My skramz/emo/twinkly/screamo radio show on KVRX this semester will be Monday nights from midnight to 1am.  You can listen at 91.7FM in the Austin area or on kvrx.org.  Here’s the facebook page.  And here’s how you can help if you’re so inclined!

  • Send suggestions/requests for your favorite skramz bands.
  • Be an on-air guest one week and talk to me about skramz, show off your favorite skramz bands, promote your label, play an unplugged set, or anything else.
  • Reblog this or otherwise let your followers know!

My goal for this radio station is to further connect the skramz scene across the world while showing off Texas talent.  So I would love for Texas talents to come by the studio!  I would also love for you to send me suggestions of local bands from around the nation and the world that people don’t know about but should.  Thanks so much!




radio show is back

my radio show on kvrx is back this semester.

Fridays 1-3AM CST. 

Fridays 1-3AM CST. 

Fridays 1-3AM CST. 

Fridays 1-3AM CST. 

Fridays 1-3AM CST. 

kvrx.org or if yr in the greater Austin TX area: 91.7 on the FM dial.

(i will try my best to record every show but if not, at the very least the track list will be on this tumblr)

Death Church rises again.

jah bless.

Juan Wauters performing in a dark setting during the KVRX showcase. I talked to Juan after the show and I’ve got to say he’s one of the coolest artists I’ve ever come across throughout the SXSW chaos. He even offered to do an in studio performance for my station Topper Radio despite the other 12 shows he was committed to. Unfortunately this performance didn’t happen but it really shows the generosity and work ethic of this guy. Cheers, Juan!

I think part of the reason I love “Welcome to Night Vale” so much is that it really reminds me of my time at a radio station.

I was lucky enough to be an on-air DJ at my college radio station (91.7 KVRX, None of the hits, all of the time!) for three years. Due to our license, our FM hours were at night and the early morning (7pm-9am on the weekdays or something like that), so I had my show at 3 am, and later, 5am.

So listening to WtNV reminds me of long hours spent alone in a building, not to mention alone in my booth, uncertain if anyone at all was listening to our tiny little station, to my little show where I played a bunch of random music, and babbled nervously in my radio voice

(everyone has a radio voice who dj’s. Everyone. trust me).

But yet I didn’t mind because despite the loneliness and having to get up at fucking 250 in the morning, I was still on the radio. I knew how to work the board. And my voice carried out over Austin, and through the internet, the world.

Playlist 25 March 2015

Back after a too-long hiatus. And now: 

  1. Stop, Look and Listen - Strawberry Whiplash
  2. Off With His Cardigan! - The Lucksmiths
  3. Hopeless Case - The Happy Couple
  4. Applecore - Tender Trap
  5. Ten Years Younger - Bubblegum Lemonade
  6. Feel Good Factor - The Hermit Crabs
  7. Higher Grounds - Cats on Fire
  8. A Short Film About Sleeping - Pipas
  9. Art & Shopping - Sportique
  10. Dutch Mother - Sweet William
  11. A Rainy Day - The Pines
  12. Emmanuelle Béart - The Would-Be-Goods
  13. I Don’t Mind - Monterey
  14. Final Kick - The Liberty Ship
  15. ¿Como Te Llamas? - Tender Trap
  16. Wanting More - September Girls
  17. Was the Last - Bella Vista


Breakout on Local Live - 01.26.14

Sonny on the Radio Tomorrow!

Tomorrow night, Monday, July 8th at 9pm EST, I am going on the radio with my good buds, dapperQ managing editor and high femme Anita Dolce Vita; and The Handsome Butch, blogger for herself, dapperQ and Qwear; for a special panel discussion of fashion, confidence, and gender on In Search of Wellness.

Does looking good really help us feel good, and how much of that feeling comes from societal pressures or gender norms? Is investing in a flattering wardrobe an investment in wellbeing or an investment in consumerism? Does it matter?

In Search of Wellness is a half hour long radio chronicle of a DJ’s quest for peace and health. Hosted by Nuts and Bolts Music founder, dapperQ contributor, and butch journalist Joelle Zigman. Tune in to In Search of Wellness this summer, Mondays at 8pm CST (9 pm for Sonny, EST) on 91.7FM KVRX in Austin, or stream it live at www.kvrx.org

Can’t wait to chat with all these awesome folks! I went on the radio with Joelle once before and it was super fun. - Sonny