We are excited and humbled to be announcing the release of “Digging Us a Hole.” This song was born during the “Funeral For Our Future” action in March, where we sang it together with over 100 activists in the TransCanada lobby in Westborough, MA. 25 of us kept singing as we were led out in handcuffs. We’re making the recording available for free throughout the “Fearless Summer” because this song truly belongs to everyone who’s fighting the pipeline!

Download your free copy here!

Our greatest hope is that this song will continue to be used by those rising up against KXL. We’ll need all types of tools in our belt in order to build this movement big enough and strong enough to win, and the right song can be a powerful tool indeed. If it serves your work, please use the song in any actions or videos that you have coming up.

If you want to learn the song for a march or action, you can download the lyrics and lead sheet here!

We’re excited to see other groups already using the song for actions like this one by Hampshire College students! If you want to use our recording of “Digging Us a Hole” in your next video, just download the track for free, upload to youtube (or vimeo etc.) and be sure to post a link to our Twitter and/or Facebook. We’ll share and promote anything you put out that incorporates the song. And make sure to tag it with #DiggingUsAHole, so we see it!

We’ll be posting videos from fellow activists all summer long, but we wanted to start off with this first video that our friends Brian Fitzgerald and Sam McCracken made, which we think captures the spirit of the song, the action, and the movement as a whole.

This song is yours, use it for good!

In solidarity, Melodeego

Learn More about the Keystone XL (KXL) Pipeline


On Monday, March 11, 100 students and community members swarmed the corporate offices of Transcanada in Westborough, MA, to hold a Funeral for Our Future. Transcanada is building the Keystone XL pipeline, which will stretch 1,700 miles across North America, from Alberta to the Gulf Coast in Texas. It will carry tar sands oil extracted from N. Alberta, for export to Europe and Asia.

The extraction process of tar sands has destroyed a massive portion of the Canadian Boreal Forest. An area the size of the UK has already been affected! The extraction process is in direct violation of the treaties signed between First Nations and the Canadian government, and the toxic waste water from the extraction has been found in reservoirs that many local communities depend on for drinking water. There are also the folks living in East Houston, very near the tar sands refineries, who have seen an increase in asthma and lung cancer amongst their youth, as a direct result to the carcinogens and toxins found in the exhaust that billows from the refinery smokestacks.

And then there is the effect that burning and extracting an oil deposit that has more stored carbon than we’ve burned in human history will have on climate change. In the words of NASA’s top climatologist, James Hansen, it would be “game over for the climate.”

President Obama has full veto power over the Keystone XL pipeline, but he isn’t taking a strong stance. We’re doing all we can to make it clear: if he won’t stand up to the fossil fuel industry and stop the Keystone XL pipeline, we will!

“Digging Us a Hole” by Melodeego “1700 Miles of Pipe” by Farhad Ebrahimi