• Makin' Caserole

Dudes and Dudettes. Have you had your face melted by the awesomeness of the new app Songify? Thanks to the free app, my friend’s and I switched the script on an average Wednesday dinner, turning it into a bad-ass song….“Makin’ Casserole, Eatin’ Chicken, Drinkin’ Wiiiiinnnneeee.”

For all of you (myself included) who hear mundane conversations in rap verse anyway, share your innate gift with friends via Songify

Now….to come up with my rap name. 

The high of our first RFE day (partially fueled by the morning’s coffee binge) created instant coagulation within a group of unique individuals. By 10:04 am we were a bonded group, slammin’ out poetry like this gem about our CTA commonalities:



When we take it everyday

And every time we do it,

$2.25 we pay

Shout out to my fellow jive-turkey ECs: Morgan (Seattle), Ashley (San Diego), Daryl (Portland), Anna (Chicagoland). 2012. The New Year. The New Job. Red Frog Events.