I think part of the reason I love “Welcome to Night Vale” so much is that it really reminds me of my time at a radio station.

I was lucky enough to be an on-air DJ at my college radio station (91.7 KVRX, None of the hits, all of the time!) for three years. Due to our license, our FM hours were at night and the early morning (7pm-9am on the weekdays or something like that), so I had my show at 3 am, and later, 5am.

So listening to WtNV reminds me of long hours spent alone in a building, not to mention alone in my booth, uncertain if anyone at all was listening to our tiny little station, to my little show where I played a bunch of random music, and babbled nervously in my radio voice

(everyone has a radio voice who dj’s. Everyone. trust me).

But yet I didn’t mind because despite the loneliness and having to get up at fucking 250 in the morning, I was still on the radio. I knew how to work the board. And my voice carried out over Austin, and through the internet, the world.

Playlist 14 Oct 2014

You look great. Here are some songs about clothes.

  1. Off with His Cardigan! - The Lucksmiths
  2. Her Blue Contact Lenses Make Me Crazy - Miniskirt
  3. Polyester Dress - The Icicles
  4. Wild Bikini - Tullycraft
  5. Jiffy Neckwear Creation - Baby Lemonade
  6. Big Mans Shoes - The Relations
  7. Green Jacket - Trampoline
  8. Orange Corduroy Dress - Heavenly
  9. Girl in the Sweater - Hard-Ons
  10. Grass Skirt - All Girl Summer Fun Band
  11. Take Your Leather Jacket Off - Dead Famous People
  12. Cool Shoes - The Arrogants
  13. Anorak City - Another Sunny Day
  14. Autumn Anorak - Heavens Above
  15. Sweater Weather - Sweater Girls
  16. Charms Around Your Wrist - The Softies
  17. Evening Dress at 3pm - Fosca
  18. Red Dress - Jad Fair & The Pastels

We are so psyched to be getting this week’s College Radio Countdown from one of the best music cities in the land courtesy of the gang at KVRX  University of Texas Austin. 

Here’s DIIV How Long Have You Known

KVRX: We’re huge Beach Fossils fans over at KVRX, and we were pretty excited about DIIV before the band had even released their debut album. Their record, Oshin, spent months in our Top 10.



“Tambourine Girl” - Ringo Deathstarr live on KVRX Austin

Juan Wauters performing in a dark setting during the KVRX showcase. I talked to Juan after the show and I’ve got to say he’s one of the coolest artists I’ve ever come across throughout the SXSW chaos. He even offered to do an in studio performance for my station Topper Radio despite the other 12 shows he was committed to. Unfortunately this performance didn’t happen but it really shows the generosity and work ethic of this guy. Cheers, Juan!

Playlist 28 Jan 2015

Rarer than rare: bands who only had one release. Plus! Starting this week, you can listen to Songs for Children on SoundCloud.

  1. Who Can Tell? - The Capitols
  2. Mirrors - Purdey
  3. Phil Spector’s Birthday Song - The Sleazy Beats
  4. Take It All Back - The Quentins
  5. I Never Knew - The Avocados
  6. Waiting - Sundress
  7. Now that You Are Gone - Boys Like Charlotte
  8. Going Green - Dancette
  9. So Many Alike - Perfect Kiss
  10. I Don’t Mind - Monterey
  11. Healthclubs Hypocrisy - The Through Comers
  12. Rude Limey - The Maulies
  13. Kom Tillbaks - Semester
  14. Pete Best - Lunchroom Manners
  15. Real Tears - Shame
  16. Spring - Citra Super
  17. I Want to Wear Your Love Like Gold - The Boy Scout Love Triangle
  18. Nowhere Generation - The Cherry Smash

Post 447 - 3/24/13
Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine

I was reading the Wikipedia entry for ‘Explosions in the Sky’ to find out where they got their name* and instead learned that this this song was featured in Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  This in turn is almost enough for me to sit through Paul Blart: Mall Cop to see how/where they used it.


- Baron

*Per Wikipedia: “the new name of "Explosions in the Sky” came from a comment Hrasky made in reference to the noise or sight of fireworks when they left KVRX on the night they played their first set and recorded their first track"