kweetkait  asked:

Sorry if someone asked this before: On some of your recent works (i.e. Broken Toy arc, Before You Know It arc, etc.) I noticed a lots of blues and purples were being used. Does the color palettes mostly reflect the environment/mood? Do you find cooler colors easier to work with than warmer?

Yeah! The color palettes are largely indicative of the mood. They’re somewhat arbitrary in instances, too, but I pick them hugely based upon what colors “feel” correct to me at the time. But also, working in monochromatic palettes is a lot easier when you have to pump out dozens of rendered images in 3 days. I can do a full painting from start to finish in like 15-20 minutes, but that’s still many hours of work when there are dozens and dozens of paintings. So it was both a matter of mood, and of convenience.

Sometimes I’d spend longer rendering pieces, though, because that, too, added something to the atmosphere or achieved something I was going for. For instance, in Broken Toy Part 3 (Beleth Goes to School), I spent extra effort on the colored sections so they were nice and clean and rendered and in stark contrast to the ink sections. I wanted the environment to feel very “real” so that the dream sequence felt very surreal, in turn.


My curiosity peaked enough for me to watch The Cat Returns for the first time a few days ago…shocker! 

Another shocker! I liked it despite how short the movie was (about 70…or 80 mins). Whimsical and funny…It felt like the crew put alot of effort for that time span, with a few holes here and there. And to commemorate this lovely experience, I present to you fanart! :D