I cannot wait for Summer Slaughter I’ll be shooting for the 26th (Cleveland, OH) because it’s the closest date to me.

Someday I hope to get a Halloween show when my band tours so if I own this mask by then ill get to be Alex Terrible as my costume.

(Its just an excuse to wear it on stage and look awesome)

Defiently putting this on my birthday wishlist!😅

Well, its everywhere else..

Obtaining some new vocals for my band, thoughts???

Also its a great feeling to prove people wrong and thats part of why I recorded this clip. Besides a new sound in my vocals I wanted to prove that the people who have said “You cant scream because you cup your mic.” Completely wrong. I DON’T need to cup the mic or my mouth to get a low sound, altho every vocalist does in metal, its more of a comfort thing holding the mic rather than trying to sound better, at least to me. So here I am singing along with I am the Devil with no cupping of any sort so everyone can hear my raw unedited pure lows. Hope yinz like it.


I made a thing for my friend and decided to put it on here because she told me to sO

I give you, A Guide To Motionless In White, by yours truly.

(Also I’m aware that devins-feminine-underwear did a short one of these the other day but I didn’t take the idea lmao I was already working on this.)