“Hear me Out.” || Minato & Kushina

           Same cerulean eyes.

                       Same golden hair that resembles the sun.

                                      (Very) Familiar features. And.

                                                        A (very) familiar personality.

It wasn’t everyday that any person in the world would encounter such thing. But Minato did—just a few days prior.

The young face bothered him so much; haunted him for nights, making him wake up in the middle of the night, sweating and breathing heavily. The youth he had encountered a few days ago when he was shopping was carved to his mind, and his thoughts couldn’t gaze away from it. That very own night once more flashed back in his mind—that night where he made the greatest mistake of his life.

Lately his work wasn’t as excellent as it is all the time. His mind always flew to somewhere and it always end up thinking about him. 

And her.

Minato couldn’t help it anymore. In order to break this craziness going on his head, he gathered up all his courage and bravery to talk—to talk to her once more. If the rumors were right, he could reach her easily. He heard that she had opened up her own bakery just inside Konoha, and luckily, it wasn’t something that was hard to search for since bakeries were a few.

After his finishing the mountainous amount of paperwork, he immediately got the telephone directory from the office’s counter and searched. Three bakeries listed, one named vaguely odd, though his manly intuition told him that was it. The one he’s looking for. He saved the number on his phone and left immediately after work. As soon as he arrived home, he forgot to pet Shiro, and digits pressed the numbers shakily, and was glad that it rang. And when the other line picked up, his throat seemed to have a lump, making it harder for him—but no, he won’t let his nervousness prevail this time, for it was a very important matter to speak to her once again.

Ah, hello? Is this the Sweet Little Blondie's bakery…?

Sure hope it is…

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Kushinaa-uzumaki, namikaze-tensai, tinydattebayo

url: kushinaa-uzumaki

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Haven’t seen much of this Kushina, but their theme is absolutely adorable, and from what little I’ve seen, I do very much enjoy their interactions! Would love to see more!

url: namikaze-tensai

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I think I remember sending this Minato a little message saying that they were absolutely fabulous and adorable before, and my opinion still stands! By far, the cutest Minato I’ve seen (and Minato is one of my favorites and I’m always itching to roleplay with one) Love, love, love this muse. Gahh. ;w;

url: tinydattebayo

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Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

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Haven’t seen much of them also, but do enjoy seeing their adorable interactions with other little Sakuras. The concept of little muses is really fascinating and cute to me. I just want to pick up all of them and squeeze them to death. Nonetheless, good quality from what I’ve seen, and a great concept idea! 

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【 ✉ 】Good morning, Kushina, I'm dropping by later, please bake something special for me. I'll pay, of course. I just want something new for breakfast. Thank you so much. :)

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Sweet Talking l Kakashi&Kushina

It was a well known fact that Kakashi wasn’t fond of sweets, which was why there was only one reason he ever stepped into the local bakery. He spotted the woman he was looking for practically the second the door bells chimed over his head. Kushina, though older now, was still as beautiful as Kakashi remembered her to be when Minato first introduced them to each other. He smiled as soon as he set eyes on her ever fiery hair and approached the counter where she worked, back to him.

The inside of the bakery smelled the way he remembered Minato’s home smelling at one point. It’d been over a decade and a half and still, Kakashi couldn’t help but miss the way things used to be. He pushed the negative thoughts from his mind and cleared his throat as he leaned against the counter. “I’ll have a tiramisu, if you don’t mind, Miss,” he couldn’t hide the grin from his voice as he waited for her to turn her attention to him. 

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Send me a ‘✉’ for a “the morning after” note left on your pillow.


You’ve allowed yourself to pass out in the open–again. I’ve taken the liberty of putting you to bed, and I made sure to keep all of the necessary items you might need in your delicate state within reach of your bedside just in case.

I’m in no place to tell you how to take care of yourself, but I know sensei worries about you when he’s away. 

I’ve gone for the night, I will return in the morning. I hope you’re well.