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March 19th - Hanahaki Disease / Kuu Dere

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“I can’t understand this feeling…It hurts so much…But I don’t even know why…”

When I mentioned that I was gonna draw Kuu Dere with the Hanahaki, a lot of people asked me how it was possible since she “can´t” feel love, so… I hope that my explanation is enough:

It all started when I was doing my investigation at reading all kind of flowers meanings for another character; most of them are related with love or some positive aspect of people´s personality, but then I found the Hydrangea, flower that symbolizes heartfelt emotions. It can be used to express gratitude for being understood. In its negative sense hydrangea symbolizes frigidity and heartlessness. The last part made me think a lot about Kuu Dere and get obsessed with the idea of how she would deal with love feelings.

During the thoughts about her and discussing it with my best friend, we came to the conclusion that, since she is a literal kuudere, she is distant with her emotions at a point that she wouldn’t quite know she’s feeling love until later, imagining a scene of she feeling pain on her chest, and in one point she start to cough flowers, but she can´t understand the reason.

A situation really tragic for someone who doesn’t understand emotions so… since I love angst, I needed to draw her 8Dc

fandemon concepts ?w? ive been wanting to make a fandemon for a while now everyone’s fandemons are pretty as hell and the new demons in the updates excite me. this is definitely a beta i’ll flesh her out as time goes on *huffpuff* 

she is nameless as of now and i want to base her off snow/ghost themes… °˖✧(⁰▿⁰)✧˖

Spoopy Soldier OC

Name: Wesley ‘Wes’ Cogburn

Species: Wandering Spirit / Pumpkin

Weapon: Hands / Brute Force

Commander: Mr. Crow

Additional Info:

  • Wes appears to have no lower body what-so-ever. He still somehow floats at the same height of a man with legs.
  • From his dark and dulled color, he is most likely very old.
  • Possesses a single, bright purple eye that moves back and forth between both of his sockets.
  • The side brims of his hat sometimes move in accordance with his current mood, much like the ears of an animal.
  • He is completely mute, for obvious reasons (see picture).