) Gappy Ranks - Could Not Say Goodbye

Horrortale Sans and Reader vore part 1.

   I’m a little human.. Really little… In fact, perhaps I’m not really that small. But what can I say when the only local people to compare to are atleast the size of medium trees! At LEAST about 10 feet tall!!

   …compared to me that is… I don’t know what happened to me to make me so tiny…

.    .    .


I shake my head, those thoughts will only bring me down after all… These monsters are enormous..and starving.. I’ll only give them a big.. Fleshy… Juicy treat…

   I need to get out of here.

  But there is no where to run when I’m running low on energy, dying of starvation, and freezing in the winter of Snowhell..

  Thats the name right?? 
Maybe not..
It doesn’t seem that appealing..

  . And besides that point, I thought to see a sign read SnowDIN instead..  But that’s not important..


There’s a creature following me. It weilds an axe and it hasn’t stopped stalking me from the moment I entered this place..    I sometimes see it’s horrifyingly bright.. Blood red eyes.  
    I begin to see it’s colors now, it has a blood coated, but over all blue colored jacket… black basketball shorts… It also wears two pink slippers..?  The most standout-ish feature on the other hand, is it’s face. 
   It has a permanent grin..
and the left side of it’s head was shattered away, leaving a large gapping hole.. A cavity that was eating away at his bones.

   I wheeze heavily and stare forward. The air….I..It was freezing my lungs…  I fall forward onto the ground and tremble in fear.   I know he’s here… He approaches me just like a personal version of the grim reaper…skeleton and everything…  I stare down, fresh tears dropping from my eyes and sliding down my face.   If I didn’t know better I’d have said the tears froze to my cheeks. But we know thats not true. It couldn’t possibly be that cold…

    Half conscious now, I feel his chilling boney fingers pick me up from my sides. I stare into his eyes with defeat.. I just want it to end.. He can HAVE me.. I just want to he relieved from it all..

I’m starving.
I’m scared..
And I just want to go home…

…but he doesn’t kill me…?

  He doesn’t kill me, instead of that.. No. He gives me a gentle smile and chuckle before his eye brightens up with a firey blue flame.

   “Oh doll..~” He teased me. “It looks like you may have.. ran out of energy..~” He gives a little chuckle, it was a pleasant little sound to hear through all of my pain.. Somehow… Just the simple dark..raspy laugh and grip at my sides was enough to make me laugh in defeat through my tears.

  I bet I sounded like I was crazy..

   “Shall I help you back up?..~” He teases again with his lovely deep voice…

  How is it that a person so calm and soothing can live in a crumbling place like this..?

  I groan in’s all I could whisper from my frozen insides… I couldn’t even muster any words up..

  He chuckles, setting me gently inside his large jacket.. It gave such a pleasant warmth..I didn’t want to come out of there..ever…

    he held me close. “Alright..Let’s make a deal then, Doll..” He says, gripping the side of his jacket tightly with his sharpened fingertips… I let out a weak yelp of pain, still too weak to even try running from him. The only feeling I feel is of him jumping into the air..and suddenly, it’s warm. I poke my tiny head up from the warm cotton heat lock and look around, somehow we’re in a warm purple colored room. Snow outside the window but the room was the most comforting warmth you could ever think of. “You do as I ask, and you live. You come back here every night, and you have warmth.. But the v e r y second you cross me. You’ll be my next meal. Got it?” He grins, tossing me onto a bed. I wail in the pain of his claws digging into my flesh once again.. Tears starting fresh from my eyes, trickling down my cheeks. “Do not disobey me.. Do not run from me.. And most of all.” He whispers to my ear. “Don’t make me angry.” He chuckles. “Because when I’m angry.. I get hungry.. And do you see your pitiful little size, my dear?” I give a shakey nod and look away as he adjusts a little collar on my neck.. “There you go, pet.. You’re mine now, and dispite my extreme want to eat you..I’ll give you a chance..after all. You are h u m a n, after all. Are you not?..”

   I gulp nervously, my body shakes so quickly that I feel like I might pass out..why won’t he just eat me already…I’m small enough…a…and he would satisfy his hunger….I-….

   I smile softly..

..I’ll just end it quickly..

as soon as I can…

   He shuts his eyes and rubs his hand over my head. He whispers. “Sleep tight..okay..  You’ll stay in here..” He looks away.

  I sigh, shutting my eyes quietly, without speaking out a complaint out loud.

   This is Un. Be. lievable. A killer skeleton with an axe takes me to his home and he doesn’t even end my life?… Why must things be so far against me….

    A little sigh escapes my lips, shaking in place under the warmth of the room. So it wasn’t because I’m cold? Not at all.  Am I scared?.. Obviously.

   I raise my head, staring to the door where was standing, I shut my eyes slightly and grit my teeth. “When will this all be over..?” I ask shakily.  “When can I be free from this torture…?” I ask him quietly through pained breathe.

   “What?” he asked me, raising his eyes. “Do you WANT me to kill you..??” he said, lowering his eyes. I nod weakly. “I’ll never get out of the underground…I’m hopeless… I j-just want it to be over as fast as it can…” I say hesitantly.

  I feel boney fingers over my body and a stroking at my hair as Sans walks over. He picks me up and sits on the bed, laying me on his lap and leaning me against his warm belly.. I shiver still. “..mmh…” I protest in being touched, but he didn’t care as he continued to press me down against the soft area. “, take a breath… You’re going to end up taking this way too far …” he says, shutting his eyes. “Now… Relax yourself, kid.” he says coldly. “You’ll be ending up in a place you won’t like very much if you keep this up.”

I feel a burning sensation in my mind as I stare at him hatefully. “All monsters are terrible! They’re liars who try to kill us!!!” I hiss at him. 

  His eyes flicker red as he stares down at me. “..that’s enough..” he whispers, stabbing at my arms with his fingers. “A-agh! S-stop!” I growl.   He only chuckles further. “Kid, this is your fault you know.” he says, raising a brow. “Now shut up. Okay?” He says darkly.

  Soon I was lifted up, and his jaw unlatched, that sharp smile now staring wide open at me waiting. No- I’m not going to die like this! Was he crazy??! I struggle as much as I could, but it ended up making me bleed from hoe deep he cut into me. “Hey.. Stop that. You know, I enjoy the bloody ones more..” he adds. “LEAVE ME ALONE! LET ME GO-!” I cry out.

  All he did in responce is stuff my face into his maw and lick carefully at my skin. He coated my body in a thick slimy surface, his saliva. It reeks of blood.. I can’t even think how many other children…had…

  He tilts his head back, gulping a bit to push me further in. Now, only my legs are out and I feel my boots slip off. I yelp in fear whenever the very tight muscles of his blue and red magic start to tug on me, this is aweful..    I kick a little bit, I’m too weak! This isn’t fair! Even then he grabs my legs, pins them together and carefully yet gently pushes me further into his mouth. He’s like a snake! This is too real!- but it MUST be a dream!  I HOPE, I wish.. I.. 

   He begins to just..suck on my body, like candy.. Taking in all the flavors…this sicko…

  I grit my teeth in disgust and sigh in defeat. “…skeleton…let me go, I’m sorry for yelling out..”

  He nipped at my leg whenever I said that, making me cry out in the sharp pain again..  Why can’t this end!?  I push against his walls yelling and crying. “STOP! PLEASE! I-I’LL FOLLOW YOUR RULES, DON’T L-LET THIS HAPPEN!” I shriek whenever I feel myself finally slipping.
It’s over.. It’s all over for me. I’ll die uselessly like this in a painful death, won’t I?  God-damn these monsters..

  He pressed further until all he had to do is tilt back and let gravity take over. “Hey. You SHOULD have though about that whenever you decided to insult my race like that.” he snapped back.

“This is completely unnecessary you sicko!!” I yell, still stretching and groaning in aggravation.   “Fuck you.” I hiss.

  He shakes his head quietly and leans back. “Shut up, take a break kid..” he rolls his eyes. “..bein so angry isn’t helping you stay alive is it..”

  I groan once more. “Are you serious?? I’m gonna die in here, how would I care about the outside now?!” I shout, giving a kick to the wall. He grit his teeth. “Seriously, come on. It’s not like you’re going to die here. You just need a time out and I’m not leaving you alone to escape.” he explains.

“Yeah right.” I sigh, curling my knees to my chest. “ wanted a quick..a..and easy…m-meal of a human. You sick monster..”

  He looks away. “You need to listen closer… But we can do that when you wake up..”

   “Wake up??” I look forward. “I’m not sleeping here, what the hell..??”

  Soon a warm magic flows through my mind..what is this. I’m… Getting sleepy.

  Sans turned out to be sending a large rush of some green magic into ky system.. With how many cuts I had, it was exhausting to be healed so fast. I lower my head and shut my eyes. “I..guess..I will then…” I mutter weakly.

-Later….in the morning…-

  Someone shifts my head.. It falls to the side and meets a warm plush feeling.. I weakly raise my eyes to see….oh…it’s just him…

  I sigh. “…so..I did live…..great…” he shakes his head. “Yeah, you did. But only because I don’t want you dead yet..” he strokes my hair. “ please settle down…you should eat look starved..” he says carefully.

  I roll my eyes. “Same for you, why not do it again, but don’t let me back out to suffer. ”

  Sans’s eyes narrow. “…kid..” he whispers, pulling my head up to meet his.

  His bloodred eyes and smile.. “..ugh…nevermind..I don’t want to smell your disgusting blood breath.” i groan.

  He grins a bit. “After all of this, it’s my breath?? Jeez kid, you’re durable.” he chuckles.

  I give a weak smile. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. What’s your plans with me anyway..?” I tug on

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We can skip the wedding reception, but not the wedding ceremony because it is the most important! xD And later I want to live with you in beautiful Russia. Since when insane Lord Ky pays attention to today's standards? *haha*

“Ceremony? I couldn’t care less about such things, but I am wondering why you people abandon your own established system that easily. I may have a slight lunatic streak, yet I do abide by the laws father created. Can you say the same about yourself, stranger?”

I’ve been listening to nothing but songs in Spanish recently and this one was stuck in my head. So why not…?

“I want to see more than just your underwear. So, dance slowly for me, I want to feel your body. Since I have you close, let’s enjoy the moment." 

song: Farruko - Chillax ft. Ky-Mani Marley song begins at 1:26