下町に息づく伝統の技 江戸つまみ簪 (Keeping alive Edo tsumami kanzashi tradition)

Those videos are a bit old and in japanese only, yet they show very well the tedious process that goes into creating the traditionnal silk flower hairpins called tsumami kanzashi.

At 2:25, silk is being hand dyed. From 3:50, the starched silk is cut into tiny squares and at 5:10,  crafter starts folding those into petals using tweezers. Set on a board with rice glue, you can see here the two main shapes used in kanzashi making: round petal (maru, used for plum blossom for example) and pointed one (kaku, used for chrysanthemum etc.).

Crafter then cuts circle from cardboard, this will become the kanzashi base. You can see him assemble a butterfly and a flower. From 3:55, he creates a kusudama ball (those are so impressive!).

Once dried, the different parts (flowers, dangling bira bira etc) are set together to create the final pin :)