also heres my masonna vinyl i bought last year, it was released on p-tapes (P2) in i think ‘93 and 1005 copies were made. beautiful vinyl color and floral sketches. into it. its two live performances, one performed on one day at kxlu radio and the other on the next day at some club(?). side b is my fave, you can hear the audience talk over yamazaki screaming and shaking a canister of god-knows-what’s (coins is my guess).


Here’s a video of me playing a new song I wrote called “I Drew You Once In Art Class” on KXLU 88.9FM Los Angeles.

I tried to paint a picture of you to prove I still think of you,
but the face I drew, it more resembled mine.
Went to buy you some nice things but bought a record by The Kinks
(a band you have always told me does not appeal to you in any way).

When will I ever get it right?
When will I ever treat you right?

The love songs all go unreleased, b-sides of lesser memories,
and yet you have been there for me since the very first record I ever wrote myself.

When will I ever get it right?
When will I ever treat you right?
My eyes won’t settle anywhere, my mind is in the atmosphere.
When will I ever treat you right?

Oh oh, you know I can be romantic.
Oh oh, you know I can wear nice clothes.

When will I ever get it right?
When will I ever treat you right?
I’m gonna leave when you say you wanna leave,
and shut up when you say you need to sleep.
Today I’m going to treat you right.


Allison Weiss recently went in and did some sessions on KXLU by way of the A Fistful of Vinyl show. Check out the sessions here now!

Also just a reminder, Allison Weiss will be playing the Remember When release show tonight at El Cid in Los Angeles with special guests Chris Farren of Fake Problems and Tiny Stills.


Everybody In: Episode Ten // TWIN PEAKS via Monster Children


Corners – “My Baby" 


Starfucker, “Isabella of Castile”

So i’m excited for these next couple of days.
Tomorrow we have a show, should be cool even though we haven’t really rehearsed anything for it so we’re probably going to improvise and we’re going to be on KXLU around 6pm - 8pm so that should be cool! Hopefully I can tune in if they play it before we start playing.
Saturday is FYF fest, as you all know.
Hopefully on Monday we get to record some tracks that will sound legit.
On the 10th we have a show with Bleached, we’re also getting interviewed and having our set recorded by Sincerely, California for a documentary they’re doing. 
Hopefully more events come up soon to keep my mind off depressing things.


So Many Wizards perform “Lose Your Mind” live on KXLU


This is really sick and powerful and well recorded. I especially love the way “Shackled Down” sounds at the beginning. But I don’t like the way the guitar sounds, and “Mankind” is played slow for some reason. Overall THIS FUCKING KILLS.

Infest- Live on KXLU radio

oh LET’S GO!!!


(TOUR DIARY: Austin)

March 15 & 16

After a day and a half of driving, we got into Austin and headed straight to the Burger Pysch Fest, at Spiderhouse. We watched some bands, drank some beer, then later met up with our friend Tyler, who was kind enough to let us crash at his house for a few nights.

Thursday we played KXLU+The Smell’s showcase, which was really fun! We got to meet and hang out with members of Raw Geronimo, 3 ½, Verbs, and Radical Dads. Later on we played Burger’s show at Grand Pool Hall. We were all pretty tired but re-energized with Pizza and Red Bulls, then enjoyed a ton of Burger bands before we played our set.

(Photos: Arriving in Austin; Justine showing off a King Tuff hat; Danny with the girls of 3 ½; Tyler’s house)


Feist - How Come You Never Go There

I wasn’t sure how to feel about this album when it first came out, but this song played on KXLU today and enlightened me on just how awesome FEIST still is. Nothing like being in a weird mood and having the perfect song come on the radio to help you find sanity.

“we’re living proof we gotta let go and stop looking through the halo”