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GD was saying “thra” in a very seducing way so Seungri stopped him. I love the way GD smiled when Seungri stopped him 😂😘😘😘

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[ARTICLE] Everything about GD: Family, Dreams, Music, Himself, VIPs



GD: I always say I want kids, I want to hug them.Kids are really cute, they are like angels. I want to see them learn to walk slowly, see them talk innocently and their smile. This might be a little too early but when I get married, I want to build a happy and loving family. I will take good care of my partner and have kids.

GD: Others always say women in their twenties are the most charming, I feel that you can control it, that way, you always be charming no matter how old. 

GD: Proposing should be done by the male, I don’t wish to see any female doing it.

GD: Although this is childish, I had placed balloons in the trunk of the car and let it fly out when she opened it. I have also booked an entire cafe just to perform for her. She hated my celebrity status, so I covered my face and accompanied her to the amusement park. I wanted to give her everything she wanted, I didn’t worry about reporters and I treated everyone as if they are idiots. My president also told me “If you want to do all these, you must meet a nice woman.” 


GD: Even when I see myself on stage, I feel like I look like a crazy person. But I still happy, I don’t really know how I feel, it’s just a surge of emotions. 

GD: My dreams now is to become someone else’s dream. 

MC: If you never became a singer, what would you be doing? 

GD: Trainee, I would continue as a trainee to become a singer. 

MC: You never thought about anything else? Other than that? 

GD: Student, I always wanted to go to school properly. 

GD: When I was a trainee, I was the youngest rapper in YG, I was always the backup dancer for other Hip Hop artists. When YG first started, they didn’t have lessons on dancing or singing, yet every week we have an evaluation. Every time I get about 20-100 points. Being a trainee for six years, just to work hard and become a singer. I cherish every minute as a trainee and used every minute to train. 

GD: BIGBANG is not a tool for me to fulfil my dreams, they are part of my dreams, more than a singer, I wanted to become a leader that the members can trust, rely on and follow. 

GD: Whether to continue the road as a singer or give up as early as possible, was a thought I had for a long time, in the end, I decided that being a singer is the only way. 

GD: I want to become someone that people can chase after, admire, enjoy or when they are upset and need healing music. I want to be someone whose music is remembered in certain moments. 


GD: At first, I wrote a song per month, then it became a song per week,  lastly it became a song every day. I have achieved success before failure and scandals happened. I started to lose interest in music. Although my music brings surprise to the fans, I lost the inspiration.

GD: To me, I am always looking for the thrill. I don’t always treat being number one as a goal but I hate being number two. If I know this would happen, I wouldn’t have done it in the first place. My life goal is to only accept the very best that I can do.

GD: I think music can be used to heal someone’s who is hurt. No matter the world or if it’s people, I feel music can change someone. So I believe in music, I always work hard and try to put out good music.

GD: Singer, lyricist, composer, producer, rapper, fashion icon, I still like being a singer the most. 

GD: On TV, I seem like someone who has it easy and is very confident but I am actually a really hard working person. While everyone is sleeping, I am writing songs, I don’t have much time to even sleep.

GD: I don’t want to see the disappointment in your eyes so I really want to show a good image during concerts. Even if it is a small stage, I always stay up to practice so when everyone thinks we are good, we are happy. 

GD: I have all along wanted freedom, so I write my freedom into my songs. I am thankful to the people around me, accepting of my personality, the kind of freedom I want is not the blinded kind, I am the type of people to do what I have promised. Freedom is not everything I want, I want to think carefully about my future and plan every step in my future. 

GD: No matter if it’s fashion or music, even if it is weird, not successful in the industry, what is important is that we are satisfied with it. Only if you are sure of that, then people will follow you.

GD: As long as one person is still listening to our songs, I think making music is still meaningful. 

GD: I can see that in the future, I will never stop singing. Music is my destiny and my final point. 

GD: Finding style that is similar to someone else is meaningless, you must have your own style. 

GD: Constantly trying new things is good, don’t ever copy someone else or if someone else has it. Be daring and have your own style. 


GD: I am afraid of being alone, I can’t live. 

GD: Learn to forget things that can’t avoided if you have done your best. In this world, there’s nothing more stupid that regrets. 

GD: To me, fashion is not about the price or the brand. Fashion to me is more like someone’s personality and thoughts. If I were to say music is the main source of happiness, then fashion is the energy of my creation. 

GD: When you have been attacked at your heart, you will feel very bad. Korea is a small country so when you are aimed, you feel lonely. I tried to change point of views and told myself to calm down but it still hurts. It is then I grew wings and flew away, there is no point in visiting such memories. Trying is the best challenge and I hope everyone would understand and love me more. 

GD: When you see my charming side, you will automatically say “I want to be the second Gdragon.”

GD: I don’t care what others say about me, if I always care so much, I will never be true to myself. 

GD: Someone who understand himself, and knows his style. Style is not about the clothes or hair. It’s how someone can devote everything they have into what they are doing, someone has who confidence but not the kind that is arrogant, you must have abilities. I hope to become someone like that. 

GD:Even if you put in everything to do something and fail, you must learn when to give up. There is nothing in the world that deserves you losing yourself to do it. 

GD: I do not usually cry on stage because I want you guys to know I am happy and not let you guys worry about me. So I always cry alone, But whenever see fans who are happy, I forget all my worries and burdens. This gave me the strength to carry on, thank you. 

GD: There are many things that I have never said but people understand. I am thankful for that. 

GD: When I was younger, every word of criticism hurt me. But now I am good. 

GD: In this album (ALIVE), while producing it, I felt the pain of growing up.

GD: When I was younger, I didn’t know anything. I showed my pain, happiness as it was, not like now, where I would think of the outcomes and everything else. I used to be naive, but now the more I think, the more I know how to attract people. This the most I have grown in for the 24 years old me.


MC: Why do you like VIPs?

GD: Our fans are different from other fans, even when they clap, they have style. 

GD: VIP Jjang! 

GD: You guys only need to follow me and promise “We will wait till whenever.”


MC: Where will you be 10 years from now?

GD: I will be producing in the US industry. 35 year old me will have a wife and kids. Seungri will be my neighbour. 

GD: I am the kind of person to give a bit of kindness and let them person feel warm for a really long time. 

This article compiled a couple of interviews GD has done in the past and the source is here. Please take out with credit and tweet me @.jaylymle if you have anything you want me to translate. Thank you!