I got tagged by spookonwheels! <3

Let’s play the game! You answer my 11 questions, make your own 11 and then send them to your 11 favorite followers to answer yours! :D


  •  Have you ever been dangerously in love with someone?

Yes! I’m afraid I’m dangerously in love right now ;A; And I don’t want it because it’s dangerous (?) especially  for myself

  •  Who is your current bias and what do you like about them?

My bias you mean in kpop? I must say that my “current” bias is Zico from Block B. xD He’s adorable, cute, charming, dork and he’s a hell of a rapper. <3

But if you mean in jrock… It’s forever Ruki. xD

  • If you were a Pokemon which would you be?

I LOVE SO MANY POKEMON, I WANNA BE ALL OF THEM ;A; I would be a dito so that I can be all of them asdfghjkl

My mom says I’m a jigglypuff, my dad says I’m a pikachu … ._. but I’m a charizard (?) hehe

  • What is the last video game you’ve played?

Whoa, it’s been a long time! College takes a lot of my time… But I think I’ve played Guitar Hero lol

  • Cats or Dogs? c:

I love dogs! <3

  • If you had to sacrifice one of your most precious bands which one would you give up listening to?

DUDE, WHY?! ;A; I can’t give up on the GazettE *hugs them*, maybe… *cries* Diaura ;_________;  my heart hurts.

  • That was a harsh question..the last one c: If you could have one day to hang out with one of your most favorite band members..who would you hang out with?

I would choose the GazettE, but Diaura and A9 seem to be so dork and so good to be with… <3 And I would choose Ruki for obvious reasons, but I think hanging out wih Aoi would be awesome asdfghjkl

  •  How would you two spend your day? 

Hmmmm… We’d go to the cinema together… (?) to watch a good movie ^__^ we could go for a walk in the park… and eat ice cream ^___^ we would hold hands <3 AND THEN HAVE WILD SEX IN THE DARK OF HIS ROOM *gasp* no

  • What is the most creative excuse you can come up with to skip class?

Uh, I’m no good at lying or making excuses ._. but when I want/need to skip class I say I’m feeling really bad ;A; I don’t like to skip classes asdfghjl I used to when I was at school, but since I’m at college things have changed. xD

  • Do you know any other languages besides English?

My mother tongue is portuguese. So only portuguese and english. </3 But I’ll take japanese classes soon! :D

  • Here is a normal question: What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

chocolate all the wayy <3 

My questions, are you ready ~?

1 - Have you ever travelled abroad? Where to? Share your experiences! If you haven’t, where would you like to go? ~

2 - What’s your favorite food? And drink?

3 - When you’re sad, what band or music do you listen the most?

4 - If you could date someone famous, who would he/she be? And why?

5 - What’s your favorite season of the year? Do you prefer cold or hot weather?

6 - If you had the opportunity to chat with your favorite band, what would ask them?

7 - What’s your favorite color?

8 - If you could be an animal, which one would you be?

9 - What’s your favorite holiday? :3

10 - What do you wanna do when you finish school? *that annoying question*

11 -  What’s your favorite photo of your favorite band member? Post it here! :D

I got the lil (✿◠‿◠) Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself then pass this on to your 10 favorite followers! from Kusoie thank you m'love! ah, so lovely.

1; My eyebrows are like, naturally uneven height wise which is kinda strange. You don’t notice it until i point it out but yeah, my right eyebrow is higher up than the other. I kinda look like im constantly judging you but my fringe covers them so its all good.

2; I pour my sugar into my tea rather than using a spoon

3; I’m really bad at calculating in my head. I’m really bad at doing anything mentally really, my memory is terrible and i forget things i’ve thought/done seconds ago.

4; I eat with chopsticks

5; I have really pointy canines