Wow another update. I had several goals in mind when drawing on this page.
1. I really want to get back into drawing designated characters. Most of my doodles as of late are random faces that don’t really belong to any established characters, or generic cat doodles. This is good for keeping me from becoming mush still, but I realized it makes drawing actual characters harder (at least for me). I’m not sure what it is, but it made me feel like I can’t draw the character accurately anymore.
2. People needed to do things with their hands. Self-explanatory; I don’t do actions enough.
3. Drawing things to lyrics. Just because.
4. Probably most importantly, I really need to slowly work on making up for the explosive amount of gift art I have gotten from my darling son. I don’t feel intimidated by the amount, at least, but heck! Soonday, I’ll even work my way up to frequent shippy picture dumps. I’m so sorry, any followers that I have.