The Russo brothers (directors of Captain America Winter Soldier and Civil War and the future Avengers films) were asked about Kris:

Interviewer: Do you have some comments about Kris Wu? Have you thought of him.. (cuts off)

Joe: Kris is a friend. We met him when we were out here working on Captain America Winter Soldier, he’s a huge Marvel fan. We like Kris a lot, he’s a great person and we’re looking for an opportunity to work with him. Right now we’re working on some Chinese language films and we’re bringing him projects and we’re talking to him about some projects in the US as well. It’s just that he has a lot going on and he’s a very busy guy. We like him in the environment as a person and we wanna find an opportunity to work with him.

Interviewer: Do you see him as a superhero-type person?

Joe: You know, there’s always a possibility. There’s always a potential. He has a.. he has a real charming quality to him, a real earnestness to him as a person. He’s very likable. Just sit and have a conversation with him. That’s a quality that you need for superheroes. They have to be appealing to the audience.

Anthony: He looks like a superhero too