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Killian is going to hunt Kraken-san! Kraken-san is going to be happy to meet his human again!!

YES! We thought Kraken-san would be coming for Killian, but it’s the other way around!!! Imagine the delight on Kraken-san’s little Krakeny face when he realizes his paramour has found him, no matter the distance between them, and come for his blood to see him again! Nothing can stop true love!!! :D



[INFO] It seems CL is endorsing the Tumi suitcase now.

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The sad thing is i dont think sr gives a crap about scandal anymore it was obvious past season 3 she didnt when she realized terry where the big draw and not her writing skills and now with tg and kw not really kissing her ass anymore i bet she dont care if they leave or abc pull season 7. Her new show is crap all sr shows have the same crappy themes and irs getting old real fast. Can you guess im not a sr fan lol

LOL! Seems like you are not a fan :) I am not either… I think Scandal was great because of combination of Tony/Kerry and Judy Smith as advisor. Shonda managed to do both. That’s why the show sucks now. 

I can’t speak of any other SR’s show as I have never watched and nor am I planning to