kuzco cosplay


Here are some fun one’s from the Disney Princess group we had at Akon 28, myself as Merida. We also had a Kusco join us for some pics, since Kusco is obviously the best princess
@icecream-chemist as Cinderella

Anime North 2016 cosplay!! (2/2)

On the Sunday I threw on my Kuzco costume I’d been tweaking since I first wore it last Halloween.  I’m so happy with the end result, I felt FIERCE as HELL! 

Here I am with probably actual Briar Rose, repping all the Disney Kids!!

Maurice! Maurice!! Come quick and take a looksie!

Look at me! I’m a grooving emperor! Boom baby!

An idea i had for a LONG TIME, now i finally put it to “paper”.

I’ve seen a fanart of Kuzco and King Julien together, but i don’t think there’s one where KJ cosplays Kuzco, not that i know of.

For all who wonder, Kuzco is the main character from “The Emperor’s New Groove”… He’s quite alot like Julien, if Julien would be an Inca emperor.

I believe KJ is even partially inspired from Kuzco.

Also i quite like his outfit. KJ is sporting that toga like a boss.

I have more ahkj characters “cosplaying” other popular characters in mind, no idea when i’ll make more, tho. My art energy is kinda depleted for now. :P

Also hmmm, outfit looks kinda too cartoony from the rest… I did use textures for the clothes, but it wasn’t enough as it seems. xD


Alrighty guys! Here you go~
Genin Sakura Haruno!!
The Kakashi is Suki Cosplay (I’ll link his page properly when I can get to a computer)
Not sure of the Kuzco. I found him at Katsu, and freaked out cause I LOVE Kuzco. 💖 So I HAD to take a picture with him.

I’d really like to have a photo shoot as her one day. I’ll have to work on that soon, I guess. Lol

Photos all belong to me!


My cosplay adventures as Kuzco and Eren Yeager at Midwest Media Expo in Detroit ^_^ I got to meet my internet hero Doug Walker aka the Nostalgia Critic and many amazing members of Channel Awesome!!!! Great people, awesome cosplays, stupendous time! I <3 cons

My Emporer Kuzco cosplay from yesterday at NYCC!
Had some trouble with the sleeves, because they were so baggy that you could literally see up to my shoulder when I lifted up my arms. I wore a short sleeved shirt underneath to fix that.

I’m really proud of this one. I made pretty much everything myself. I usually just scrounge around and use whatever I have in the house, but I worked really hard to get this one right!

Let me know what you think! And don’t forget to send in your own #koshercosplay!


My Day one adventures as Kuzco at Toronto ComiCon ^_^
Got to meet the voice actors of some of my favourite animes ever as well as James O'Barr (creator of the Crow) <3<3
Such a great time n___n