FINALLY! after nearly 5 years Kat von D Unlimited has a website!

Although it is all just a skeleton right now, I will be posting recent social media pictures & recent updates/news while I work on the site! I have so much in mind & so much organizing to do with the gallery xD so please be patient <3 but please enjoy what is up for now!

This has been my “dream” since I first started Kat von D in 2010, to have my very own Kat von D website and an update to, interactive website for all Kat von D fans across the world! So I hope I can do just that ^.^

go to Kat von D Unlimited.com now!

I wont lie, feels great to be caught up! And posting again on www.katvondunlimited.com !!! Yay me!

I’ll probably fall behind again next month lmao! I’ll be at my parents for xmas & new years since my sister will be having her baby around that time & i have no laptop 😂

But imma chill after all day doing my #kvdu stuff xD watch me some Godzilla 2014 =D #katvond

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New website version/layout ✔️
Been working on this all day when I should have been doing my room 😂 #katvond really knows how to make procrastinate xD but the other layout was bugging me. I did something male the words stay bold. And was about time for a new layout & version anyways. I love it 😍 i never do like my work✌🏼️ i do still gotta do the sidebars yet. www.katvondunlimited.com
#katvond #kvdu #katvondunlimited #kvdunlimited

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i LOVE how quickly some of you did sketches of #katvond & her new hair! Dont forget to check out @katvondsketches for kat von d sketches by fans & sketches shes done herself! All things KVD art in one place! Tag your sketches or #kvdushare too be featured! I also post on #kvdu twitter! (sketches by @havokmonroe @cbourne93 @emmawynneart @crisgoms)

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It’s been a looooong time! But I am back now & with a laptop thanks to miss @thekatvond !!! Yay! Now that I am home now after being at my parents for Christmas & birth of my nephew, I can now start updates! Yay! KVDU be back in business ^.^ #katvond #kvdtwitpix

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So have updated KVDunlimited YouTube a bit & posted some articles on KVDU website (link in bio) where did the time go?! I started at 1pm lol its now 8pm! Time to break & watch a movie w la familia ^.^ •
⚡️ #katvond

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