kwentang kwento

I just want you to know.


Seeing me with others laughing, having fun, etc may seem that I like being with them or what not but it just ends there. There’s no need for you to worry, getting that feeling of being jerked around or just get plain jealous. I know I may be unpredictable, hard to understand but I just can’t go away with it. And I thank you so much for always being there, You’ve always meant something to me even before. :) I guess its just the hang of after looking for all things that could make something fine and alright, you always end messed up. I’m sorry, I always try. At the end of the day, just remember that you’re the one who I want to be with, the one, only one I always text, the one who’s in this post and the one who fills most of my mind. I’ll always be here for you. So, always feel better, you deserve the best. I love you. :)

First and Last ;>

Last Monday during our History class, ewan ko ano yung topic about kay Rizal ata ‘yun and Leonor Rivera, long distance relationship blablabla. Then may sinabi si Ma'am na something like this, “I do believe in first and last. :)” (nakalimutan ko bakit niya 'yan nasabi) Tapos tapos, wala lang. Napaisip kasi ako. hahahahahaha. Siguro, okay din 'yung ganun. =)) Kaya naman, spera spera ya lang. Hahahaha Kbye.

Uhh, and I can’t believe I wrote something about this. Yeeeeeee. Heeeeeee. Pffff :P Kthnxbye.

Pa pa pa pa, pa pa pa pa... pa pa, da da da da, da da da da da..

Finally finished the last season of HIMYM! :) :(

I know I am way behind and all but I have postponed watching this last season for two things:
1) I hate seeing Barney and Robin together huhu and
2) I don’t want it to end!!!!!!!!

But I have to watch it na para I can move on and stop people from spoiling it.

Ok, here are my unorganized thoughts in bullets ‘cause I still need to finish my part in our Aud requirement huhu guilty sorry ok here goes

  • I love the last part where it ended where it all started between Ted and Robin!!!!! Yehey at least I got what I wanted! 
  • But yeah I was starting to feel fine since Ted’s finally found the one who would love him that much and wow she made him real happy and then she was gone. Hay 
  • Thinking about it, Tracy’s story started something like that as well so we were sorta been implicitly warned. Lol but that part was sad
  • Ok though I feel slightly annoyed by all the troubles that had happen to Robin (having to marry Barney first and finding out it wouldn’t work out) pft well it’s obvious I hate them as a couple :p
  • Overall, it was a great series to watch with all the funny moments and all the lessons you get to pick up as we move past their stories…I will miss the gang! *cue Hey Beautiful by The Solids*

Ok student duties, I know. Bye

Letter mo palang, sobrang saya na ng gabi ko.

So before ako magstart, magsorry muna ako. Kasi, sabi ko matulog na tayo. Haha! Pero gusto kong gawin muna ‘to para 'pag gising ka na at nagTumblr, mababasa mo 'tong post ko. :) hihihi
Ayun, dapat kase nagsulat din ako ng letter para sa'yo. Kaso, ayuuuun 'di natuloy, feeling ko kase baka maging masyadong korny ako, 'yun pala ikaw rin =)))) Sayang, sorry naman. :|
Dahil diyan, dito ko isisiwalat sa Tumblr ang gusto kong sabihin sayo,
Maraming maraming salamat sa lahat ha? Alam mong palagi akong thankful sayo. Dahil sayo, marami akong natutunan at nagagawa. Salamat!
Pasensya ka na rin kung napaka-unpredictable ko at times, pero kahit anong mangyari, gusto kong maayos pa rin tayo always. 'Di ko kailangang isa-isahin pa lahat. Lagi ko namang sinasabi sayo lahat ng gusto kong sabihin. Mahirap man ang sitwasyon ngayon, lilipas din 'tong lahat. Andito lang ako palagi para sayo.
I love you, one and only! >:)<

Merry Christmas! Mering meri na ang pasko ko. Kaya will you merry me na? Hahahahahaha! Syempre loko lang muna 'yan. :p Sige, matutulog na rin ako.
Good night!

PS: 'Di man to kasing haba ng sayo, alam kong alam mo naman lahat ng gusto kong sabihin. Hihihi Salamat sa regalo, susuotin ko na'to. Sana nagustuhan mo rin yung bigay ko. :)

Let me say this, may sound like cliché but seriously, those people you see smiling around, laughing the most, worry-free looking individuals, seem like they’re having the time of their lives always, are the ones who are deep inside emotional and hurt the most. What’s nice with these people is that they get to control their emotions and keep it within themselves. They always look for ways to overcome whatever they’re experiencing. Being stronger is way more than wearing these masks but with that strength to smile and move on even when pain and other issues linger, is definitely something.

Believe me, often been there and and still doing that.

The sense of nothingness.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaa. Hindi pa ako nakakapag-aral ng maayos. Basa basa lang ako. @@ Nakuha ko pang mag Tree Planting kanina, pero masaya naman siya =)))))

Promise mag-aaral na ako mamaya. Seryoso. Thank you Lord, help me :)

Tapos tapos, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm. wala lang :P Huwahayyy. Kthnxbye.


No words can express my busy-ness @@ LMAO.

Di ko makuhang magOL sa FB, Tumblr, etc. Di ko makuhang magmovie marathon. Kung hinde, mag-aral. Nagprapractice ako. Psssssh. Sige lang. These too shall pass. =)) Or maybe not. :| Sige lang. May rason si Lord bakit ganito. Thankyu and Kthnxbye. :)

Thoughts about next semester: 

  • No more law subjects! No more memorizing articles and suspense recitations :) :)
  • No more friday classes! First time since first year, I hope no more sched changes
  • But TTh first period is at 8:30am, RS class!! Ugh The first time I had my 7:30 class was in second year and pumapasok ako ng 8+ na, muntik pa ma-drop but mehehe reasons so ok na. I remember being so sleepy and really dozed off while she’s explaining. Even in 9am classes, struggle ko ang maging early lol badass
  • TTh last period ends at 7pm. Hay I don’t like being home late. It takes time to rest after a long tiring day, then you need to do homework and study, eat, watch tv, go online, watch movie then sleep pa lol understated hours tsk
  • I’m excited in our Auditing class. First time eh hahaha hope it’s fun and yeah fun

Woo, I never thought that I’ve come a loooong way since I’ve taken this course. Three more semesters and finally I’ll earn my degree. This may not be what I wanted to take from the very start but I intend to do good and finish! Then from there, let’s see what happens :)