Made this so that people can read it better and added other art options.

For (PMDU Teams):Pokemon teams of two don’t have to pay for added character but if I feel that the character is difficult for me to draw you do.

I want to thank you guys very much for taking the time to read all this again and It would be really amazing if you could help spread the word! Any kind of help/support would be greatly appreciated!

Day Three of the Pokemon December Challenge!

Favorite Dragon type:  Alteria 

Pokedex entire: It flies gracefully through the sky. Its melodic humming makes you feel like you’re in a dream. (Going to add their pokedex entires just for fun.)^^

I find it a hard to show shine on a creature with soo much Fluffy clouds. @^@;

Day Eight of the Pokemon December Challenge!

Favorite Flying type: Crobat and Archeops

Pokedex entire (Crobat)Having four wings allows it to fly more quickly and quietly so it can sneak up on prey without its noticing.

Pokedex entire (Archeops): They are intelligent and will cooperate to catch prey. From the ground, they use a running start to take flight.

(Didn’t want to finish this since I haven’t been in the best mood as of lately. I’m not sure if any one notice but is Crobat bigger than a Archeops. I drew him smaller here but in crobat’s pokedex his 5'11 and archeops is 4'07)

Day Four of the Pokemon December Challenge!

Favorite Electric type:  Raichu

Pokedex entireIt can loose 100,000-volt bursts of electricity, instantly downing foes several times its size.

I had a hard time choosing this one cause my favorite type is electric and there’s soo many electric type pokemon I like. >w<

Decided not to do go all out like in my last post since I don’t want to spent hours on something that I’m only posting on tumblr.