sooo one of my best friends gave me a card with a loving message that made me actually cry. we’ve been friends for so long and i absolutely love her. and you want to know how i know we have a good friendship; by the fact that we went almost a semester without talking and then picked up right where we left off. if you can do that with people, thats how you know how strong your friendship really is. I feel so amazingly happy to have her in my life, shes ballin and shes kick ass always. LOVE YOU JANINE AND I TOLD YOU THAT WE’RE GONNA STAY FRIENDS FOREVER!


don’t watch this






10 6 Best Pictures: Janine

I’m real mad this is all i could find. also, the long hair’d one isn’t bad and i didn’t take it, i just know she hates how she looks with long hair heheh.<3

kutiekatj9 replied to your post: every website i look on for No Light, No Light…

most websites are so horrifcly wrong I can’t. Trust your earsssss

yeah that’s what i do for most of the wrong lyrics but i actually can’t tell now…

you know the part that’s all “It’s so easy to sing it to a crowd/but it’s so hard my love, to say it to you–”

like does she say to say it to you out loud or alone???

cause i always thought it was alone and i think it makes more sense but now i can’t tell x_x i think i’ll just quote it as alone cause it makes more sense yep.

also if it’s “you can choose what stays and what fades away” vs. “you can’T choose…”

/table flip