kwizatzhaderach replied to your post “Am I the only one that thinks Cable should know how to make and use a psi-sword like Psylocke? I mean the guy is all about combat and being the perfect warrior/soldier.”

I dont think this has ever been a matter of “knowing how” to create the blade. It seems more a matter of how Psylocke CHOOSES to use her telepathy. Xavier never used one either and he’s always clearly been more powerful than Psylocke. She is a trained hand to hand fighter…

Quire has started using psychic weapons as well.. I can’t remember who else has been using them, but it got into my head that it was going to be the X-Men pyschics equivalent to the lightsaber

guerradelunas asked:

Im a senior. I cant think of a senior quote. I dont know where to begin. Do you have any advice? What was your quote? What is your favorite quote?

My senior quote was from Dune by Frank Herbert:

One enemy at a time.

And no, I’m not kidding. Maybe I’m not the best person to ask.

I spent a lot of my school years folding down pages and underlining favorite bits in books. I guess my best advice would be

1. Try not to worry about it too much. It will matter more to you than to anyone else and ten years from now, you’ll need to look it up to remember what you chose.

2. It’s actually a fun thing to think about if you love language. I don’t think it’s cheating to go flipping through Bartlett’s for delicious quotations on a theme, but it might be more fun to page through your favorite books or listen to some songs that have meant a lot to you over the last few years.

3. I don’t have a favorite quote, but this line from Yeats is one I hold tight to me:

Be secret and exult,

Because of all things known,

That is most difficult.

Good luck and let me know what you pick! And if anyone else has suggestions, let’s hear ‘em.

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Yeah the Season One’s were actually much better than 3 offerings we’ve had thusfar from this new program. Not that these 3 OGNs were even close to bad, they were all very good…but nothing that needed a new publishing initiative push.

I would have loved to get X-Men Season One in this format.

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Spider-Man: Family Business was outstanding.

I have not read it. The idea of Peter having a sister was intriguing. but I just don’t care much about 616 Peter these days.

kwizatzhaderach replied to your post: Woo, I have gained entrance to the free Marvel #1…

honestly just add it all!! you can always go back and remove stuff or ignore it later. Who knows what runs may become something must read in the future, and theres no storage space or anything required.

That is pretty much exactly what I ended up doing!! Free comics, what else could I do? I’m SO excited to start reading these.

I love the way he looks at me, as if I'm the queen of his world and the most beautiful woman on earth.

The way he says I’m sexiest when my hair is all wild and half up, curls about, wearing my tshirt with no makeup on, reading comics or books. The way I see him stealing glances at me and smiling out of the corner of my eye. The way he kisses me goodnight and calls me wifey. The way he traces his fingers across the sway of my hips, loving every inch, every curve, ever scar, every stretch mark. The way he says ‘no’ just to be playful, followed by 'I could never say no to you.’

The way he has taken on lil one as his son and being the dad and hubs we need and want. The way he smiles so contented when we have ohana time together. The way his face lights up when I cook something amazing, and when we get excited when we talk about things we’re passionate about.

The way his strong arms wrap around me and quiet my mind, the way his heartbeat lulls me to sleep when I lay my head on his chest. The way he sees me, the real me. The way he loves me. 

My boyfriend/amazing partner just surprised me with a trip to C2E2 this weekend!  Cannot wait to take our lil guy with us and see the amazing cosplay. Oh my gosh what to do first?

  • Get Jill Thompson to sign my Endless books
  • Pictures
  • Prints
  • Fangirl
  • Pix with deadpool cosplayers (me and the little guy)
  • Fangirl some more
  • James Silvani print!
yes we had banter for almost 2 hours about the importance of not eating my nutella
  • me:*goes to kitchen for nutella, none to be found*
  • me:babe, did you eat all of my nutella?
  • chris:yeah sorry but after a month it's fair game.
  • me:not with my fucking nutella!
  • chris:it was really good. sorry. we can get more tomorrow.
  • me:that doesn't give me nutella now.
  • *half hour passes*
  • chris:*browsing tumblr* i wish they had a way to go back in time on here
  • me:yeah me too. know where i would go? to the time before you ate my goddamn nutella.
  • chris:is it new-tella or nu-tella?
  • me:it's no-tella cuz you ate it!
  • chris:*falls down laughing*
  • me:hrmph
  • *twenty minutes later*
  • chris:man i feel hot.
  • me:yeah, it's guilt. from eating the nutella.
kwizatzhaderach replied to your post: Is it just me, or do the X-Men and company only run into the Avenger’s Mutant squad?

You mean the team that was specifically created to address mutant issues? Why would it be different? Avengers #1 sets up the idea that the Avengers have to be more modular from here on out.

Right, but there is more than one Avengers team. I would like to see the X-Men run  into different groups of them from time to time.

Amazing weekend
  • Most spiritual and connected I’ve ever felt to another in my life <3
  • Godphone on as a result Friday night/Saturday morning-afternoon
  • Ohana time attending bestie’s housewarming which was great
  • Ohana cuddle time Saturday night
  • Waking up this morning to a mother’s day breakfast from my boyfriend & son
  • Them taking care of me with the migraines I’ve had on/off all weekend
  • Going to Target and getting a vacuum and cube shelf for our house (yeah I kinda get excited when it comes to the housewife stuff).
  • Making kandi with my son tonight when we got back to my parent’s place (where we currently live until August when we move in with my boyfriend).
  • Making cookies because my son kept sweetly saying, “It’s mommy’s day. can you please make me mommy cookies?”