Finished a friends wedding.

It was in an art gallery behind prada in 청담동.

This motherfucker forgot to mention hes rich.
And everyone was there. From old celebs to ambassadors.

Sigh. Luckily I dress nice allll the time so it was perfect.

Got new business opportunities and made new friends.

And it wasn’t like a normal kwedding. There were no speeches nothing.  Plated lunch and assigned seats.


Okay so This is my gorgeous Oleg Cassini Trumpet Dress. 

Theres a picture of the front, the back, close ups of the front and back, close up of the lace pattern, and then the Model picture of the dress.

FYI- Dont tell me how thin i look in the first picture. I KNOW. I’m still in ED recovery so please refrain. its actually quite embarrassing.

But this is the dress that melted my heart :) once its fitted i’ll post more pictures.

Wedding Dress

Bridesmaids dress




Reception Venue

Ceremony  Venue





Grooms Attire

Groomsman’s Attire



I’m getting there wedding planning wise, 4 more months to go! All i have to do right now is print and mail my invitations, start looking at accesories for my dress, take my dress in for alterations, and take my girls dress shopping :) its coming along nicely :)

T-Minus 40 Days:

Until the wedding day! Holy shit this is getting real. it’s literally right around the corner. I still have so much to do, I NEED A FUCKING FLORIST. If i can’t get one i’m walking down the isle with something cheap from wal-mart. (JK) In other news Larry can’t come home during the four day this month, so that means I won’t see him until 3 days before the wedding. Thats fucking stressful. That means we have to get our marriage license in those three days along with 6 billion other things we have to do. BUT! I pick up my wedding dress on May 24th, I go see a florist on May 20th, I have a trial hair appt June 1st along with my bridal portraits, then my bridal shower June 8th! I AM SO EX-CI-TEDDDD. Makes me giggly to know i’m marrying my high school sweet heart.

My honeymoon Is going to be:

Most likely a 4 night stay at this incredible indoor water park called The Great Wolf Lodge for under $1000. Its in Williamsburg VA, Which is gorgeous btw and has lots of places to shop..

That sounds pretty good to me! if all else fails we’ll spend one night together in the Honeymoon Suite downtown. Sounds fabulous right about now.. 

Whats funny is, we weren’t even going to have a honeymoon. We are considering this to be our Mini Honeymoon. 

It still might not fit in our budget but its definitely better than nothing.

my wedding stuff is coming along slowly.. So far i have the Church and reception venue booked and paid for. I got my photographer, and videographer for free, I have the dress, Ive ordered the invitations, the guest list is almost done, I have the food ordered for the reception. All thats left are buying the cake and the little things. Like decorations, my bridesmaids dresses, Dont need to rent tuxes for the groomsmen because they will be in dress blues. So i just need to get decorations and favors and a few other things.

This is slowly becoming easier. Thank god.