I’ve always been curious. Me, a serial killer, was I born this way or made this way? That’s why I’m conducting this experiment using Korea’s top students as my subjects. Under my guidance, if you are turned into monsters, it means that monsters are created. But if my experiment fails, it means that monsters are born that way. Isn’t it thrilling?


곽정욱 이이경 이지훈 오이지의 1 더하기 1은 귀요미~ (by 봉 스페이스)

i think i just died from cuteness overload……..(T^T) WHY ARE THEY SO DARN CUTE?!?!?!>.<♥

his name is Kwak Jung Wook. and i failed to notice him big time. 

i first saw him in School 2013, playing Oh Jung Ho, the troublemaker who caught up in gangster life. then after, i watched Shut Up Flower Boy Band. there he was, posed as Maro, a nerd trickster who plays guitar. at first, i only notice a similarity of him and Ryeowook. i continue my drama marathon with Adolescence Medley. and there he was, again, being a pathetic supporting character who often got bullied in school.but i only remember him as the guy from SUFBB. out of curiosity though, i googled him. and boy was i surprised to find him once playing as Oh Jung Ho. he looked so different in School 2013 and both SUFBB and Adolescence Medley. it was as if he were a chameleon, i feel cheated. 

on the side note, Adolescence Medley is a good mini-series i would recommend in a heart-beat. there’s a tint of twee in every shoot. a kind of series that would go together with Belle Epoque and Advantage Lucy. <3