“Tambourine Girl” - Ringo Deathstarr live on KVRX Austin

Juan Wauters performing in a dark setting during the KVRX showcase. I talked to Juan after the show and I’ve got to say he’s one of the coolest artists I’ve ever come across throughout the SXSW chaos. He even offered to do an in studio performance for my station Topper Radio despite the other 12 shows he was committed to. Unfortunately this performance didn’t happen but it really shows the generosity and work ethic of this guy. Cheers, Juan!


Post 447 - 3/24/13
Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine

I was reading the Wikipedia entry for ‘Explosions in the Sky’ to find out where they got their name* and instead learned that this this song was featured in Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  This in turn is almost enough for me to sit through Paul Blart: Mall Cop to see how/where they used it.


- Baron

*Per Wikipedia: “the new name of "Explosions in the Sky” came from a comment Hrasky made in reference to the noise or sight of fireworks when they left KVRX on the night they played their first set and recorded their first track"

Watch on knovvledge.tumblr.com

Mammoth Grinder on Local Live KVRX 91.7FM Austin.

For Tim and Nat. <3.