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Headcanons or any canons for Uchiha Makoto. (no offense but the only impression i got from her was an apron with a smile)

I meant Mikoto, sorry. Damn spell check.

- Voted Most Likely to Gut You With a Smile every year since she started the Academy.

- Loves bladed weaponry. 

- Kenjutsu expert.

- Highkey crushing on Kushina, forever and always. 

- “Aww, you had a crush on me! How embarrassing!” “Kushina we’re married.”

- Hair kink. May or may not be related to the Kushina thing. 

- Her childhood dream was to be head of T&I.

- Has not gotten less scary since. 

- Very good at sly smiles.  Can’t use them too often in public or Kushina tries to jump her.

- This is not a bad thing. 

- Better than Fugaku at Everything and never lets him forget it. 

- Joined ANBU at 14.

- Was totally not responsible for that one time when Minato fell into a pit of snakes and then got attacked by a swarm of bees. Definitely, absolutely not. 

- Also not responsible for that time he and Fugaku got locked in a supply closet in the very back of the Administration Building and weren’t found for almost 3 days.

- (They were fine, there was a sink in there and if she was responsible she would have tossed some ration bars in there with them.)

- Thinks Kushina should totally be Yondaime. This is only about 15% because of the positive reinforcement of Kushina kissing her when she says it. 

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The Hatake Bros would be amazing. It could even possibly happen in the far future of 'my bones' where Mitsuki just crashes Team 7's training half the time and Kakashi's genin love Mitsuki more than they love him. Mitsuki as Kushina's student would be amazing too. All the seals and Mitsuki's cute, sly smile as he blows up yet another training ground as Kushina laughs delightedly in the background. Oro gets along famously with Kushina, Sakumo approves entirely. SArutobi is so well-done he's burnt.

So cute! And mildly terrifying, but that’s the Orochimaru family for you.  💕

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Okay but the ask with Kakashi being mistaken as a triplet is even better when you realize that Team 7's training would get gatecrashed by the Hatake Bros™ whenever possible. It throws off Mitsuki off his timeline by two generations but fuck it I am so down for that I can't care about canon repercussions. (I can also totally see Kushina getting at least one of them in her own genin squad and it is a disaster of the highest order bc sibling rivalry and teamups to ruin sensei date night.)

Oh god this is glorious?? Just - all my yes. ALL OF IT. 

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i keep thinking of a world where minato and kushina survived, and team minato regularly babysits. at some point when naruto's older, he tells kakashi that he thinks obito is cooler than him, and kakashi's like "i have never been so offended before in my entire life." or naruto likes kakashi best and follows him around like a little duckling. no one ever lets him live it down.


Tbh I have a fic kind of like that - one of the chapters of Down the rivers of the windfall light, where Kakashi gets told he’s second best and bitty!Naruto is totally marrying Obito. 

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So i've been watching sailor moon and it got me wondering, (For Naruto) in a sailor moon AU who would you cast as who? <3

This actually was asked a few weeks ago! It would be an awesome crossover, wouldn’t it? 

My thoughts:

Ino as Sailor Moon.

Karin as Sailor Mars.

Tenten as Sailor Venus.

Temari as Sailor Jupiter.

Hinata as Sailor Mercury.


Wouldn’t Tsunade make an awesome Luna? And Jiraiya could be Artemis!

For the Outer Senshi, how about Kushina as Sailor Neptune? And Mikoto as Sailor Uranus. And Konan as Sailor Pluto! Maybe Fuu as Sailor Saturn?

Ahhh, I really love this idea, okay wow.