Globally, a woman’s period is perceived as more disgusting than rape. Society deems a natural, female bodily function as vile and even punishable in different cultures. We are expected to cover up, hide, and be ashamed for an uncontrollable, anatomical expectation of our bodies. And just…why? Why have women been brainwashed to accept and adopt this misconception? It’s time we make it known that this twisted standard of women is a bloody obvious mistake.

Women bleed. Get over it.


[you’re] keeping me alive: a bellarke season 4 wish-fulfillment-vibes playlist (youtube) (spotify)

on + off / maggie rogers - when I’m shaking or my mind starts coming undone // I’m on fire / awolnation - cut a six inch valley through the middle of my soul // in a blackout / hamilton leithauser - when you come home, I’d lift you up // I follow rivers / lykke li - be the ocean where I unravel // oh my dear / the head and the heart - I’ll take the blows when it gets rough // edge of town / middle kids -  if you got something on your mind…can I take it for a while? // say something loving / the xx - I don’t know what this is but it doesn’t feel wrong // work / charlotte day wilson - with you by my side, I won’t let go // I will be there / odessa - if you ever need someone to simply adore you // until we get there / lucius - is this the time for one more try at a happy life? // here comes the sun / nina simone - the smiles are returning to the faces now

+ bonus post-season track: yours and mine / esme patterson - in the light of my love, you’re all mine