kwang team


fangirl challenge: [1/10] tv shows
       ↳ running man (2010 - ongoing)

“The Running Man team is very much like a family and I’m happy to have gained another family besides my own.”


Gods, it took forever to gif this.

1) I kept water in my mouth the whole time I was giffing this (or at least I felt as if I did)

2) Kim Woo Bin pulled this because Yoo Jae Suk called him bumbling klutz in last episode. YJS also insisted Woob has revenge on Jong Kuk, so he decided to have little revenge on Jae Suk. WHO KLUTZ NOW JAE SUK?!?

3) That was a joke to all you serious 

4) When I watched today, I thought he sipped from the glass, but instead he asked to have a drinking water before starting round two, just, instead of drinking it, he kept a mouthful to replace whatever gets spilled.

5) There’s also an option he didn’t do this to revenge on Jae Suk. Last time I thought, “well good thing he’s not teamed with Kwang Soo [who kept screaming in helicopter] so he can sleep a bit during a ride”. But this time he was teamed up with Kwang Soo. So he made KS keep water in his mouth, and with that, keep quiet. (that is also a joke, yes)

6) I’m pretty sure they keep calling him on Running Man cause he pulls crap like this.

Well, I GT’d the screen captions and I think PD says “I gave you other (drinking) water in addition to that (in a glass)” and he says something like “shut up bitch you love it” “I’ll do it again” and then third caption basically admits they DO love it ><

But don’t take my word for it 

Anyway. That’s my husband there.