why are people saying that reylo probably won’t happened bc its disney??? hasn’t disney been very pro antihero/villain/hero love story dynamic in like the entire history of disney?? beauty and the beast anyone ??? that K.C. Undercover show people where talking about ?? kuvu and nala från the lionking 2 ?? Aladdin who starts out as a thief and a liar and who is not at all actually a hero to begin with??? i can probably point out a few more similar characters and movies but i feel like this is proving my point. 

Also the thing is Star Wars is still Star Wars they are not going to change a whole lot of things since the first movies are already pretty PG13, and in the preivious ones we had all kinds of characters and stories with villains and heroes, about redemption, love and compassion and dark vs light ,which tbh is like every disney plot ever made wrapped up with a pretty bow, so i don’t think disney would oppose to reylo romance since it contains exactly all elements listed above which has also, might i ad, made star wars to the epic space opera that it is!

and i just need to add that disney do produce movies that are aimed towards a more grown up audience, i mean Pirats of the Caribbean isn’t exactly made for small children (it scared the crap out of me when i was younger) everything marvel?? also fucking dead pool anyone? hello rated r?? i mean marvel owns dead pool, disney owns marvel so i think we’re underestimating disney and what they’re actually willing to put their name on (don’t get me wrong i don’t mean we’re going to get an R-rated star wars movie, which i don’t even want) also i don’t know if disney owns harry potter ??? I saw a post where someone said that they do, and if they do then if they can spit out a heavy (naked) make out scene between harry and hermione then they can at least have a reylo romance imo!!

P.S sorry I’m just kinda word vomiting this so i don’t know if i make any sense, i just felt like saying something