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What are your top 5 moments where you think the writers missed a good Killian whump moment. If that makes sense. Like I think they missed a moment of Hyde and Killian interacting and Hyde trying to choke him again. Just for a brief moment like in the season 5 finale, that was the bessst. But that's just meeeee.

Oh, wow. What a brilliant question! This one’s gonna be fun :D

Truth be told, I have a running catalog of missed opportunities for whump (or just better whump than we got) for every episode, almost. And some of them get pretty desperate, like when I shouted at the Chernabog to “Just fucking take him, dammit! He’s right there!!!” even though it wouldn’t make any sense and would’ve clearly changed the whole course of the episode. Or my desire to see Greg and Tamara pull up another gurney next to Regina’s and electroshock him just for shits and giggles. However, I don’t really consider those truly missed opportunities. They’re just me being desperate ;)

He was right there though, dude. I expect better from my hellbeasts.

So I will stick to the opportunities I feel would’ve actually made sense and even enhanced the show’s plot in some way. I’m gonna do it in a countdown format and because I cheat terribly and never stick to the rules, there’s going to be an Honorable Mention, as well.

Honorable Mention: Tamara’s Abduction of Hook
This one gets an honorable mention because it isn’t the show’s fault that this opportunity was missed. Rather, Hook’s whole storyline for 2B got shuffled about and rewritten due to Colin’s broken leg. They really couldn’t have shown us Hook being abducted, as that would have required more activity than Colin could handle. Still, I will always lament the fact that this man got kidnapped, bound, gagged and held captive for some time… and we saw none of it. This would’ve also been a good opportunity to show a more dangerous side of Tamara, making her seem like a more formidable foe.

Missed Opportunity #5: The Evil Queen Deals with Him
Episode 6x08 brings us the Evil Queen trapping Emma and Regina in a Mirror World, while she remains in the real world, poses as Regina and claims Emma went to New York to find The Dragon. This is a great plan… except that Killian senses something’s amiss and ends up discovering the Evil Queen’s ruse. The Queen uses her magic to hurl him across the beach, head-first into a rock… and that’s it. We’re left to believe that she just left the only person to catch onto her ruse at that point lying on the beach with a possible concussion and did nothing further to him to ensure he didn’t blab about her scheme to anyone else. Umm… What? This ain’t just a missed opportunity to abduct him and tie him up somewhere… It just plain doesn’t make any sense.

Missed Opportunity #4: Tortured by Hades Somebody
I know, I know. It’s almost sacrilege for a whumper to complain about the absolutely gorgeous and delicious whump we got out of Killian’s trip to the Underworld. And I’m not complaining about what we got at all, actually. I just wish we’d gotten a tiny bit more. The way the torture of Killian was handled offscreen, and the dialog in Hades and Hook’s first scene together sloppily sounds like they haven’t even met before, it destroys the idea of Hades as a dangerous villain to be feared. There’s no doubt he gave out the orders to have Killian tortured, but whoever actually wielded the tools that turned Captain Hook into a bloody, burned, bruised and swollen mess is a man to be feared. Hades is more or less the Michael Scott of the Underworld, and that’s a damn shame. The dialog should’ve been shaped up - and at least one scene of Killian being physically tortured by Hades himself should’ve been added.

Missed Opportunity #3: Becoming the Dark One
The emotional and psychological torment that Killian experienced when he became the Dark One against his wishes is some potent whump that the show backed off from. We see him screaming as the Darkness physically takes him over. We see the flashes of the worst events of his life. We see him immediately being greeted by his worst enemy - and not even the Pawn Shop owner from Storybrooke, no, the demon who crushed his love’s heart right before his eyes. We see him fighting to ignore the darkness. We see day turn to the darkest of night, while he still wanders aimlessly, desperately trying to get away from the demon in his head that won’t leave him alone. We see his heart break when Emma lies to him. We see his soul shatter when she summons him and accidentally controls him with Excalibur - the one thing that triggers his fear and anger like nothing else, being helpless and at another’s mercy. We see him take on a progressively more sickly appearance as he loses more and more of himself under this onslaught. The show shows us all of this, but backs off from actually acknowledging that Killian Jones was systematically broken down and psychologically annihilated by the Darkness, turning him into a prisoner in his own mind and a mere puppet of the Darkness itself. We even see him fight past that hold and emerge from that prison of Darkness when he sees Emma in pain. And yet the show ostensibly went the route of “he gave into the darkness for revenge”, leaving poor Killian on the hook for the awful things Dark Hook said and did, and basically shrugging off the torment and suffering Hook withstood for hours before he finally broke. Had they whumped him a little harder, taken that leap to embrace him being a victim of the darkness, I think 5A’s entire storyline would’ve carried far more meaning. Otherwise… Well, why bother showing us a man being psychologically tortured if you’re going to turn around and act like he voluntarily gave into it out of weakness?

Missed Opportunity #2: Rumple’s Possession of His Heart
As I said in the last entry, nothing rattles Killian Jones quite like being under another person’s control. He grew up a slave, so his personal freedom is extremely important to him. He was forced to watch, helplessly, as both his brother and his beloved died in his arms. Being controlled by another is a major trigger for Killian Jones - as is dealing with the Dark One in and of itself. Gold’s statement to Killian in 4x08, that “I promised you we’d have some fun first. You’re gonna do everything I say because you’re my puppet now.” is one of the most chilling lines in the show, because we know how cruel Rumple can be, we know how much he hates Killian… and we know how much being the Dark One’s puppet would be torture for him. And yet… it falls flat. Gold only forces Hook to basically do his errands for him. It not only seems anti-climactic, it seems out of character. Given the chance to make Killian Jones, the perpetual thorn in his side, do absolutely anything he wants… Rumplestiltskin sends him off on odd jobs and spy missions. He’s not going to lord his control over him? Make him suffer a little? Hell, mock him a little? Make him sing show tunes? Anything? Bueller? Bueller??? Still no? *sigh*

Missed Opportunity #1: Neverland and Peter Pan
Throughout all of Season 3A, we’re given all kinds of hints and teasers about the past Peter Pan and Captain Hook share. We see their first meeting in 3x05, yes, but we’re shown NO other flashbacks, despite the two of them having spent hundreds of years interacting. Killian says a lot of things about Pan, how he’s a demon and the whole island’s “his bloody trap” and countless other things that allude to the “fearsome Captain Hook” being, well, afraid of Peter Pan. And yet, we’re never given any concrete history to explain the animosity between them or the certainty Killian exhibits that Pan is just about the most deplorable being to ever be. The audience needed something more than just Hook’s word that Pan was so thoroughly despicable and deserving of the fear even a supposedly fearless pirate has of him. All we actually see Pan do to Hook amounts to mind games and mocking. Hell, we even see more past interactions between Felix and Hook to explain their animosity - and Hook doesn’t even seem remotely afraid of Felix. Whereas Pan… Well, Hook practically shudders whenever he comes close. And we’re never told why. For the love of everything whumpy in the world, would someone please throw me a fricking bone here and tell me something that happened in their past??

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"Because people who should be together aren’t and people who shouldn’t be together are and they’re trying to force something that isn’t working so that magic is gone, that epic, angsty, my heart is going to explode quality is gone."---So much this, Zal, so much this! I know I shouldn't have but I was hoping for all that epic, angsty, heart exploding for tvd's finale season but we aren't getting it. We. aren't. getting. it. How sad is that? Can you believe KW/JP are willingly writing this????

I honestly don’t understand how they thought this was an acceptable last season. It still boggles my mind.

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KW are you ok, you were reblogging all of the hate blog's stuff and it doesnt seem like something you would do

No, it is not something I would do or did do. They heckled me again. I just changed my password again and hope they will stop. I am sobbing. This is stupid and heartless.

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I always thought that Stefan's "i'm a vampire and this is my story" was him writing in his journal? And I always thought KW's endgame was Stefan and Elena but possibly not a happy ending or a cliffhanger to what their future might hold

It always seemed to me that TVD would somehow end with a romantic SE even if it wasn’t happy because they were the epic pinpoint of the show; of course that isn’t happening.

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I am so sorry about what happened KW. I hope everything gets better. It seems everything good that I have in my life is ruined at one point or another this year. I really hope you can recover from this. I don't mean to sound selfish or anything like that. just. kinda ranting. I've been having trouble focusing on the stuff I love, but your videos seem to be helping that to an extent. Even if I'm not recovering, your videos at least seem to help the pain c:

I am sorry this is taking joy away from what was once such a joyful group. I am sorry as one person I can’t do everything. I hope you are able to find some joy. I am happy the videos helped you when they did. I am sorry I can’t bring KE or anyone back to have joy again. But they are having their own joy without me or being in a group and that makes me happy just to know that they are happy.