T-Minus 40 Days:

Until the wedding day! Holy shit this is getting real. it’s literally right around the corner. I still have so much to do, I NEED A FUCKING FLORIST. If i can’t get one i’m walking down the isle with something cheap from wal-mart. (JK) In other news Larry can’t come home during the four day this month, so that means I won’t see him until 3 days before the wedding. Thats fucking stressful. That means we have to get our marriage license in those three days along with 6 billion other things we have to do. BUT! I pick up my wedding dress on May 24th, I go see a florist on May 20th, I have a trial hair appt June 1st along with my bridal portraits, then my bridal shower June 8th! I AM SO EX-CI-TEDDDD. Makes me giggly to know i’m marrying my high school sweet heart.

I am angry about it.. i’m depending on most of the stuff in my registry for my new apartment that im moving into. I basically have nothing. All i have is what i can fit into my tiny two door honda civic. Im not renting a moving van or anything so all the stuff that can be bought and shipped from our registry is greatly appreciated but my family is cheap as shit.