do you guys ever think about gods from different religions hanging out together

like just imagine it. all of the pantheons having sleepovers at mt. olympus and zeus torn between trying to be a good host and flirting with literally everyone. king gods having smiting competitions. everyone trying to keep loki and hermes and anansi and coyote from meeting, failing, and having to deal with three weeks straight of horrible pranks. river gods bringing a bunch of water to jesus so that he can turn it all into wine for the next big god party. the greek and roman gods watching ragnarok go down next door with a giant vat of popcorn. this is something i think about a lot ok

  • Me:I wonder how Supernatural will finally end...
  • My husband:Last episode, everyone dies, fade to black. But wait! We hear Dean saying "Sam! Wake up. You're having a nightmare." And the scene fades back in with Sam lying in a big bed and Dean shaking him awake. Sam goes "That was crazy. I dreamed that everyone we know was either a monster or a hunter or an angel or a demon. Everyone kept dying. And that's not the weirdest part- we were brothers in my dream." Dean's like "That's kinky, Sammy. Even for you." Boom. They weren't brothers- they're married. It was all part of Sam's dream. Fade out again. It explains all the weird sexual chemistry between "brothers", all the parallels with married people, all the times they were mistaken for a couple.
  • Me:*stares at him for a full minute*
  • Me:Dude, what's your screen name on AO3? I'm gonna need to read the rest of your fics.

It’s DJ Pumkin’s birthday and the AOMG crew are all together in the HQ celebrating together! Jay Park on cake duty and being his entertaining self as usual lol with his favorite fedora cap.

And then the candles almost blew off and he told them to restart it all over again lol

Why does this look like a birthday party with five year olds?? Hahaha  

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Love it when AOMG celebrate their birthdays together

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does anyone else get like super happy when you hear your favorite band on the radio? like sure I have all of their albums on my phone and I can listen to any of their songs at any time but there’s just something so magical about hearing it on the radio because someone out there decided to play it and hundreds of other people are listening to it too and maybe some of those people are discovering this band for the first time and I think that’s really cool