diakoptic  asked:

Sorry if someone asked this before: On some of your recent works (i.e. Broken Toy arc, Before You Know It arc, etc.) I noticed a lots of blues and purples were being used. Does the color palettes mostly reflect the environment/mood? Do you find cooler colors easier to work with than warmer?

Yeah! The color palettes are largely indicative of the mood. They’re somewhat arbitrary in instances, too, but I pick them hugely based upon what colors “feel” correct to me at the time. But also, working in monochromatic palettes is a lot easier when you have to pump out dozens of rendered images in 3 days. I can do a full painting from start to finish in like 15-20 minutes, but that’s still many hours of work when there are dozens and dozens of paintings. So it was both a matter of mood, and of convenience.

Sometimes I’d spend longer rendering pieces, though, because that, too, added something to the atmosphere or achieved something I was going for. For instance, in Broken Toy Part 3 (Beleth Goes to School), I spent extra effort on the colored sections so they were nice and clean and rendered and in stark contrast to the ink sections. I wanted the environment to feel very “real” so that the dream sequence felt very surreal, in turn.