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My Starry Night Binge

After the heaviness that is Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Jealousy Incarnate (to a certain extent), I really needed a fluffy, fast drama and then I stumbled across Go Ho’s Starry Night.

Great leads with short tempers, fun worklife story, loved it. Although it does have some super gross harassment in parts and the general kdrama male jackass-ery, the female lead is pretty kick ass herself so it all worked out. All around, it was just fun. I binge watched it, stayed up way too late, and now I’m tired. Worth it.


pisces moon meme kpop bgs & ggs -


  • okay I’m sorry but I hella love this moodboard fuck y'all
  • you guys are savage just out of the blue fuck y'all
  • that shit hurts my feelings
  • *picture of you* Split (2002)
  • if you don’t get that meme
  • #1) get with ze program
  • #2) basically you just have a lot of personalities, very 0-100 people in types of not like angry
  • but I’m gonna be EMO this day and listen to bring me the horizon on repeat
  • or I’m gonna be happy this day and loud
  • then quiet and calm the next
  • honestly all you want is to nap I feel you lol
  • you feel asleep on the toilet once
  • too nice #2
  • you let people walk over you when you !! need !! to !! be !! an !! actual !! bitch !! sometimes !!!!!!
  • I know you wanna be seen as nice and things bUT CUT A BITCH IF YOU NEED TO BABE
  • you care for others, you’re like cancer moons but more on the quiet side
  • if you see your friend sad you just sit next to ‘em without saying a word and just hold them
  • whenever I’m with a pisces moon I can kinda “breathe”?
  • like I can sit in comfortable silence with y'all and not have it be awkward one bit
  • you guys just have this easy going aura
  • it’s like a fuzzy blanket
  • with this you could get easily ignored
  • always has their headass headphones in like hELLLOOOOO
  • BRUH but you get helllla crazy at parties lol bitch put your shirt back on
  • sweetheartsss
  • art hoes #2 I’m always finding you doing something creative

idols mentioned; 

  • Kim Min-seok/Xiumin (EXO) - aries sun 
  • Kunpimook Bhuwakul/BamBam (Got7) - taurus sun 
  • Jung Eun-bi/Eunha (Gfriend) - gemini sun 
  • Kim Taehyung/J.Seph (KARD) - gemini sun 
  • Park Minhyuk/Rocky (ASTRO) - cancer sun 
  • Kwon Yu-ri (GG) - sagittarius sun 
  • Chae Hyungwon (Monsta X) - capricorn sun 
  • Kim Han-bin/B.I. (iKON) - libra sun 
  • Lee Daehwi (Wanna One) - aquarius sun 

mentionable idols; 

  • Mingyu from Seventeen 
  • E’Dawn from Pentagon
  • Yoonsan from HotShot
  • Kihyun from Monsta X 
  • Ren from Nu’est
  • Youngbin from SF9
  • Seunghoon from Winner
  • Wooseok from Pentagon 
black pearl; kwon yu ri

» pairing: Yuri x Reader

» genre: Fluff

» author note: Finally, after ages of not updating I am back. One more scenario coming this week and I´ll retreat once more, as school is right around the corner. Anyway, enjoy this sweet scenario with Yuri, dear. Oh and by the way, happy birthday again!

» requested by: @katreal

BlackPearl [8:45pm] - So, would you like to meet up sometime?

Me [8:45pm] - Sure! When and where?

BlackPearl [8:47pm] - I´m still fairly new here. How about you pick a place?

Me [8:48pm] - I see… My cousin owns a summer home near the beach, he could give me the keys for a day or two if I asked him.

BlackPearl [8:48pm] - Sounds good! 

It felt unreal. After months of online chatting you were finally going to meet her; the girl who stole your heart without showing you her face - Yuri. You felt all kinds of emotions, but the one you felt the most was fear. Who knew if she was in fact a girl. There was no denying that the thought of her being a serial killer crossed your mind at least once. Of course, you pushed it to the very back of your head, chuckling at your own paranoid self. “Everything is going to be alright." 

A ring of a doorbell turned your attention to the front door, a loud sigh slipping past your lips. Telling yourself a few more words of encouragement, you swung it open. Your breath got hitched in your throat at the sight before you. 

"You´re drooling.” Your hand quickly shot to your chin, trying to wipe away the supposed saliva, only to realize there was none. Your eyes full of panic tore a loud laugh from the girl at your doorstep, causing you to laugh too. “You should´ve seen your face. Priceless.”

“I almost had a heart attack.” You exlaimed, still chuckling. “Oh, come in.” You stepped aside, allowing her to enter. Yuri looked around, impressed by her surroundings. “Nice place. Your cousin has a taste." 

"He´s actually an interior designer.” You clarified, to which she whistled.
“How about we go outside? The weather is nice.” Yuri followed you to the backyard, eyes widening in surprise. “I knew you told me about the pool, but I didn´t think it would be that big!" 

Her excitement brought a smile to your face, and you found yourself more at ease. Everything she did, everything she said made you realize what an amazing persons she was. You were afraid of meeting her in person, thinking it would differ from your lenghty conversations on the internet. However, you were wrong. There wasn´t a dull moment with her, and even when the conversation ceased, the silence was anything but uncomfortable. And even after hours of being together on the sunny yard of your cousin´s summer residence, there were still many topics waiting to be brought up by either of you. 

Yuri stood up abruptly, taking you by surprise. Your brows raised in realization when you saw her heading for the pool, streching before diving in. You sighed in content at the feeling of cool droplets of water hitting your heated skin. 

"Come join me!” Yuri shouted at you when she emerged from the crystalline water, pulling her dark hair out of her face. You shook your head, a blush creeping up on your cheeks, though it was hidden by the shadow casted by your hat. “Maybe a little later." 

"When the sun is already set and the water is cold? Don´t be ridiculous, Y/n. Come in!” She laughed, swimming to the edge. “I´ll join, just not now.” The thing was, you had no intentions of joining her in the water, and after more excuses being fired, Yuri caught up. Although you´d be happier if she didn´t. “You can´t swim.”

It was more of a statement than a question, and you ran out of things to say to protect your pride. So you sat there, with bright red cheeks as Yuri teased you. When her laughter ceased she looked at you with with a bright smile, waving at you. “Come on, I´ll teach you." Though you wanted to protest, you didn´t. Instead you stood up from your seat and walked towards the pool, hesitantly climbing in. You gripped the edge firmly, afraid to let go. You felt Yuri´s hands encirle your waist, and the redness of your cheeks only deepened. 

"Trust me on this, okay?” You nodded. 

God knows how many hours you spent in the pool, desperatly trying not to drown, but with Yuri´s help, you got the grip of it eventually. You let out an excited squeal, feeling of accomplishment coursing through you. “This is the first time I´m in the pool without fearing for my life,” you said, “and it´s all thanks to you!" 

You had no idea where your sudden bravery came from, but without any time to waste you leaped at her, enveloping her in a tight hug. Unfortunately, it didn´t last long as her phone began ringing. Yuri swiftly pulled herself out of the water, running to answer the call. You watched as her expression changed from curious to angry, and defeated right after. Yuri threw the phone in her bag, shooting you an apologetic look. 

"I´m so sorry, something urgent came up. I´ll make it up to you, I promise!” And with that, she disappeared. 


It was later that day, and you were peacefully laying in bed, your eyes focused on the ceiling above you. You were unable to fall asleep, despite the long and tiring day spent in the pool with Yuri. You smiled. Maybe she was the reason why you couldn´t find your rest. She was beautiful, far more beautiful than you thought she would be. She was hilarious, constantly making you laugh so hard your tummy hurt. And boy, did she make it hard not to fall for her. Although… You already did. Long, long time ago. 

Your phone lit up the dark room, catching your attention. You reached for it, smiling even wider when you saw a message from her. 

BlackPearl [1:57am] - I´m sorry I vanished just like that, I probably made you feel bad. Hope you can forgive me. 

Me [1:58am] - Don´t apologize, it´s okay. 

Me [1:58am] - I had a lot of fun today, thank you for coming.

BlackPearl [1:59am] - Me too… Y/n?

Me [1:59am] -  Yes?

BlackPearl [2:00am] -  I like you. I like you a lot, actually. You´re a really fun person to be around. You´re so laid back and I feel like I can talk to you about anything. Yes, I´ve been meaning to tell you in person but I had to leave so suddenly… I was wondering if you would like to meet up again? You know, to really get to know each other and everything…

Was it even possible for a person to smile so big? For you, it must´ve been. Black Pearl Yuri truly messed with your head, but you didn´t mind one bit. If anything, you wanted her to do it more. Without any hesitation you typed in your response, hitting send. 

Me [2:00am] - I´d love to.