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How are you doing Peko? Feeling better?

*arrives at the beach and walks slowly where Peko is sitting before sitting next to her* Yo.


Are you okay?

What do you mean?

Well I don’t know but ever since we talked with Koizumi you’ve been a bit strange…Pensive. I often see you alone here and lost in thoughts…


Sorry if I’m overstepping your boundaries or something. I just wanted to tell you that you could confide in me if you have a problem…But you don’t have to of course.

No, I-I think I want to.


You are right, ever since we had our talk with Koizumi I’ve been thinking about it.

When I heard you say all of those things to her it made me realize other things that I hadn’t see until then. And I needed time to think about it.

“Other things”?

Yes. I’m ashamed to admit it but when I killed Koizumi I might not have done it solely for your sake.

I think, deep inside me, I also have this same anger caused by the murder of the young mistress. And I think that it’s this ugly feelings that also made me not stop you from doing that when I knew it was a wrong decision.

I didn’t even notice my own feelings until I heard you say yours to Koizumi. If I had done it before I might have been able to stop you back then. It’s my failure.

Isn’t that good?


I mean, I don’t agree with the fact that it’s your fault and all but…Isn’t it great that you are able to understand your feelings now? Because of my family you had to supress everything you felt to the point where you don’t understand it anymore. So I’m happy that you are slowly understanding yourself more, and I want it to continue even if it’s about bad things at first.

Sorry, I guess that’s pretty selfish…

A bit.


But I’m still glad to hear you say that. Thank you.

S-Sure, you know you can talk to me anytime you need to.

Mindblowing facts about SDR2

[source: tvtropes.org]

I was happily fooling around on tvtropes.org (it’s very good when you want to read something totally random or interesting about any fandom possible) and I decided to read something about SDR2… There are many things (from tearjerking, to nightmarish, to funny, things of any kind, really) that I never noticed and these are the ones I personally find to be the most interesting. 

WARNING: Long post.

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ロンパまとめ by てーやん | Pixiv ID 19377911

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I finally made the rest of the things for DR:BLE :^)) 

and bc its noticeable i should mention that i gave up on the gundam one and i might redo it because it did not turn out very well