kwon ji hyun

Please don't make T.O.P's hashtag trending again

I heard that some VIP’s are planning to make T.O.P’s hastag trending again on the day of his trial.

Please don’t do it.

We must acknowledge that he broke Korean law and he must receive his punishment (despite how ridiculous it is in my opinion)

Even now he is receiving a lot of criticism and hate for not being arrested (as if it was his decision) and in people’s opinion he is being treated better because he is a young celebrity.

If we draw more attention to him every court decision will be perceived as forced by his fans. 

I’m aware that we all feel helpless and we want to do something for him however the best thing we can do is not drawing any more attention to him. Let’s let people stop talking about him and make them forget about this case.  

If you want to do something flag and report all hateful comments about him and leave some warm words of encouragement.

Originally posted by daegusrice