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The girls talking about their favorite tracks on the album:
Lauren about “No Way”: “We were able to emote in a way we hadn’t ever done before in our music and I think that was why it is my favorite because I felt at the time and every time I hear it now the emotion behind the words; and I hadn’t felt that connected to any of the songs in that way before.”
Normani about “Dope”: “Lyrically and melodically it creates an imagery of this girl being super passionate about someone but lacks the confidence to tell them. […] I had the best time in the studio recording this record. I was able to become vulnerable in my own space. It was such an experience.”
Ally about “Gonna Get Better”: “When I first heard ‘Gonna Get Better’, there was this insane magical connection. I thought it was beautiful. I did not write it, but it felt like I did. You can say it has a special meaning for me. I’ll never forget it.”
Dinah about “All In My Head”: “You can never have enough REGGAE in your life ! The vibe and rhythm to this I feel represents me best as a South Pacific Islander ❤️ !!This is just one of those feel-good songs that you can’t help but jam to, no matter where you’re at or who you’re with! Lyrically it’s FUN & FLIRTY, so don’t take it serious because remember it’s all in your head! ps: one more thing I forgot to mention we co-wrote this song so it’s extra special to us
Camila about “Write On Me”: “To me the song is an extended metaphor where you’re asking somebody to "write” on you, envelop you with their words, make their mark on you like you’re a blank canvas.“