Followers appreciation post

I haven’t done a proper followers appreciation/welcome post, with names and all, since… before my long, unplanned hiatus I think. In other words, since last year at least. 

It’s always more polite to greet people individually by their (user)names, and I’m genuinely happy for every new person that decides to stop by and join my little madness - so I’d like to get back on that old habit again. Starting today.

Welcome to my newest followers then!

  • kamapon (why I didn’t have you here yet? WHY? *squishes* :3)
  • teamdowney
  • kwongchai
  • bluemerleme
  • onehumanfamily
  • diary-of-a-sherlockian
  • oh-robert
  • kiminome
  • oneoftheducklings
  • themetalgentleman

Thanks so much for following me guys! Please take a seat and make yourselves at home <3