Black Lives Matter Protesters Disrupt Chicago Gay Pride Parade
But by far the biggest disruption was from a large group of "black lives matter" protesters. The group was joined by members of the black queer community of Chicago who announced the disruption on their website.

Gonna drop a bomb shell to start with. Please wander the comments within with extreme caution - a lot of it could be triggering for those with even trace amounts of homophobia triggers or racism triggers.

Please do not hijack movements nor events nor posts. Celebrating LGBT‘s day of awesome does not mean people are ignoring what happened at South Carolina.

I feel this is really disheartening to watch - the fighters for equality as a whole cannibalizing each other. This is hardly an isolated incident, because…well… we had came up with the phrase “anti-SJW, pro-SJ” for a reason.

- Kuzco