Evangelical Apathy

You might think that the people who annoy me the most are those who hold views I strongly disagree with. Actually, though, it’s the people who don’t really care one way or the other, and–this is the important part–who insist on inserting themselves into every single political debate to yell at us for having opinions.

I call these people evangelical apathists, because they feel the need to spread their apathy like evangelicals.

Typical mating calls of evangelical apathists include:

  • “I mean, I get that [politician/policy/status quo] really sucks, but why do you have to make such a big deal about it?”
  • “Complaining about it won’t change anything.”
  • “Things will just get better on their own, anyway.”
  • “Well, I’m a [insert group/identity here], and I’m not offended.”
  • “Honestly, both sides are equally bad.”
  • “Don’t you have more important things to worry about?”
  • “It’s just a joke, stop being so sensitive.”

I’ve found that in my personal life, I tend to have a much harder time getting along with these people than I do with conservatives. With the latter, while we disagree, we can have a good time debating each other or at least bond over our mutual concern for what’s going on in the world. But with evangelical apathists, the very fact that I care about stuff seems like a thorn in their side.

These are the people who whine about “too many” political posts on Facebook. These are the people who loudly proclaim that politics is “boring.” These are the people who don’t vote–and not out of protest against the two-party system, but because they just can’t be bothered.

For example, during the Markwell controversy at my school last spring, the loudest voices–aside, of course, from the moronic anti-religious trolls who made the rest of us atheists look bad–were the people shouting “But why do you guys care if they proselytize?” without bothering to listen to our answer. (The reason we care, by the way, is because proselytism is condescending, insensitive, and annoying, and because Campus Crusade for Christ is an offensive reference to an act of Christian barbarity.)

The same thing happens with controversies like Chick-Fil-A and Daniel Tosh. There are those who defend them, there are those who criticize them, and then there are those making apathetic noises in our general direction and proclaiming how above these petty arguments they apparently are.

Except, of course, it’s ironic–if you really don’t care, why bother commenting?

I’d blame evangelical apathy on several causes. First of all, the internet does lower substantially the barriers to expressing your opinions, however inane they might be. It takes all of five seconds to leave a comment saying “hurrr I don’t see what the big deal is why do you guys even care lol.” This is much easier to do online than in person, because thankfully, it’s still considered rude to interrupt two people having a conversation to tell them that you find their conversational topic to be uninteresting. Online, on the other hand, this is par for the course. (For what it’s worth, though, I still think the internet is absolutely awesome and a wonderful medium for expressing opinions.)

Second, apathy is our cultural default. Apathy is cool, mature, “appropriate.” Passion is uncool, immature, and “inappropriate.” This is why apathy is something that so many people are so desperate to show off. In proudly displaying yourself as someone “above” such petty issues as racial slurs, rape jokes, and LGBT rights, you are tapping into our cultural ideal.

Third–and this is the one I can somewhat sympathize with–our political climate is toxic. People attack each other rather than ideas, and facts (what are “facts” nowadays?) are basically unobtainable. It’s all to easy to get burned out, throw up your hands, and declare neutrality.

And that’s the part I don’t begrudge anyone. If you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough. Get out and keep your sanity.

But respect the choices of those of us who are staying in the ring. If our political debates annoy you, don’t read our blogs and Facebook statuses. Don’t make us defend our decision to give a fuck. Don’t evangelize your apathy.

Get out of our way.

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Money, meet mouth.  Yeah, it’s not much at this point, but I stink at themes and need people to be like ‘fix your shit’, so don’t be disappointed by how it looks.

For a while I’ve been kvetching about how people don’t know what consent consists of, and/or are gleefully romanticizing things like abuse and power imbalances.  I do a lot of complaining/ranting on that front, which you have been marvellous enough to put up with, but aside from a few long posts on the subject, I haven’t done much.

So here it is.  Ask questions, send me (up to 1000 words) of your fic, talk to me.  If there’s something I can’t help you with, maybe someone else can.  I feel qualified to address issues of consent, abuse, romanticization of unhealthy dynamics (rape, power imbalances), and other such things.


This is NOT a platform to advertise your fic, under the guise of ‘needing help’.  If you are not willing to take honest and sometimes brutal criticism, this is not the platform for you.

If you feel as if there are subjects you can give advice on, also feel free to follow.  I will keep open replies, asks, anonymous, and all other such things.

Neurotic Dad in Middle Age

Today my five-year-old punched my dick.

My wife is kvetching — she’s sick.

Not that I’m such a bargain.

I earn very little, my ego is brittle.

Once I was thinner, with abundant hair,

My smile unstained by whiskey.

Now I look like somebody’s dad.

I dreamed of books with my name on the spine.

Didn’t happen. 

(I had a book deal, but pulled it.

Don’t applaud me. Integrity is bullshit.)

Instead behind me there is debt (thankfully dwindling),

300 newspaper articles suitable for kindling.

A dozen short stories of middling quality.

Maybe three poems.

Okay, fine. I’m luckier than most.

Fact: my wife and kid are delicious. 

I have honor, love, troops of friends

If not obedience. (You see what I did there?)

I don’t miss my hair.

I have a nicely shaped head.

I miss the sense of possibility instead.


Trump And His Supporters Clearly Don't Understand Or Like The Consitution
Trump just pretty much went full-Hitler on immigrants.

You’ll hear the GOP whine about activist judges — because to them Judicial Review isn’t a thing (even though it most-totes is). You’ll hear them kvetching about how liberals want to turn everything into a human right — even though a) the right to own a gun wasn’t a right until some rather liberal people in the 18th century created and b) that’s exactly what the purpose of the Ninth Amendment is. But while that might seem like it makes them hypocritical and downright comically ignorant to their own massive misgivings about the Constitution, Donald Trump has taken the Republican Party into truly bizarre, unconstitutional territory with what he’s proposed during his campaign.

anonymous asked:

I don't want to cause drama but what do you do when you see someone tries to ship a (canon) lesbian with a guy and say that they hc them as bi?

Uh. I mean, I think the keyword here is “do.”

Seeing things like that generally makes me uncomfortable (or annoyed, depending on how they go about it); I think that it’s a decision that has different implications than headcanoning a (presumably) straight character as bi. The idea of a lesbian secretly being into men obviously plays out in the real world in dangerous ways, so I personally recoil from it in fiction despite being a bi woman myself.

That said, again, the keyword here is “do”. What do I do when I see a headcanon that I don’t like, or think is stupid, or that makes me uncomfortable? I generally text one of my friends to kvetch about it, expunge my negative feelings, and then move on. Often I’ll be inspired to write something for a pairing in a way I like better. If the person talking about these things is someone I follow, and the way (or the rate at which) they talk about it really bothers me, I’ll unfollow them. I mean, it usually would be someone I follow because I usually only go to pairing tags and so I wouldn’t be seeing stuff I don’t ship in there.

Like I have seen a mountain of fic/headcanons that I think are stupid, offensive, or both. I’ve learned that expending too much energy on it helps neither one of you. Because someone doesn’t generally “try” to ship something. They don’t actually need permission from fandom to do it, and they don’t need permission from me. Fighting about it, especially in a really public way, isn’t going to change their mind or yours, and it’ll just make you feel bad about yourself. So I really recommend just letting it go and focusing on the fandom material you want to make happen.

i already kvetched about this on facebook but like my dad and i went out to bring food into the house but before that i ate like almost a pint of ice cream. and it wasn’t going down super well and im super low spoon and by the time i got home i was like lying down for a while bc shoulder/upper back n stuff pain was realy bad and was rly nauseated bc pain, and like i was stuck in bed for like 30 minutes and then i threw up a little and i feel better some but everything is Hard and bad