Allison Weiss recently went in and did some sessions on KXLU by way of the A Fistful of Vinyl show. Check out the sessions here now!

Also just a reminder, Allison Weiss will be playing the Remember When release show tonight at El Cid in Los Angeles with special guests Chris Farren of Fake Problems and Tiny Stills.


Everybody In: Episode Ten // TWIN PEAKS via Monster Children

Why Radio?

I’ve been asked “Why radio?” a lot in the past few weeks, I think because when we think of radio, we often imagine the major commercial stations that feature the same 5 songs on repeat and endless commercials sandwiched between the voices of “crazy fart-joke guy” and “moody voice dude,” who are not actually in the studio but have pre-recorded the show the night before so they could sleep in while you are commuting to work.

Answering this question is both easy and impossible.  I love/study/listen to radio because it’s a medium that’s available to everyone - a radio costs close to nothing, unlike a satellite radio or the plethora of (really great) web radio stations - it’s based in a community with which it can and should interact and it’s in some ways a companion while you are washing the dishes, driving, working, etc (unlike the TV).  There is no glamor in it - it doesn’t matter what the hosts look like, it only matters what they say and how they relate to the audience, unlike film or tv in which the appearance of a person is almost more important than the message.  There is an anonymity about it that can foster honest creativity (or honest confessions - those who grew up on Dr. Drew know what I’m talking about).  And last, but not least, it can offer new discoveries that other mediums rarely do - be it music, literature, news, personalities, history…

Unfortunately, the vast majority of radio stations contain none of the above qualities, except that they’re overly-available often to the point of intrusive.  Luckily they don’t all suck, and here are some of my favorite Cali stations, please feel free to add yours in the comments:


Mutiny Radio






For more info on these types of stations, check out Spinning Indie.  Jennifer does a great job with her radio station field trips, giving a more intimate look into the behind the scenes workings of independent radio.


Corners – “My Baby" 

Playlist: December 29, 2011
External image
Featuring guests from Cab 20 & Backseat Bingo
Set I:
Flying Lotus - kill your co-workers
Dali’s Rose - dramamine dream / the devi’s coordinates
Catwalk - night stravation
Dream Panther - street science
Emily Reo - on the beach
Gangi - outside ones
Set II
Hot Rats - the lovecats
The Spades - you’re gonna miss me
The Chocolate Watchband - I ain’t no miracle worker
The Byrds - don’t doubt yourself babe
Allah Las - Catamaran
Real Estate - younger than yesterday
The Growlers - sea lion goth blues
Thee Rain Cats - bells
Dante V. Zombies - branded by nuns
Set IV
Backseat Bingo - i just mind // night life, just right // party favor, yes yes
The Terrorists - shoot it up
Sea Lions - i should be sleeping
Set V
Extra Classic - congo rebel
Still Corners - dont fall in love
Bell Gardens - through the rain
Black Flamingo - all that she wants
Spirit Vine - pluto why
Set VI
Cab 20 - gravedigger
Cosmonauts - psychic denim
TRMRS - hello self
The Black Belles - honky tonk horror
The Strange Boys - me and you
Final Set (by band’s request)
The Talking Heads - Artist only
Grinderman - heathen child
Menomena - evil bee



Here’s a new song, called “The Portland Trailblazers vs Joe vs The Volcano”

I miss all my friends who are living in
cities far away from me
and I wish the world was a little bit smaller,
but I know I’m thinking selfishly

Well, lately, I’ve been fallin’ asleep to 
the glow of my telephone screen, it’s been screaming at me
I’ve been screaming right back

And lately, I’ve been feeling like a bad friend
I think its because I’m a bad friend
Or maybe I’m just an [asshole]

If I had any guts at all,
I would just pick up the phone and call you and say
f I had any guts at all,
I would just pick up the phone and call you and say

I would tell you that I love you, I would tell you that I miss you
Cause I love you and I miss you,
I love you and I miss you