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I'm interested in what you think Jamie's flaws are KW. Should be interesting. Also, agree about the husband thing. Mine is a really good man and loved by everybody. Problem is I always feel like I come last because he is there for everyone. Makes me selfish I guess but I do know that since finding the show and starting reading the books there is something major I don't have in marriage and that is the passion. The unquenchable need of each other that Jamie and Claire have and I want, need that.

Your ask is quite intriguing. Your statement about your husband “Problem is I always feel like I come last because he is there for everyone” is in fact what I see as Jamie’s biggest flaw.

“when ye’re a man, a good bit of what ye have to do is to draw up lines and fight other folk who come over them. Your enemies, your tenants, your children—your wife. Ye canna always just strike them or take a strap to them, but when ye can, at least it’s clear to everyone who’s in charge.”
“But that’s perfectly—” I began, and then broke off, frowning as I considered this.
“And if ye’re a man, you’re in charge. It’s you that keeps order, whether ye like it or not. It’s true,” (ABOSAA)

I do think it’s very true what Jamie says about men and the expectation that society has of them to keep order. However, Jamie has a bit of an egotistical attitude about it. Very frequently in the books Jamie puts himself in harms way and lays his life on the line for “everyone” in spite of knowing how much Claire is frightened that he will die. He justifies it to her and himself with this argument of “I am man. Man is supposed to sacrifice for the safety of others.” He only considers his emotions in this regard, not hers. 

He has a propensity to fight and therefore involves himself in positions that will allow him to scratch the itch of violence that plagues him. 

If you think about it, the two most terrible things that befall Claire are in fact results of Jamie’s need to be a man when he didn’t necessarily have to do it. 

From Voyager on, Claire is afraid of nothing except Jamie dying. She frets about it constantly. He always has a rather flippant response to it. Which is why it just killed me in MOBY when she says to him that she decided not to die because of how it felt to think him dead and she’d never do that to him. Until that event, Jamie never once put Claire’s fear of being left behind without him before his need to “be a man.”

As far as passion in your marriage… If you lead the way, he will follow. Promise. 😉

Globally, a woman’s period is perceived as more disgusting than rape. Society deems a natural, female bodily function as vile and even punishable in different cultures. We are expected to cover up, hide, and be ashamed for an uncontrollable, anatomical expectation of our bodies. And just…why? Why have women been brainwashed to accept and adopt this misconception? It’s time we make it known that this twisted standard of women is a bloody obvious mistake.

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