kuya james

26 Days to New York

Day 6 - Who is a/are brother(s) or sister(s) that inspires you the most?

I want to skip this question :P

There’s too many… I mean every single person I’ve met in the community inspire me differently but all in the same amount.

For example: there’s this little girl in Las Vegas that inspires me because she’s ..8(? Haha I’m kidding! Go eat your puppy!) and serving God with all her heart through music min. regardless of what fears and/or obstacles that she comes across.

And then there’s this brother in SoCal who isn’t necessarily active in the community as much but he’s still loved by all for his honest and selfless service (he gave me a place to stay for half my trip and made my adventure in SoCal still the #1 highlight of the year for me).