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hi, re: franny, let's not forget Carrie is kinda soldier, her priority is safety of her country and the show is called Homeland so being a mother changed her but if you're natural born soldier (as this is the case with Carrie) you can't be truly whole person just sitting home and raising kids. I know lots of military men and women i know what i am talking about.

Yes, I certainly don’t think Carrie is ever going to be a woman satisfied without her career, some women are able to dedicate their entire lives to being a mother and are very happy. But Carrie wouldn’t be, I think, unless she could feel like she was making a difference in the world.

Having said that, I think that Franny/ being an involved mother has changed her perspective since last season - she is a lot more uncomfortable taking risks in the field. I think this is actually a really welcome and healthy change for Carrie who has previously leaned a little too heavily on her professional life to make her happy and keep her fulfilled. 

The week of Cotillion was freezing cold. How odd that the city’s weather should reflect the attitude of its Queen? Dance rehearsals at the studio were a mess of tension and friction. Blair dancing with Nate, Nate watching Serena dance with Carter, Carter watching it all as Chuck watched Blair and completely ignored his debutante. Heated looks, looks of longing, looks of frustration, yet all stepping lightly on their feet, practicing the social graces this ancient institution had taught them in order to avoid an explosion. 

Later that night, Blair primly stood in front of Chuck’s table at Victrola. She felt his eyes running over the silky green blouse, her simple wool skirt, and seeing right through her. 

“What brings you here?” Chuck asked coolly, tossing back his scotch, a pre-emptive burn in anticipation of the one she would cause him. 

“I need a favor.” 

She did not disappoint; he felt her request curdle in his stomach. He looked up from his glass and gazed at her, eyes hard and dark. She swallowed nervously, afraid of his response.

“What does the Queen require?” 

Tease from What Do You Believe In? Chapter 18: השמש שוקעת
Art work by the endlessly talented kutchu

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can you help me find the chair on chairs gifset for 4x22? thank you :)

Most of the amazing photoshoppers like Tweety, Mia, Ley, Sena and Kat have made many gif/gifsets with that episode, so you should search there and in tags:)

And as for my own posts, I’ve made pretty many posts with that episode too. Click Here to see them:) 

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hi, i've just started to watch the show and i'm absolutely in love with Ten and Rose and ofc David and Billie, but i do like Catherine Tate a lot and Karen... just from following some awesome DW blogs, so i really don't understand all hatred thing but i want to say i love your blog a lot and thank you for sort of educating me through the fandom with all your posts xxx

Why thank you!

Doctor Who fandom and its constant in-fighting is a special breed lol. It’s such an old show with such a big and varied fandom that all sorts of bickering breaks out between who is the best [fill in the blank]. The nice thing is that the fandom is large enough you can usually find a nice group of likeminded individuals to hang out with.

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TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them they're it.

yay! I like these things lol

  • I’m going to Cuba in 2 months.
  • I’m a hipster when it comes to music. sorry, I really can’t help it.
  • I’d love to take photography classes but I have, like, zero drive in life.
  • If I could be a bum for a career, i’d totally major in that.
  • I’m already having Halloween/autumn withdrawals and it’s only February. fantastic
  • I never had a Harry Potter phase (blasphemy, right?)
  • Speaking of “blasphemy”, I’m not a huge fan of Tarantino’s films.
  • I need my drug everyday. and by drug I mean coffee.
  • Actress Hailee Steinfeld saw my Romeo & Juliet fanvideo. /happy tears
  • I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was young.

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Зверский теракт унёс не только жизни 224 человек, но и сердца всех тех, кому они были дороги. Скорбим вместе с Россией.

Спасибо, Лей, спасибо, Донецк! Как было бы замечательно, если бы у людей не было поводов вместе скорбеть, а лишь поводы вместе радоваться.

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"don't get hypnotized by his eyes" or his eyelashes <333 hi :) /post/38715398809/chace-for-iheartcrawford Happy Holidays xxx


thank you so much!

“B!” Serena squealed as she approached, “Enjoying yourself?”

“I was, until Chuck Bass started talking to me.” Blair cringed.

“Ew, I’m sorry.” Serena patted Blair on the shoulder.

“I wish he wasn’t so rich, he doesn’t belong in this circle!” Blair huffed.

His reputation most certainly preceded him. Everyone knew of the parties Chuck Bass hosted, though Blair had never been to one- debauchery, drunkenness, and purely scandalizing behavior. She could not even fathom how he attended the same school as her and her friends. He surely did not care for rules and Blair found it a stretch to imagine he was any sort of an academic.

Serena peeked around her friend to glance at the man in question as he eyed up the female population. Blair’s gaze followed her friends: white linen trousers, a perfect pink dress shirt, sleeves rolled to the elbow, his paisley pink silk cravat tucked into the neck line of the shirt- and that was simply what he was wearing- not to mention how he looked in the clothes.

“I suppose… but he is stunning to look at, black sheep or no.” Serena shook her blonde head a little smiling.

“Ew! No, he’s lazy, wasteful, and so… so… abhorrent.”

“My, aren’t we being polite.” Serena chuckled, “I’d say that is why we need him in this circle; he keeps it interesting.”

“I like my interesting in books, or art, not a roller coaster of emotions in my personal life.” Blair retorted.

“This from the girl who’s read Pride and Prejudice how many times? You’d fall for a Darcy, not a Bingley, as much as you like to think otherwise. You’re too smart to fall for sweet and boring. You’ll have someone who is devastatingly handsome, witty, and makes your blood boil because he gets you.” Serena challenged, “He will see right… through… you.” She poked her friend.

“I reject your character analysis on the basis of experience. That is pure conjecture!” Blair snapped, “As if we are fully formed at age fifteen.”

“Well, as long as we don’t turn into our mothers, I think I will be happy.” Serena and Blair walked arm and arm, Blair raising her head a little bit higher as they walked past Chuck Bass.

- From chapter one, The Garden, of Love You Some Day

Art created by the lovely Ley. Follow the click through for her Tumblr! ♥

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i didn't know sorry!! i would have made some Team TARDIS for you :DDD i bet you're the best partner in crime on this planet and i wish you the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! <333


External image

It’s ok, only a few people did know, I’m sneaky that way! BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH AND THAT IS SO SWEET AND THANK YOU!! (I aready said that didn’t I?)

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i think you're good more than enough and needn't prove anything, but yeah, tumbr-twitter are huge distraction :) but i'll miss you if hiatus lasts too long, i'll miss even your little blue gabe macht icon on my dash


thank you that means a lot but i don’t know what i would do if i didn’t get into this school because i was wasting my time on here. it would literally break my heart. and people don’t believe i can do it so i’m quite determined:) 

it will probably end in may((end of may)) but i’ll have a queue so you won’t miss my annoying icon ((plus i’ll pop in from time to time)) i just have a huge problem with balancing classes and the internet it’s like impossible for me idk

and PLS i will miss your flawless gifs on mah dash *legit tears*