When We’re Human Again


Rating: K

Word Count: 2,900~

Summary: Based on @artsycrapfromsai‘s Beauty and the Beast AU. In which Ford becomes human again after years spent cursed as an enchanted journal, and Stanley and the kids realize happy endings are often a lot more complicated and messy than one might initially perceive.

The fading laughter was what let him know the onslaught had finally ended. Ford sensed the distant pelt of vibrations against the stone, moving towards the balcony, towards-


An insidious tendril of dread began to suffocate him as he realized his cursed form was wholly unable to come to his brother’s aid. And worst of all, the young man— Gideon, his name was?— abused him enough that his binding was starting to unravel at a dangerous rate.

Wild gales assaulted delicate parchment, threatening to cleave these pages from his trampled spine and leave him barren. He feared this wind was bitter enough to seep through even his brother’s thick fur, but as he didn’t possess the nerve endings required to differentiate temperature, there really was no way to tell.

Stanley mentioned playing in snow on the castle grounds with the children the other day, though, hadn’t he?

He lay sprawled on his back, trapped within his roving thoughts and functionally helpless without his brother or one of the young siblings to pick him up. The long years had chipped away at him, cruelly stripping bundles of parchment from his binding with each passing month— each page representing a portion of his memory. He’d already lost so much of his childhood and early life to this unstoppable decay. In fact, in his present state he found he barely recalled how he’d been cursed into this form to begin with.

What was it like, Ford wondered, to be human? To have strong limbs extending in every direction? The ability to contort and move his form by deliberate choice? What did it feel like to hold an ink quill and write manually for once? To consciously express emotion in more than simple text on page? Faintly, he thought he recalled a time when all of these actions and properties were overlooked mundanities— but he’d been imprisoned within this leather bound journal for so long that sometimes the thought of anything else but this existence faded into obscurity within seconds. And this frightened him.

I can’t even remember… what I once looked like, he realized in a pang of panic.

How much humanity did he have left to spend?

The few pages still bound fluttered endlessly in the wind, and he desperately struggled to keep ahold of them. He imagined his own thoughts appearing on pages in written word, frantic pleads for help, in the futile hope that continuing to mark his own parchment would somehow retain his connection with it. He felt another page tear away. Heard it as it cut through the air like a thin blade.

N-no… please…

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Impulse Buy

Originally posted by rundalek

Author: locke-writes

Title: Impulse Buy

Synopsis: Inspired by this post

Rating: K

Word Count: 653

Tagging: @miamorbarba@xemopeachx@nerd-girl-642 @insecurewritersworld @evs14u  @yourtropegirl @esparza-army

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Starco Fic: Not Without Her


Title: Not Without Her

Summary: Star has just left Earth, quite possibly forever. And Marco is having a hard time accepting that.

Rating: K

Words: 1977


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Fic: Truly Madly Deeply

Summary: Dan gets upset by watching a movie, and Phil comforts him.
Rating: K
Word Count: 2.1K
Tags: Friends to Lovers, Getting Together, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Author’s Note: I’m sorry if Dan is OOC in this, but I was feeling down and wanted to write some fluffy hurt/comfort, and this is what resulted. You don’t have to have seen the movie “Truly Madly Deeply” in order to understand this story, but I encourage you to see it, because it’s incredible. Very sweet, very funny, very sad, and VERY romantic. Yeah, I suppose it would help you to know that the movie is very romantic.

Truly Madly Deeply

Phil wakes up slowly, groggy, wanting to slip back into sleep but feeling a slave to his bladder’s inconvenient timing. It’s the middle of the night, for fuck’s sake! He fumbles for his glasses and crawls out of bed, shuffling to the bathroom like a crankily inconvenienced zombie. After taking care of business, he decides that he may as well get a drink of water while he’s up, so he continues on toward the kitchen.

He’s surprised to find Dan sniffling on the sofa, eyes swollen and red. At the sight of Phil, Dan wipes his hands at his face, obviously trying to banish tears. It’s not particularly shocking that Dan is still awake, but his wee hour Tumblr scrolling doesn’t usually lead to sobbing. Phil walks toward the sofa and sits down. “What wrong?” he asks quietly. The hour doesn’t lend itself to speaking at normal volume.

Dan looks away and bites his lip, new tears springing to his eyes. “It’s stupid,” he says in a choked voice. “Just a movie.”

Relieved, Phil chides him jokingly, “Were you watching ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ again?”

Dan shakes his head. “I was reading this article about people who died in 2016, and they were talking about Alan Rickman, and I was thinking about how great he was as Snape, and I realized I didn’t really know anything else he’d been in, so I went looking on Netflix.” He sniffed again and wiped his eyes. “I found this movie called ‘Truly Madly Deeply,’ and I watched it, and it just … it got to me.”

“What’s it about?” Phil asks gently. “If you want to talk about it.” Dan nods, and Phil makes himself more comfortable, sitting cross-legged on the sofa facing Dan and resigning himself to staying awake for a while.

“He’s dead,” Dan says, and Phil wasn’t expecting that. “He’s dead, and the woman he was living with is grieving, and she can’t move on with her life, so he comes back, as a ghost.”

Phil tilts his head in curiosity. “A ghost story?”

Dan shrugs. “Kind of. But not scary. He comes back because he loves her and he doesn’t want to leave her hurting.” Tears spring to his eyes again and one trails down his cheek. He puts his face in his hands and his shoulders shake a bit. He’s full-on weeping, Phil realizes. He scoots closer on the sofa and puts an arm around Dan, who unexpectedly collapses against him, face wet against Phil’s neck and t-shirt. Phil wraps both arms around him as Dan hides his face, and Dan feels strangely small and fragile in his embrace. It reminds him of the early years, when Dan had been so young and still smaller than Phil. Now, he’s taller and broader, and it isn’t often that Phil feels protective of him like this anymore. They’ve been peers for a long time now, no longer really noticing the age difference, and Dan hasn’t turned to him like this in years.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @natsudragfeels!!! Sorry this is so short, but it’s been a busy week plus no motivation but I had to at least write something!! You’re an actual sweetheart Mel, and I hope you’re day is awesome!

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Nalu

Rated: K

Words: 449

“We are not going to steal someone’s dog.”

Lucy was done. She was over dealing with her boyfriend’s crazy ideas. She just wanted peace.

“But Luuuucy!” Natsu whined, tugging the sleeve of her jacket. “He looks so lonely!” Lucy glanced sideways at him, eyes narrowing at the pathetic look he was trying to pull off.

“He’s literally sleeping, Natsu.” And the dog was, peacefully, in his yard. Where Natsu and Lucy were loitering perhaps a bit too long and Lucy was starting to worry people would notice them soon. All because her boyfriend wanted to be a dognapper.

Pouting, Natsu let go of her jacket, moving his hand down to hold hers. “Fine. You’re so mean Lucy.”

Lucy knew he was joking and that he didn’t actually want to steal the dog, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t slightly ticked off with him. She couldn’t help but let out a long sigh, pulling him as she continued their walk back home.

Why did she love him again?

“And besides, Natsu,” she started, voice low. “We already have a cat and a dog at home. We don’t need anymore pets.”

There was silence for a few minutes, Lucy wondering if she accidently hurt his feelings. Wincing, she was about to turn her head and apologize when suddenly he let go of her hand and stopped walking as he stared at her, expression firm and intense.

But he also looked excited, which scared the ever living crap out of her.

“Uh, Natsu?” She questioned, staring at him and not knowing what to do or say.

“Okay, so no pets.” Grin widening, Natsu took a step forward, grabbing her shoulders. “So let’s have a kid.”

Face and neck heating up, Lucy stumbled away from him, eyes widening as she stumbled to find words. “Wh-what?” She couldn’t, refused, to believe he just said that out loud in the middle of a random neighbourhood with no warning. “A kid? What are you talking about?”

Blinking, Natsu moved closer to her again, pulling her into a hug as he chuckled. “Well, why not? I love you, Luce, and I think you love me.” She giggled, nodding against his neck as she snuggled closer into his embrace. “So let’s have a kid. Something that’s both of us together.”

Face still hot, Lucy could feel her heart grow at his words, remembering why exactly she loved him. He was her light, and she was never going to let go.

She heard a dog bark in the background, making her laugh and, pushing herself from his arms, gave him a smile and slight shake of her head.

“Maybe someday, Natsu.”

“Someday is all I need with you, Lucy.”

I Like You a Latte

Commission for @strawberrysweetlove35! I hope you enjoy, and thank you so much for commissioning me!

pairing: jerza, with little bits of gajevy

prompt: coffee shop au with pickup lines

rating: k

word count: 1366

characters: jellal, erza, gajeel, levy

Every morning was the same. Jellal would hand the caffeinated to the groggy, grouchy customer and go back to making the coffee for the next one. It was mundane and dull, but Jellal somewhat liked it that way. He enjoyed busy work and keeping to himself. He never liked being out in the open or the center of attention.

This morning, however, was different. And that was because she came in.

Ignoring everything other than the strawberry cake in the display, she intently stared at the decadent dessert that was made early that morning. Jellal was instantly struck by Cupid’s arrow as her mouth upturned into a beautiful smile. Her red hair flowed in long layers down her back, and it was the color of those strawberries she was drooling over.

Despite being quiet, he knew he had to approach her. This may be his only chance to talk to the woman he had just fallen in like with.

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INCIDENTAL; meddle mouth

Summary: The five times Bucky had to make an excuse and the one time he didn’t.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Part: 5/6 (so close)
Rated: K
Word Count: 3,749
A/N: Based off the prompts (given by @poe-also-bucky) #4: “I know it’s three in the morning, but I can’t find my cat.” and #41: “Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again.”

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Jerza Week 17 Day 2 - Dawn

Rated: K

Words: 900+


The breeze carrying the smell of the sea was incredibly cool in the early morning, which gave her chills. But it helped keeping Erza awake when she had not more than five hours of sleep from the night before and had gotten up at five a.m.. She felt her cheeks stinging a little when the breeze glided over her face. A few strands of hair escaped from the loose low ponytail over her shoulder and danced freely in the wind, but she didn’t bother to tuck them back behind her ear. It wasn’t something worth to do when it would require her to unlock Jellal’s fingers from hers.

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Bars and Phrases

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Gajevy, Implied NaLu

Rating: K

Word Count: 735

Hey everyone! I came up with a tiny Gajevy fic while trying to beat Writer’s Block, and came up with this. Do reblog/ leave a comment saying if you like it/ hate it…any feedback is welcome <3

The story’s up on FFnet and AO3 too btw, so check it out there if you want. The links should be on my blog description, since ya know… Tumblr doesn’t like posts with external links and all that…

(Side note: Yes I know my fluff writing skills could use some work. But that’s what practice is for, yeah?!)

All it took was a slight waver in her voice, a nuanced this-is-me amidst the what-do-you-see, and Levy knew she’d lost herself to him, perhaps forever.

Gajeel continued singing upstage with his eyes closed, completely oblivious to the stupid smile plastered across Levy’s face, as she listened to him sing for the umpteenth time that Friday evening. She’d made it a point since the first time she’d heard him to attend his performances every single week, and yet somehow, each time he sang, it felt like she was hearing him for the very first time. Each song felt like a confession to which each word felt like a clue, and the more Levy tried to put the pieces together, the bigger she realized the puzzle really was. And even though she couldn’t really see the entire picture, in the end it didn’t really matter, for it was in the silver linings and dark corners she found parts of herself scattered too.

A tiny blush spread through her cheeks as she realized Lucy was smirking at her from the next table. Usually she’d brush it off and act nonchalant as her friend insisted she was crushing over the guy, but as it dawned on her that she’d been searching for him recklessly between the lines, her heart did a little somersault and pushed her to admit it was true.

Here she was, Levy McGarden, proud reject-ee of many a smitten college boy, falling head-over-heels for a guy she’d never really talked to, yet knew like she did her favorite book.

Her heart felt like it was leaping out of her chest, as if she was at the top of a really high rollercoaster gathering its speed as it began to drop. She felt like she was going to explode, out of panic and out of joy. Had she just claimed to know this boy? Never in a million years did she plan on saying it out loud, but to even allow such a thought to cross her mind…who did she think she was? And yet, at the same time, why hadn’t she allowed it before?

The deafening clapping of the audience around her dragged her out of her thoughts almost immediately. The song was over, and the host climbed up the stage to commend Gajeel on his performance, the last for the night. He opened his eyes, and found himself staring right at her, before smiling timidly and looking away. Levy’s stomach fluttered as she smiled back and looked away. This could be the start of something new. She knew it.

That is, if she could muster the courage to talk to him.

“Hey Lev,” Lucy snickered as she slid into the chair beside Levy’s. The blunette, who’d been sitting on a barstool near Lucy’s table as the latter was on a date, groaned as she realized a horrible line was about to hit her square in the face. “Are you a holding a huge-ass orange soda bottle big enough to go to Mars and back, ‘cuz it looks like you’ve got a crush and you know it.” “Are you sure you’re allowed to say that, given your…situation?”
“At least I’m not the one drooling over a guy I’ve yet to talk to.”
“I’m working on it!”
“Sweetheart, you’ve been working on it. For three months now.”
“Says the girl on a date with a guy she liked for a two whole years before asking him out.”

Lucy simply stuck out her tongue in response, to which Levy began laughing uncontrollably. So much so that she didn’t even notice the long-haired man approaching her till he tapped her on the shoulder.

Lucy glanced at him before smiling at Levy rather knowingly and excusing herself. Levy turned around, wondering who it was, and nearly dropped dead when she saw who it was.

Gajeel, right before her. Up this close, she could see everything about him. The metal piercings, the curls in his hair, the tiny scar underneath his chin, the crooked smile…

“Hey! Uh, I’ve seen you hanging around here a couple of times, and I was maybe wondering if you wanted to…”

Levy tried hard, and failed miserably, to hide her smile as his gaze darted from her face to the corners of the room to the bar to back to her face to -
“I’d love to.”

Maybe it really was as easy as that.

Enchanted [Sehun x Reader]

Rating: K

Word Count: 831

Warning: None

Wishes Note: Loosely based on the song Enchanted by Taylor Swift

Originally posted by milk-honey-tea

You smiled as yet another lord brought his son to introduce himself.  The man was somewhat good looking, but his voice was boring to listen to, and boring to look at.  Forcing a smile, you bowed your head slightly in acknowledgement.  Bowing you took your first couple of steps down and out to the balcony, while everyone else continued to dance in the ballroom.  Your tiara sat up top your head as you looked towards the gardens.  The maze glittering with small torches lighting the way.  Walking down, you snuck into the maze.  

Your heart was beating as you felt the heavy tiara on your head, the bowing, the curiosity, the voices of those who wish to tear you down in any way that they could.  Nothing could have prepared you for the walls you had to build in order to remain on top.  The heaviness of the crown was something you never wished on anyone.  Watching how it destroyed your older sister, her tiara was a burden you never believed you would have to wear.  Turning around the corner and into the center of the maze.      

Standing there in the moonlight and gas lamps in front of the fountain of Athena, was one of the most enchanting men you have ever seen.  He was on the other side of the fountain as his own eyes connected with yours.  His eyes lighting up as he took you in.  It had been some time since you had witnessed someone openingly gawking at you.    

Walking around the fountain, his eyes finally caught the sight of your tiara glittering in the small light.  He quickly bowed as his hand went over his heart.  Holding out your hand he took a step forward, raising it.  His lips softly touching the back of your hand.  His skin sending fireworks through you as you smiled once more to him.  

“Your highness.”  He whispered.  “It is a pleasure to finally meet the woman who is to rule.”  You suppressed the big smile that you wished to come over your features.  

“I’m afraid I am at a disadvantage.  You know who I am, but I don’t know who you are?”  He smiled as he let go of your hand.  How you wished he wouldn’t.  

“I am General Oh Sehun.  Fourth in command.”  

“What brings you to the gardens?”

“I’m afraid, your highness, that I am not one for parties.  My father was a general you see, and his legacy is one I’m afraid I can’t live up to.  Most of the generals attending today, knew him.”  

“General Oh.  He was a great friend of my fathers.”  You looked down at your hand, holding it tightly with the other.  “Forgive me for not recognizing you.  I haven’t seen you since we were children.”  

“I wouldn’t dare hold it against you.”  He smiled as both began to walk leisurely around the fountain.  

“What brings you to the ball?”

“Obligations.  The third in command is trying to get more funds for the border.  It needs more repairs, but more so the treasury is trying to talk your father out of it.”  You nodded as you felt the insecurity building up once more.  

“I will see what I can do.” You whispered.  Sehun shook his head.  

“Please don’t.”  You stopped walking.  He smiled at you as he turned around.  “I didn’t tell you in order to get help from the princess.  I told you because you asked me why I was here.  It’s not your burden to bear.”  You went to speak but was stopped by someone else entering into the center of the maze.  

“Sehun.”  Turning away from you be quickly bowed, his back stiffening.  

“General Zhang.”  His voice rough as General Zhang quickly bowed to you.  

“Your highness.  I’m sorry to intrude, but Sehun and I must be heading back to the border.”  

“Is there a problem?”

“No your highness.  Just a little territory dispute.”  Sehun turned to you bowing once more.  

“I apologize princess for my leaving so abruptly.”  

“No, don’t apologize.  Duties are something we must keep.  It was enchanting to see you again, See…General Oh.”  You bowed your head as he turned to leave with General Zhang.  

“It was lovely to see you once more.  I’m afraid you’ve only grown more beautiful with time.”  You blushed as he left the gardens with a final bow from General Zhang.  

Walking back to the castle, your mother, the Queen was standing on the balcony, as you watched the two horses they rode, took off into the night.

“Where have you been?”  She asked as you walked up the stairs, your eyes on Sehun as he turned around from his seat, his eyes connecting with yours.

“The fountain of Athena.”  

“Come along, the party’s almost over and you have to at least say goodnight to everyone.”  

“It felt like a dream.”  

“What dear?”  Her mother looked at Sehun, knowing full well what her daughter was thinking.  

“Seeing him again.”  

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Sehun Masterlist


The Chosen One (Prologue) 🌙

A/N: I dug this out of the depths of my unfinished fics and when I read through this, it seems so similar to Exo’s ‘Mama’ HAHA, so I decided to share this with all of you! I was planning to continue this, so I’ll just take this as a prologue. Just let me know if it’s good or not, then I’ll decide on whether or not to write a full chapter x

Genre: Action/Supernatural-ish(?)

Summary: Just another typical day of training with Exo AKA a chance to release your metal manipulation skills. ;)

Featuring: Reader x EXO-K

Word Count: 1378

Originally posted by xonyxgirlx

PROLOGUE | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Sweat pours into my eyes as my strong little legs carry me far across the training field, my silver hair flowing out behind me like a glittering flag. From behind me, every animalistic instinct of mine can sense the wrath of Kyungsoo’s powers as he chases after me, hot on my heels.

With one thundering stamp of his foot against the ground of the training field, gigantic cracks start to form, tracing a path after me through the solid concrete. Cursing beneath my breath, I up my pace and dart in and out of the makeshift signboards obstructing my way, fully aware of Kyungsoo’s presence from behind.

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Come on, Cassian

Rated: K

Words: 1200 ish

Summary: Cassian is afraid to fly again and Nesta makes sure he does.  

Read on AO3

A one shot I’m pretty proud of

There were days when he’d look at himself and all he’d see was failure. A person worthy of being thrown to the wolves and the wasteland beyond. Bastard-born nobody would be written along his body like the tattoos he held so dearly. Maybe that’s what his mother saw that day, a bastard-born nobody.

There were days where the lines on his forehead could count as scars. When Cassian looked at the mirror, a warrior didn’t stand erect before him, didn’t shout commands or issue orders. It was only a broken man with broken promises, and a hope that dimmed every time he saw the sun.

The stark white of his bandages blinded him, made him blink over and over again to release the glare forming in his eyes. They would laugh at him, berate him for believing the world was anything but what it was. A disappointment; a war that took no prisoners and made few friends. Cassian could bear the pain of his wings, but he could not bear the sorrow.

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Jumin Han x Male!OC/Reader

Fandom: Mystic Messenger

Rating: K

Words count: 386

Author’s notes: Just a short drabble for a request that I hope you’ll like! This is my first fic posted on Tumblr, but in case someone wanted a fanfic written by me go check out my profile for the request’s rules ♥ Thanks to anyone who’ll read this!

Requested by @itariaart

Jumin woke up.

The sheets were spreaded messily on his now cold bed. The boy that was with him till last night was now nowhere to be found in the room. He decided to glance around but he found nothing.

He streched yawning and slowly got up. He took another glance around as for looking for a spot that he missed before, but nothing. He was alone in the room.

Jumin thought to himself that a shower could wait and went towards his wardrobe to pick out a pair of old pants he rarely used to wear and a basic shirt. 

He usually wasn’t like this, since he was always clean and perfect, but he was feeling a sudden urge building up in his body. The urge to get out of that room as fast as possible and go check his living room, his kitchen, every room in his house.

He needed to see if he was still there, if he didn’t left him, abandoned him. Jumin didn’t care if he only wanted him for the money or for his good looks, but he needed him beside him. 

It gave him a sense of security knowing that he is there right beside him and Jumin always felt the need of feeling him near him, tight in his arms when he embraces him or with his lips pressed against the others’ when he kisses him. That warm presence needed to be a constant in his life for him to feel secure and peaceful.

After he wore his clothes and gotten himself ready, Jumin opened the door of his bedroom and, without even noticing, his steps went faster and faster as he was approaching towards the living room. 

He had to be there. He couldn’t have left him.

Once Jumin got at the entrance of the luxurious room he stopped. 

A boy was sitting cross-legged on the white sofa with an equally white cat resting on his lap. With a hand he was holding his phone that he was intently watching, scrolling with his thumb, with the other he was lazily stroking the fur of the cat’s back.

The moment he heard Jumin’s footsteps entering in the living room he raised his head and his eyes met Jumin’s.

“Oh, good morning” he said softly, smiling.

Jumin smiled back.

Lunami Week: Day 1 -I Choose the Peasant’s Life (Royalty AU)

Hello and welcome to Lunami Week. I was pretty busy with getting a replacement keyboard, updating my other fanfics, and watching e3 so please enjoy this fic. I went with a more Royalty theme than a King and Queen theme so I apologize if this isn’t what was expected of everyone.

Title:  I Choose the Peasant’s Life (Royalty AU)

Creator: espada-4-jurabi

Rated: K

Words: 1,293

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You Wont Regret It - Gajevy Secret Santa

This story is entirely dedicated to @the-redhead-who-writes ~ I hope that you enjoy it! I have never written Gajevy before, so please forgive me if either of them are a little bit OOC! I really hope that you enjoy it and I SUPER hope that you have a Merry Christmas <3

Summary: She made him coffee, she was cute… how could he not fall for her?

Coffee Shop AU 

Characters: Gajeel, Levy, Lucy, Natsu

Ship: Gajevy, VERY light implied NaLu

Rating: K

Word Count: 4,090

“My name is Levy. How many times do I need to tell you that?” The bluenette was pointing at the name tag that was located above her heart. Her name was written in large black print, so there was absolutely no way that this guy was missing it.

“Oh, is it?” The large man with all the piercings leaned over the counter, forcing Levy to take an uncertain step backwards while he squinted at the spot she was pointing to on her uniform. “I think Shrimp suits you much better, you should consider having it legally changed. It might do you some good.”

The short girl puffed out her cheeks at the customer who always seemed to enjoy picking on her.

She was the only worker in the whole cafe that wasn’t afraid of serving him though, so she never really had a choice when he walked in through those doors.

Which he seemed to do every single day that she worked.

There was a rumor going around the workplace that this guy had a thing for Levy, which she denied every single time it was brought up.

No way that jerk could like her!

“Are you going to order or am I going to have to play the guessing game?” The bluenette decided to change the subject back onto the real reason that he was there, she was thankful that no other customers were around to witness this banter.

The man often would continue this charade whether or not there was a growing line behind him, the thoughts and opinions of other people when it came to himself didn’t seem to matter in the slightest.

Levy couldn’t help but admire that about the strange man. Of course, she would never admit to something like that. The guy already had an ego the size of a horse, she definitely didn’t want to go about making it any bigger.

“Aw Shrimp, I thought that by now you would have my order down to a science.”

Levy placed her hands on her hips and raised an eyebrow at him, “How can I possibly do that when you change it up every single time you come here? It’s as though you have something against consistency.”

The man grinned before bursting out laughing, “What can I say? I guess it’s a lot of fun getting you all riled up. I kind of think of it as a game now, on my way here I find myself wondering how I’m gonna get you to look at me with that expression. I’m always pretty successful.”

Levy only looked at him expectantly and he sighed before turning his eyes up towards the menu that hung above her head. “Alright, today I’ll go for a triple espresso, a honey dip donut… and your number.”

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