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Breaking! Full audio of the entire Korean Death Note: The Musical now on YouTube

The amazing YouTube uploader “ ymn ” has uploaded the full recording of the entire Korean version of Death Note: The Musical on YouTube! It’s available here, and it might be gone soon so download and enjoy it while you still can.

I’m downloading the file so in case it disappears I have a back up copy. I have an intention of putting it available on Mega (or similar) soon as well. And of course, I’ll be splitting the songs into separate mp3 files and upload them here (and perhaps try to enhance the quality of some).

PLEASE SHARE! I don’t know about you, but this is all I could have hoped and asked for. I am SO INCREDIBLY happy right now.


Our Giraffe who always betrays his hyungs and noona whenever he gets the chance and ends up getting scolded because of it. Despite all your betraying, you will always be Running Man’s maknae and the annoying baby of this family.