Stop that Victim mess!

Folks can’t USE you if you don’t let them!!!

As much a I despise that showrunner, she gets away shit because they let her and that’s more about the bs games they are involved in and less about their contract.
Give people power over you, they will use it!



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Please give me the link to Enty's Blind Item #7 on February 1st. I have looked everywhere and can't find it. Allegedly, someone suspected this was about TG and KW, I just wanted to read it for myself.

It said that an A- actress from a hit network show got an abortion after getting pregnant with the baby of her married co star, because meantime she had broken up with said co star and went back to her husband.

We think we were crystal on it, but you don’t seem to have gotten it, nonny. So we will repeat.

That blind item was absolutely not about Kerry. For starters the circumstances don’t match at all, and neither does the definition because Kerry is A list for Enty, but much more importantly, we know without the shadow of even a half doubt that the blind is not about Kerry. We know directly from source, if you catch our drift. So it’s pointless to bring it back, read, or anything else. By the way, the actress in the blind in question has nothing to do with Scandal, in case you want to start guessing who it actually is.

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