A friend has been constantly telling me both on skype and in person how much she would love to see me draw Kvothe again… I wanted to be a good friend, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I was also curious myself since it has been 2 years… and oh boy. The biggest thing of those old fanarts is that I drew him way too mature for his actual age… like… he’s actually 15 in book 1? Also started reading the english version, now that I’m fluent with english by reading too many fanfics So many things like puns and lyrics, even last names got changed in the spanish version to make it work…

  • Kvothe: (drunk, giving advice) Sim, Wil, I have some advice for you. Life advice.
  • Wil: What advice?
  • Kvothe: You guys need to face your fears. Run with scissors Because you can fly. Fly out a window. Fly off a roof. Just believe in yourself.
  • Sim: Uh, that doesn't sound very safe.
  • Kvothe: Nothing is as scary as it appears
  • Wil: Yeah, I'm not following.
  • Sim: Same.
  • Kvothe: Just face your fears.