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CL x FRIENDS - 160817 SNS Updates!

DARA: “No matter what she does, she is cool lady. My younger sister ❤️❤️❤️ #LIFTED #CL

BOM: “CL is finally coming out *^___^* ❤️ Our eyes almost fell out waiting ㅠㅠ Every~~one~ㅠㅠ Please support her a lot~~Lee Chae Rin Fighting~ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆”

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TAEYANG: “#CL #FIRSTSINGLE #LIFTED” *He deleted this update (?)



MASTA WU: “Yassss”

YANGGAENG: “@chaelincl AUG/19/2016″


Choice 37: “🔥🔥 #CL #LIFTED#20160819

KWON YOUNG DEUK (Hi-Tech): “👑👑👑”

KWON YOUNG DON (Hi-Tech): “@chaelincl AUG.19.2016#CL #LIFTED #Firstsingle

Scooter Braun: “ It begins. Here we go @chaelinCL!! #LIFTED out Friday”

SB Projects: “Here we go (fire emoticon)”

Producer BIGTONE: “#Repost @fromyg #CL #FIRSTSINGLE #LIFTED #20160819 #YG

Producer DEE.P: “Finally!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼#ygfamily#CL #LIFTED #2NE1

US YG STAFF Peter Chun: “it’s time. 🙏”

So im bored and will sharing something~ and its raining hard outside + the lamp is die … I want to tell why i love those boys or maybe men 1 by 1

1.Dony&Deuk (KwonTwins)
I love Deuk actually but both of them are just too talented & handsome ! And they are dancers but half of YGStans are love them ! ㅋㅋㅋ they are AMAZING!
2.Lee Soo Hyuk
I love him because he is handsome and one of a kind … he is super talented with acting and really fit in every Designer clothes ! My boy type is him !!! My mom fall in love with him too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
3.Kim Soo Hyun
Ehhhh my DoMinJoon~~ he is very talented and cute … behind his cold acting but there is cute ~~~ he is very kind and cheap smile person :) thats why i love him
My bias in WINNER is KangSeungYoon and SongMinho
KangSeungYoon : his unique sound and very talented in every things about music is make me fall in love with him ! And he is cute too~~ Yoonie-a you are so handsome and cute ~~
Song Minho : his sound , his rap , his cuteness , his talent is why i love him~ im dying when Mino doing aegyo kkkk
NamTaeHyun : Nammie~~ he is cute and have a super duper one of a kind sound !
KimJinWoo&LeeSeungHoon: super talented guys and handsome enough ! They both make me dying … kkkkk
All of WINNER member is one of a kind , handsome , super talented in everything … they are all almost same !!
5. TOP : MY ONE AND ONLY BIAS IN BB his rap skill , his husky voice , his handsomeness , everything about him is make me dying …. ok ~~~
GD : The Leader ~ KwonJiYong is handsome enough his cuteness is make me can’t describe my feeling …. Super Talented leader and fashionista~
Seungri : ayo~~ maknae this cute panda … the reason why i love panda… his cuteness and sound is just arghhh perfect!
Taeyang : URGHHHH THIS PERSON !!!! Super talented in dancing , the way he sing is just ANSBDVEIEYWV !!! AMAZING .
Daesung : oh rainy rainy~~ cute daesungie ~~~ his sound is everything .. he is handsome too !!! Forever love BIGBANG MEMBERZZZ
6. Park Chaneyol :
I love Nyol because ROOMMATE. Thanks roommate ㅋㅋㅋ he is cute and handsome !!! His cuteness is the reason why i love him ~~
7. Nam Joo Hyuk :
My Hyukkie cutie pie .. i love Hyukkie oppa because AKMU both MV (200% & give love) he is so cute and talented and make us fall in love with him !!! I will support you Hyukkie oppa ~~
8.Park Min Woo
My Minnie oppa ~~ i love him bcs ROOMMATE too .. im actually like Him because he is handsome hahaha~~ and cute actually … his dimples is make me dying ! He is such a sweetheart person

So here is my story why i love thus KOREAN BOYS .. i will do KOREAN GIRLS soon :)

Just went and checked out all the ChaeDon moments again only to find out they were CL and Deuk (i can tell through their tattoos).

And then I found more ChaeDeuk moments.

Yo, these two have been interacting a lot this tour and I don’t mind one bit.

Literally right after the OT4 moments, there’s these two.