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Please don't make T.O.P's hashtag trending again

I heard that some VIP’s are planning to make T.O.P’s hastag trending again on the day of his trial.

Please don’t do it.

We must acknowledge that he broke Korean law and he must receive his punishment (despite how ridiculous it is in my opinion)

Even now he is receiving a lot of criticism and hate for not being arrested (as if it was his decision) and in people’s opinion he is being treated better because he is a young celebrity.

If we draw more attention to him every court decision will be perceived as forced by his fans. 

I’m aware that we all feel helpless and we want to do something for him however the best thing we can do is not drawing any more attention to him. Let’s let people stop talking about him and make them forget about this case.  

If you want to do something flag and report all hateful comments about him and leave some warm words of encouragement.

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Suspicious Partner Episode 28

Full circle. The show started with Bong-hee and Ji-wook agreeing to sleep together and now they have finally delivered. One of the strongest points of the show is how it portrays relationships in a way where we can relate to the characters on different levels, from friendship to love and family, their interactions are always rooted in reality and familiarity of some kind. I like it.

Bong-hee and Ji-wook’s relationship, and their romance, went through different facets until they reached a point where their friendship, companionship and love for each other is strong enough to be together as a couple. This way the show can portray them doing what couples do in real life: they laugh, banter, share tension, fight, want each other, touch, love and have sex. And that’s okay and even healthy for a show to portray. It’s -in most cases- what happens when you date. I like it so much better when Dramaland presents me this kind of relationship instead of the idealized one where everything it’s shyness and innocence. Those kind of relationships are also something that is okay be portrayed, especially if the characters are at that point in their lives, but it wouldn’t fit with the kind of the show that it’s Suspicious Partner.

I was not expecting this to happen. He kisses her, she throws the laundry to the floor, clean clothes be damned, and next thing we know they are in full make out session falling into the bed. RAWR! HOT DAMN. It’s all happening. And I need to fan myself. It was fun, sexy, passionate and sweet, just like Ji-wook and Bong-hee.

Of course, as blissful the good and happy times were… we have to deal with the bad and ugly too. Ji-wook seeing Bong-hee’s father picture at that moment was the worst thing ever. And I want to comment on Ji Chang-wook’s acting once again because with only with his eyes, he completely transmitted the fear and confusion going through Ji-wook at that moment. He doesn’t know even half of the truth, but thankfully we do. So, let’s not panic and just deal carefully with the humongous amount of palpitations today’s episode and that freaking cliffhanger gave us.

This is what we know for sure: first scene and the show is already spelling out to us that DA Jang is a corrupted bastard covering up the truth for his own benefit. Nothing we didn’t already knew. And sure enough, next thing we know Ji-wook and Bong-hee both voice out their refusal to take a case involving arson since their respective fathers died in a fire. But why be subtle when the show let’s you see DA Jang with child Ji-wook telling him who killed his parents. Covering his ass? Yes. DA Jang’s is Satan’s whore. And that’s that, we know who the real culprit is.

As much as Ji-wook holds his parents dear and close to his heart, I think he has also proven to be a man of cool thinking when the time calls for it, which is why I don’t believe he will do something stupid like destroy his relationship with Bong-hee before getting most if not all the facts first. As a matter of fact, I believe he won’t break up with her at all and that from now on they both will have to resolve the mystery surrounding their parents. This is why I have been going on and on for the last couple of weeks about them nurturing their relationship and growing as a team before they find out this ugly connection between them, because the last thing they and we need is for separation angst. Let’s not do it, show, you have already proven to be full of surprises, so don’t go the predictable way.

Going back to the good, it’s really nice to have Chief Bang back at the law firm and bringing back the fun dynamic between him and Eun-hyuk. It’s only right  the Captain and maritime pilot of our ship were present when the mothers finally find out who is who and Ji-wook announced their relationship out in the open. Pfffft! This show knows how to build up a scene and squeeze it until the last drop of comedy gold.

I also love the new running joke of Ji-hae under the delusion that Eun-hyuk has a thing for her, to which I say: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAHAHAAA! The moment he laughed at her, after her brawl with Bong-hee, I knew the show was going to do something with these two, I just didn’t know what. In the end it’s building something so good, I can hardly wait to see Ji-hae make a fool of herself when she finds out Eun-hyuk still cares for Yoo-jung. Question is how does Yoo-jung, who is growing closer with Ji-hae, feels about him? Oh, this is going to be a great comedy of errors.

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PS: Hyun-soo’s case isn’t over yet! He is waking up, what does it mean? Will we find out the truth behind his actions? What about the man who ran over him? And where in the world is Chan-ho?!

Suspicious Partner Episode 20

Get yourself someone who will hug you like Ji-wook hugs Bong-hee even when she’s a dirty hot mess, and still believes you are the most pretty woman in the world. Or that when you are in hair pulling fight, he be like “whatever happens, must protect bae!” because if that’s not true love, I don’t know what it is.

I’m really enjoying this new dynamic between Ji-wook and Bong-hee when he’s a playful and cheeky flirt and now that he knows it affects her -and quite obviously- I hope he keeps on with it. It’s amazing how much Ji-wook has changed since he openly admitted his feelings for Bong-hee, being in love suits him! He’s smiling more, not hiding his feelings in front of anyone and incredibly affectionate. And I love he accepts her just the way she is, even when she throws herself with so much passion into her work that she doesn’t shower for three days. Ew, by the way.

I also find it refreshing that he’s willing to share his most private feelings and experiences with her, like the story of his family. Kudos, show, because I knew Lawyer Byun was like a father figure to him but you surprised me by presenting him like the man who actually raised him along side with his wife who now I know it’s his Godmother. WOW! That took me by surprise!

And I give more kudos to the show for having Bong-hee admitting she’s in a similar situation where she has two fathers but won’t tell him the story just yet because just like with her own feelings she’s still on the fence about risking her heart once again with Ji-wook. It’s a nice parallel that the show draw for us about their own relationship with each other.

I know we are all dying to find out about the relationship between both families, and there’s definitely one, but I won’t jump into conclusions until I have more information about Bong-hee’s family situation and the fire that took Ji-wook’s parents. I also don’t want to spend the next couple of weeks dreading that maybe they will have to deal with the “lead parents murdered by other lead parents” troupe. I won’t do it, and actually I want to believe the show won’t be this obvious since it’s already proven to be rather original in its storytelling. On this I want to trust the writer who I know from shows like Protect the Boss and Remember Me (aka Hello Monster), and those didn’t disappointed, so there’s hope I say!

For now I’m looking forward to see more exciting and flirty moments between Bong-hee and Ji-wook. This is the facet where they can be happy, sweet and everything is possible as long as they are together. I want them to nurture it because then they will become a solid unit that no matter what happens, will remain and work on their personal and professional problems as a team.

And no, I did not miss that invitation to sleep together he throw her way. Noh Ji-wook, you cheeky and mischievous bastard. Keep them coming! (´⌣`ʃƪ)

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