Random Fact of The Week 3/2

In honor of Setsubun, let’s look at one of its more endearing symbols!

Kusudama (薬玉 - lit. “Medicine Ball”) were originally ornaments hung in young girl’s rooms. They were sacks that held herbs and other purifying potpourri to drive away evil spirits and bad fortune.

Often they were decorated on the outside with dried flowers or lucky ornaments and had a tassel hung underneath. Today kusudama are a popular origami challenge that involves creating a sphere from many flowers that are sewn or glued together.  


Columbus Cube designed by Dave Mitchell. This took me about a week to make (on and off of course) I finally got it done and I’m really happy with it. This model took 480 all together, 120 for the big cubes and 360 for the smaller ones. Each cube took 6 pieces of paper so there was a lottt of paper cutting involved with this model especially. 

I already got comments on where to make the model: Columbus Cube

I’m going to warn you, it will only show you how to make the cube, but not the assembly for the 480 piece.


Bascetta Star designed by Paolo Bascetta


This is one of my favorite models and it’s really easy to make. If you like these little guys you should check out penguinorigami. He works with this unit a lot and posts some amazing work. 


Models: Apricot, Compass, Centaurea Flower, Columbine, Curly Locks, Phoenix

Designed by: Ekaterina Lukasheva and Meenakshi Mukerj

Merry Christmas everyone! I decided to do a massive post since I have these pictures saved up for awhile. I hope you guys are having a good holiday. :D