kushina and minato had so little time to be happy as a family

What I really think about Sakura

I decided to write down my thoughts… they are half serious and half…not.

Who found my older post, also drawings, probably understood that I’m a NaruHina shipper and I’m pro SasuKarin (however i draw everything ahah). But I want to share the truth about what I think of Sakura and about Naruto’s ending.

At the beginning I didn’t liked Sakura, it was the opposite! I was immediately enchanted by her looks (well she is the only pink haired pg with shiny green eyes) because I always loved the girly color pink. She was perfect to me: pink long hair contrasted with green eyes dressed in red. I also found her personality really cool because I loved when she got angry and punched everyone.

But little by little my opinion changed.

It wasn’t her fault but Kishimoto who grew up her.

Most of the people were surprised when in the chunin exams she cut her hair to save her team. It was a important moment… but it had an horrible hidden message: a feminine kunoichi can’t be also strong. It was more than one time told in the manga. Even Ino copied Sakura but also here all was hidden building a plot to explain it….

I never accepted that… it would have been more cool and honest if Sakura, going bersek, told something like “well, I’m just like this I love caring of myself and you’re just jelous of it shannaro!”. Maybe it is a little trashy but fuck it I would have loved her…

Then things got even worse: she couldn’t beat Ino, he got almost killed by Gaara for protecting Sasuke, she was intended to betray Konoha just to follow him who never cared of her but she was egoist also because she always wanted to change the person she “loved”… she stressed Naruto beging him to save Sasuke for her…

This is a focal point.

That poor blonde guy always loved her… really. Ok I respect Hinata for her kind soul but often even if there is someone caring for us this doesn’t mean that we have to fall in love with him/her. Naruto is always been honest and she loved Sakura for who she was even knowing that she had eyes only for Sasuke… he accepted that from the beginning to the end. He suffered in silence.

But what I didn’t really understand is: if Sakura was fixed only with Sasuke why give the readers hints that she loved Naruto instead? Yamato and Sai tried to help Sakura admitting it. But then there is that horrible chapter when Sai literally told her “wake up you silly chick Naruto LOVES YOU (and you love him) the guy you “love” is a freaking psyco that is going to kill everyone so we’re going to kill him first but Naruto probably doesn’t want it”. So God Kishimoto whispered her “lie to Naruto tell him you love him and say to him to forget Sasuke… and then go to kill the last Uchiha betraying everyone and risking your life again poisoning that poor fox guy”. This also a thing I don’t understand… Sakura can be not mature but she isn’t weak! God she can’t destroy all with a finger, save her and other lives (but not Neji’s because if not Hinata could’t approach definitely Naruto…) and she has a inner talent for genjutsu. So why she has always the need to be saved? Where is the logic on this?

Ok if you read all this you’re thinking “well why do you ship NaruHina?”.

The fact is that I simply accepted that at the end Naruto choose her. However, i would really liked if Sakura accepted her true feelings and stayed with Naruto.

It would have been the coolest thing when in the end, when she was healing both Naruto and Sasuke, when Sasuke apologise to her she said something like “the one who has to say sorry is me. I always complicated things without helping. Sasuke, I understand now. I’m really annoying. It’s hard to deal with someone so stubborn like me. But now i understand what how I really feel like. This is not a lie anymore… Naruto”.

Awwww, Kishimoto why you didn’t do this?

I’ll write only a few things more… “WHY”?.


- She was his first love and even if I loved The Last movie I disagree with Sakura when she tells Naruto that his feeling for her were false; again she lied to herself…

- Sakura is very similar to Kushina and even Minato sees this;

- She spent more time with Naruto than Hinata so she can understand him better;

- Sakura can look him in the eyes without fainting (lol).


- Because Neji died to make them canon…

- Because there is a NaruHina movie that is canon…

- Because Kishimoto loves Hinata and also his staff do

- Because Hinata almost died for him… but Sakura did this before in a different way

- Because Hinata is stalkers-Hime

- Because any other things other than her big breast (lol)


- Fandom.

- Platonic love.

- Reborn of the Uchiha clan even if you don’t know if Sasuke betrayed Sakura


- Sexyness.

- Uchiha + Uzumaki is the perfect combination

- Painful past

- Twisted minds

- Tomatoes,


- Because this is a shounen viril manga (like Haku)

- Because they are the reincarnation of two brothers. Oh well fuck this

- Because two males can’t do sons

- Because this manga it’s a total lie

And finally…


- Hinata is beautiful and quiet like Mikoto

- They have similar colors

- Two blue blood families

- Sharingan + Byakugan= Kaguya

- Ah ok they also somehow kinsmans

- I don’t have other reasons lol

That’s all! I just say a last thing: all the ships are beautiful. This is what makes them interesting and stimulating! So let’s respect each other it’s not bad to have different ideas.

Pompeii 33


we interrupt your regularly scheduled supernatural shenanigans for a little neighborly fun. enjoy!

Sakura cursed softly as she fumbled with the dish, catching it with mitted hands. It had been a while since she last cooked a casserole and she could almost feel her grandmother cackling from behind her, laughing at her lack of grace. That’d never been a problem for Sayuri Haruno, who’d traveled in a circus act as a trapeze artist before settling down, but she’d never faulted Sakura for her shortcomings.

Sakura shook free of her thoughts, balancing the casserole between one hand and her hip as she knocked on the door next to her own.

She heard a loud thump and a few colorful words before the door was cracked open and a suspicious brown eye peeked out. Upon seeing her, Yamato’s countenance changed entirely, lighting up from within as he flung the door open.


Sakura shivered slightly, unused to the affection instilled within the single word. “Hey Yamato,” she greeted before thrusting the casserole out in front of her. “I made chicken divan.”

For a moment, he looked confused. Then he brightened, smile heartbreakingly happy. “For me?”

“A little housewarming gift,” Sakura said, returning his infectious smile. “Just a little way for me to welcome you to the neighborhood.”

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Kakasaku prompt 5. my five year plan is to maybe go out for ice cream this afternoon? (Live every day like the ice cream store is closing.) :DDDD

5. My five year plan is to maybe go out for ice cream this afternoon? (Live everyday like the ice cream store is closing.)

@bluefurcape: Thanks, my dear, for prompting this lovely bit of fun.

modern!same age(ish)!AU (Because sometimes my children just deserve to be happy.)

Minato owns an ice cream store because he just wants to bring joy to the world. He really should have known better than to get drunk with Kushina and Jiraiya in an attempt to broker a peace treaty after a vicious four month battle over the name. And he really should have known better than to order all of the signs and things while they were all still drunk. It’s his own fault that they ended up with the pink aprons and the frog mascot.

Luckily for Minato, he looks great in pink. His best employee, however, wishes that she never went to her best friend’s dad to beg for a summer job. She never thought that one summer with the Yamanakas visiting family and their flower shop closed would see her still in this pink apron, six summers later.

Warnings for poor customer service and Kakashi being a troll.

The girl behind the counter might just be wearing the fiercest glare Kakashi has ever seen on a service employee.

To be fair, if he were the one wearing an apron with a smiling frog wielding a sword on it that was the same shade as his hair he might just be grumpy too. And he, at least, isn’t in possession of fiercely pink curls. Grey on grey would be much less of an eyesore, he’s sure.

It doesn’t help that the decor is retro pastel-pink diner, either.

“Welcome to Ice Cream Hidden Under The Pad,” she says, “what can I get for you today?”

The amount of peppy cheer she manages to infuse into the question is impressive considering the way her smile looks like it’s about to leap off of her face and start a bar fight.

Kakashi takes his time browsing through the flavours; there are the usual standbys, of course, and some of the names are ridiculous puns, but oh, there. Yes. That will do perfectly.

Kakashi looks the girl straight in the eye, and smiles his best, most innocent smile. “Two scoops of bubblegum, please,” he says, tapping on the glass.

The girl’s left eye twitches. It’s beautiful.

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Three times Kakashi failed to ask Kei out. (and the one time he kind of succeeded)

The first time was not Kakashi’s fault, at all. If it was anyone’s fault for his failure, it was Minato-sensei for suggesting it. Well, not so much in that he actually went out and said “try giving her flowers and asking her out for dinner”, but rather that Kakashi had seen him doing so often for Kushina, and read about it so often in those bargain bin romance novels that he figured he’d at least give it a try. Nevermind his allergies, or the fact that he was completely unsure if Kei even liked flowers, he was a man (teen) determined.

Even as he stood in the Yamanaka flower shop, his mask securely in place, he could feel the tingle in his nose that indicated a sneezing fit coming on. He had to make this quick, his mask could keep out most of the allergens that surrounded him, but not all of them - and he didn’t dare ask the Yamanaka working the counter. He wasn’t trying to code a message, just find something pretty that Kei might find visually appealing, and actually get the hint that he was asking for a date.  Flowers couldn’t be that hard, even if there were literally hundreds of different ones staring him right in the face. But the longer he stood, the more that tingle turned into an itch - and he was not about to be laughed out of the store when he started sneezing. In a flash he reached out and grabbed the closest flowers to him, not many - maybe three or four - and paid for them, before dashing out of the store.

Now to find Kei.

    It wasn’t hard, he knew she was in the village - either with Minato-sensei, with Hayate, or training with Obito. He found her with Hayate, reviewing the basic kenjutsu stances of her family style, and approached slowly - the yellow flowers in hand. The two paused as he walked up, Kei smiling at him with that crooked grin (it wasn’t fair how cute it was).

Hayate stood to the side, smirking as he watched Kakashi wipe his free hand on his pants (nervous much, Hatake?). He watched as Kakashi thrust the small bouquet towards his sister,

“Here, these are for you.” Kei blinked at him, before reaching out and accepting the flowers. The yellow roses were almost too bright, and why was Kakashi giving her flowers in the first place? Her brows scrunched together, trying to recall why people gave others yellow roses (those darn kunoichi classes had to be of some use right?).

    “Ah, thank you…? You’re a pretty good friend too Kakashi.”

Yellow roses, mean joy. And friendship.

    The second time was an embarrassment on an unprecedented scale. One of the academy chunin was sick, and the village couldn’t spare any of the ones on guard duty - so Minato asked Kakashi to stand in. ‘It won’t be hard he said, ‘all you have to do is make sure they don’t kill each other’ he said. Which, when it came to small children really shouldn’t have been that hard. By the end of the day however, it was less small children trying to kill other small children with blunted kunai, and more Kakashi trying not to kill small children and it was all thanks to one little Hyuuga who just couldn’t keep their byakugan to herself.

    Lunch time came slowly at the academy, and after trying for three unsuccessful hours to teach the small class he had been assigned what different chakra affinities there was, he was glad for it. Except of course, the realization that he had left his lunch on Kushina’s kitchen counter, and would therefore be going hungry unless he could pilfer something from an inattentive child. In fact, he was currently eyeing a second piece of untouched grilled mackerel  that a student had proudly proclaimed he was too full to eat when a sharp knock at the door dragged his attention away.

    “Hey, Kakashi - Kushina told me to bring you your lunch,” called Kei, walking over to where he sat. She gently placed the black bento on the teacher’s desk, along with a second one. “You mind if I eat with you? I’m on break too.” Yes please, eat with me. eat with me. eat with me. Whoa, gotta be cool Kakashi, don’t want to lose face in front of these brats.

    “Sure,” He replied, popping the lid off his lunch. Salt-broiled saury, with several onigiri - it wasn’t much, but it was going to be delicious as always. Kei smiled, and placed a seat across the table from him before sitting down.

    “So, how’s teaching going for you?” She asked, popping a small piece of octopus cut hotdog into her mouth. “Looks like everything’s still intact.”

    What neither saw, or realized, was the small Hyuuga girl in the back activate her byakugan at the small chakra flare. Or the blush overcoming her face, or the sudden determination that befell her.

    “There’s that festival coming up soon,” started Kei as Kakashi dug into his food. “It sounds like it’ll be fun, Hayate really wants to go.” She paused, “As long as Minato-sensei doesn’t send me out on a mission, I should be able to go with him.”

    “Aaa, Kei - I was thinking we might –” He cut off as he felt the Hyuuga girl approach the desk (what now? why now? why why why??)

    “Kakashi-sensei!” She barked, back straight, byakugan active and staring into his one revealed eye. “Please go to the festival with me as a date!no no no no no nononononono

    The third time Kakashi had the encouragement of Genma and Raido. Well, less encouragement and more a sarcastic:‘Good luck with that’  followed by a round of laughter. But what did they know? He was Kakashi Hatake, a prodigy! And even though every attempt before this had ended poorly, he was going to get the girl for sure this time. No beating around the bush, no possible ways for Kei to misinterpret (or for the newly gained Hyuuga stalker to interfere) - he was just plain going to ask her:

    “Kei, would you go on a date with me?” And even if she said no, he would at least get a straight answer. Sure it would hurt, but in the end his friendship with Kei was more important.

    Except nothing worked out the way he wanted when it came to his crush. This time, he just couldn’t find her, no matter where he looked. He tried asking Obito and Rin, but Obito was away on a mission and Rin was busy at the hospital (and Kei wasn’t with them anyway). He tried Hayate next, but all he could get from the small kenjutsu user was “She’s with Kushina-san.” Which was zero help at all, because for once in his life he couldn’t find Kushina either - or Naruto for that matter. And that had him really worried, for all three jinchuuriki to disappear didn’t bode well, and he could feel unease settling in his stomach.

    He needed to see the Hokage - now.

    He hurried, faster than he had ever been before, if something had happened to the tailed beast hosts, to Minato-sensei (and his) family there would be hell to pay. Konoha would go to war if something happened to them, surely the other villages knew that? Or what if there had been a Zetsu incident? If something had happened to her, to them, it would break him.

    So he barged into Minato’s office, surprising the blonde - and yelled out:

    “Sensei! They’re missing, Kei, Kushina and Naruto! I can’t find them in the village - We need to send out a team —” But Minato didn’t move from his seat, and Kakashi’s voice trailed off. Minato had to have heard him, his wife, child and student were missing. Why was he smiling? They had to move now.

    “I know Kakashi-kun,” said Minato. “They’ve gone to Tanzaku-gai for the week. Kushina wanted some ‘jinchuuriki bonding time’. They’ll be back soon, don’t worry.”


The fourth time… Kakashi didn’t have to do anything at all. It was Kei who sought him out. It was Kei who blushed (so so cute) and stammered. And it was Kei who asked so softly,

    “Will you go out with me?”

    Kakashi could have died a happy man, then and there. It was finally happening, he was finally getting Kei’s romantic attentions and damn did it ever feel good. Maybe she had finally caught on to what he was doing, or maybe she had developed a crush on him without him ever noticing the return of affections. It didn’t matter, what mattered was his answer:

    “Of course I will.”

    It was a whirlwind romance, passionate and strong - though sure they did fight (‘Kei please, don’t take that mission - it’s too dangerous’  ‘Says the the guy who joined ANBU in his early teens.’) But it was their romance, and it was beautiful - and Kei only became more beautiful as they aged. From teenagers to young adults, to nearing their mid twenties. Maybe it was later than most ninja, but he made sure the proposal was perfect. He even asked Hayate if he approved of his asking Kei to marry him (Hayate just laughed, ‘you make her happy, why are you even asking me?’).

    Everything was set, Rin was the maid of honor, Obito his best man, and Minato had offered to walk Kei down the aisle and it was finally happening. He had gotten the girl, and she loved him, just as he loved her.

    But it was all for naught. He could hear Naruto crying in the background (did he not approve of his Nee-chan and Nii-san together? Why was he crying like that anyway - it sounded more like an infant’s cries and Naruto was thirteen.)  and Kushina trying to shush him - and -

Oh no.

    “Naru-chan please, Kakashi-kun’s still sleeping.”

No he wasn’t, not anymore at least. He sat up in his bed, running a hand through his silver hair. This wasn’t fair, it just wasn’t fair. The entire thing, Kei asking him out, the years together, the impending wedding - all a dream. He could’ve cried.

Happy November 7th!

(A.K.A, one of Shinachiku’s birthdays)

A day late, I know. And I haven’t submitted anything in a week or so. Been… dealing with some things and I haven’t drawn anything. You can probably tell from this lack luster drawing. Ha.

I wanted to take this time to express my feelings for Shinachiku. There’s about a 1000 of you here, mostly NaruSaku fans, lots of NaruSasu fans (I assume you’re here for dear Tomoe), and then there’s some NH/SS people here too for some reason… but anyway, enjoy your stay. And read on if you dare.

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jiraiya getting a glimpse of naruto's future. Like, him being hokage, happy with hinata, and seeing naruto's sunshine family.

Title: Watching

Summary: Jiraiya watches over Naruto, like a slightly-pervy guardian angel.

Eyes closed and breathing deeply, a lone figure sat soaking up the afternoon sun, nursing his cup of sake. It was a peaceful day and he was filled with a sense of contentment as he soaked up the sun’s rays.

Picking up his frayed copy of The Gutsy Ninja, the tall man let the book fall open and watched as an image – rather than words – formed on the two-page spread. Jiraiya gently swirled his cup as a somewhat lecherous smile spread across his face as the image on the page revealed Naruto engaged in a deep kiss with a long, dark-haired beauty.

“That’s my boy!”

The last time Jiraiya had checked in on Naruto, it had been nearly the equivalent of two years in the living world since Minato had returned from helping Naruto in Fourth Shinobi War. He had watched the images as Naruto had been enjoying some ramen with friends – including the dark-haired young woman his former student was currently kissing.

He guessed it had been some two months since the last time he’d checked in on Naruto and it was blatantly obvious the young man’s relationship with the young woman had evolved. He observed with something akin to pride as he noted how enthusiastically Naruto and the young woman were engaging in increasingly amorous activities.

Jiraiya was no stranger to watching naked women but the thought of seeing Naruto and the young woman so dear to him naked –as they had started removing their clothes – seemed too much an invasion of privacy. So as Naruto guided his young lady onto the bed Jiraiya remembered from Naruto’s home, he closed the book with a satisfied smirk.

Time – such as it was – flowed differently in the place where Jiraiya passed his time. So when he next opened his book, the images that formed on the page were of Naruto and his young lady training. By watching their training, he was able to easily discern that the young woman was a Hyuga. This was something he felt he should have realised the last time, but he had been more distracted by two fine attributes to even notice her silver eyes.

He watched as the lady Hyuga kept toe-to-toe with Naruto during training. Jiraiya was even more impressed with Naruto’s choice for a partner because not only was this young lady beautiful, she was incredibly strong too.

He watched with a smile as their sparring devolved into a game of chase-me and laughed out loud when the young lady caught Naruto unawares and tackled him to the ground, straddling his hips. It was she who silenced Naruto’s laughter with a kiss on the lips.

It was with incredible luck that Jiraiya opened his book as Naruto was getting down on one knee, sporting a simple, diamond ring. In the background of the couple, he could see a banner – being hoisted up by several of Naruto’s clones – sporting the words “Will you marry me, Hinata?”

Jiraiya cheered as the young lady – Hinata – nodded her assent and allowed Naruto to slip the ring on her finger. He watched with almost paternal pride as Naruto stood and swept Hinata up in a hug, spinning her around and laughing.

He was determined not to miss the wedding of his student and lady love. Jiraiya began frequently checking his book to make sure that day wasn’t the day they tied the knot. During the many times it wasn’t their wedding day, the older man did get to witness the happy, lazy days the couple had together, the missions they went on together and even the wedding planning.

When the day of the wedding arrived, Jiraiya was glued to the open pages of his book for what was the equivalent of many earth hours. He watched with pleasure as Naruto dressed and prepared for the day, a small smile on his lips as the younger man continuously fiddled with the flower on his lapel.

Neither he nor his parents could be there but it meant so much to him that Iruka was there in a fatherly role. Taking it to heart too, because the brunette man looked like he wanted to shed a few tears of happiness.

Wanting to see as much as possible, Jiraiya held the book close to his face as Naruto and Hinata exchanged their vows and progressed through the wedding ceremony. He pumped a fist as he watched his former protégée have his first kiss as a husband.

He said to no one in particular that Naruto and his wife would be getting no sleep that night.

Jiraiya knew before the young couple that Hinata was pregnant. Not from perving on them in intimate moments – which, he had done – but because he noted with interest the amount of time Hinata spent sleeping and visiting the bathroom.

When the nervous couple finally went to the doctor to see why Hinata was so ill, Jiraiya wished he had been in the room when Naruto literally jumped for joy.

He took great pleasure in watching the soon-to-be parents prepare for their new arrival. He felt that bubbling of paternal pride as he watched how often and with amazing ease Naruto took it upon himself to cater to his expectant wife’s every need. From foot rubs to watering the flowers in their growing garden, Naruto helped where he could.

As the months passed, Jiraiya itched to put his hand on Hinata’s belly – just as Naruto did – to feel the fluttering of the kicking baby within. Jiraiya smiled at Naruto’s smile, overjoyed with the happiness his former student had achieved.

Jiraiya was so angry with himself for missing the birth of Naruto’s son. One time he opened his book, sake cup already in hand, and there was Naruto, holding a blond, squalling baby. His protégée looked exhausted but there was wonder in his eyes as he continued to rock the crying baby.

The older man raised his cup to Naruto’s good fortune and took a sip as Hinata, hair mussed and dressed in a nightgown, walked up beside her husband and lightly brushed the hair on her son’s head.

The next time he opened his book, Jirayia was surprised to see a blue-haired female toddler waddling her way over to Naruto. At first he was confused as to how long it had been for the young family, until he noted the little blond-haired boy standing close by and looking about five-years-old.

A smile split over his face when the little girl toppled over and started bawling. Naruto, instead of rushing over and placating the young girl, made a show of falling over and caught his daughter’s attention. The little boy then ran over and jumped on his father.

Following her brother’s lead, the little girl wobbled to her feet and scampered over to flop onto her father’s stomach. Jiraiya joined in the family’s laughter and felt tears collect in his eyes at how happy Naruto looked.

He went to painstaking effort to make sure he did not miss the next few years of the children’s lives. He watched as Naruto’s son entered the Academy and his daughter spent much time with Hinata during the day.

His favourite moments were when the family all snuggled up together under a large blanket in the living room to watch movies and told stories.

He one day – with great interest – saw as Naruto rushed home and lifted Hinata into the air, spinning her around and laughing. Words were exchanged but he couldn’t tell what was said. What he did know was that Hinata looked especially happy and proud.

Intrigued, he kept a close watch and literally pumped his fist in the air and cried out in joy as the Hokage’s hat was placed on Naruto’s head. He didn’t fight the tears as Hinata and Naruto’s son and daughter took a few minutes together to congratulate Naruto on achieving his dream.

Jiraiya stared as Naruto donned the Hokage’s robe for the first time. With a deep, shuddering breath he stood and smiled down at the image, burning it in his mind. Then, with a decisive snap, he shut the book and turned back the way he came.

The space around him began to feel warm and bright. “Well, now’s a good a time as any to join Minato and Kushina and tell them what their boy’s been up too.”

Closing his eyes, he accepted the light and warmth, his happiness easing his transition into what lay ahead.

I’m not crying, you can’t prove anything!

Road to Hokage (Naruto/Sensei! AU with beloved-anikii)

The graduation ceremony at the Academy was nothing short of a happy mob.

Even the Fourth Hokage managed to escape his office to congratulate Naruto on his shiny new headband, along with his proud wife Kushina. The  Uchihas were present to give solemn, but sincere regards to Sasuke, who took the whole thing very coolly. More and more families were swarming around the new graduates, exclaiming well wishes and promises of a good meal when they all returned home.

All…except one.

While excited and eager, Hahari had to shove and push her way out of the crowd to make her way home…the only two people she had not present. Her expression was not displeased at the fact, but still very ecstatic at her graduation. She was so close to failing-….but a forceful push of chakra had allowed her the passing grade. After so long in the classroom…she was an adult.

And pushing open the door of an apartment, she announced herself. “I’m home fellow shinobi!”

She was met with silence.

Hahari looked sulky for a moment. Of course…Shani and Kurama were not here.

When the acclaimed ANBU captain Shani came home from a mission with a scrawny orphan trailing behind her, most of the village was taken aback. Shani was strong, diplomatic, and efficient, spending every waking minute training or on a serious mission direct from the Hokage. She ordered squads of ANBU with deadly precision, and almost never failed. It was why she was chosen to live and work directly beside Lord Kurama, the village’s resident demon and defense. They suited each other well, and spoke to almost no one else.

But seeing little Hahari’s poor attempts to follow in Shani’s footsteps, only to stumble, fall, and fail completely…made the village wonder if this stray was worth keeping.

“Ninja! Ninja!” Hahari began to sing, beginning her evening routine as she pulled on an apron. “Eat a lot! Grow strong! Fight, battle, win!”

Shani never cooked for herself, often eating out with Kurama or taking rations in the field, so Hahari took it upon herself to provide all the meals of the house. Shani and Kurama often worked long into the night, and so they never enjoyed them fresh, but Hahari would leave their share wrapped up with instructions on how to warm them up.

So while other graduates enjoyed freshly cooked meals or dined out with their families, Hahari made her own reward meal, all alone, singing nonsense to herself as she set aside two other plates and ate home-cooked food.

“I’m an adult,” she kept telling herself as she refilled her portions, helping herself to a good amount of sweet taiyaki for dessert. “I passed. I’m an adult!”

Despite the whispers of the villagers, the teasing of her classmates, and bad grade after bad grade, she had managed to pass.

And she would show them all.


Meanwhile, the Hokage had an unsettling business to attend to once Naruto had been properly rewarded and put to bed.

It was not for the oddly numbered group of graduates; leaving out one spare student whom would have to wait until the next group graduated to gain a team. It wasn’t for the upcoming Chunin Exams, including a new group of shinobi from the mysterious Village Hidden in Sound. It wasn’t even for the bad temper of Kurama, who despite his partnership with Shani (and to a lesser extent Hahari) continued to get on the bad side of several villagers once again.

It was about the future of the village, all looking at one Uchiha.

Uchiha Itachi was a prodigy, a shinobi who already thought and behaved exactly as a Hokage should. His power and strength were unmatched by in his clan, and he returned from practically every mission unscathed. HIs peers admired him, his equals respected him, and the whole village was eager to see his face carved next to Minato's…his handsome face and Sharingan engraved for all time.

But Minato was worried.

Yes, Itachi was a great man, but he always worked alone. Yes, he was wise and powerful, but he was as distant as a star. His rapid departure from his team as a Genin, caused by rapid promotions from Chunin, to Jonin, to ANBU had made him isolated. And a lonely man, standing on a pedestal untouched, made Minato worry.

However, Minato did not become Hokage by being foolish.

He glanced at the roster of graduates, and summoned an ANBU operative. “Bring Itachi-san here.” he said officially. “I have news for him.”

The profile of a scrappy genin laid before him, her pink mohawk and guileless features looking like a beacon of hope.

Kishi DOES ship NaruSaku

I actually believe that Kishimoto was forced into this and that he wasn’t happy about it. Because SasuSaku was the most popular pairing in Japan and some people got set on making a Naruto spin-off, they decided to make Kishimoto change it to SasuSaku so more of their fans would stay for the spin-off. I mean, we’re living proof of that, right? Look at us. Most of us, myself included, are shunning the spin-off. We’re not going to read it. So, if the most popular ship is SasuSaku and they make NaruSaku happen, then they just alienated the majority of their fans. Not good for money. Obvious solution? Make the more popular ship happen, and we’ve got a bigger audience for the spin-off.

Why do I think this? Because NaruSaku was the one with all the build-up. I believe that as recently as 663, where Sakura’s love for Naruto and Karin’s love for Sasuke (which love we know to be romantic) was paralleled, Kishimoto was planning on making NaruSaku canon. We have confirmation straight from Minato that NaruSaku is a parallel of MinaKushi. Can’t get much blunter than that! What other proof do I have that Kishimoto wasn’t happy about this?

For starters, he gave NaruHina/SasuSaku little to NO closure. SasuSaku had like a page or two, where he poked her forehead (romantiku~! If anything that points to more of a brother/sister relationship since the only other person who did that to him was his BIG BROTHER) and NaruHina had one panel. Then they were all married with babies. However, even after they were married, he gave us absolutely no interaction between the two couples. In addition, he never actually killed off NaruSaku, because Naruto didn’t actually ever say to Sakura he was moving on, and she never actually rejected him. They just married different people (who didn’t have any interaction). IF he were happy with this and planning on it, I think he would give us more. But to me, it almost seems like “I’m being forced to make these people end up together but I’m not happy about it, so I’m just going to not show any interaction between them. And I’m not going to officially kill off NaruSaku." 

Secondly, he didn’t actually draw the epilogue. His assistants did. You’d think that if a mangaka loved their work that they would want to finish it himself, right?! That screams to me that he was forced into something he didn’t want and instead of going along with it, stubbornly said, "Fine, you guys can crap on my story if you want, but I’M not going along with it.” I know if I wrote something for fifteen years, I’D wanna finish it out. If people took it from me and ruined it, though, then maybe I wouldn’t. In addition, there’s his involvement in “The Last” movie, which will allegedly expand upon the NaruHina romance. Who knows how involved Kishimoto was in this movie. He created all the designs (and again made Sakura look more like Kushina), but he’s not going to be animating it or who even knows how much he’ll be involved in the storyline. I just know that up until this point, he hasn’t been too involved in the creation of filler movies. It appears that he’s just handed his manga over and is trying to wash his hands of the end.

Then there’s the case of interesting little Salad Uchiha, who is an Uchiha with glasses, when neither one of her parents even HAVE glasses. I think that there are only three characters in the whole story who even wear glasses: Kabuto, Karin, and that weird girl who vibed Shikamaru. It seems supremely random that a child of Sakura and Sasuke, both of whom do NOT have glasses, would have a child with glasses, ESPECIALLY since most of the other children were obviously spitting images of their parents, attaining very conspicuous traits from them. SO WHY would he randomly change that and throw glasses on a SasuSaku kid? My theory (I don’t care if it’s conspiracy) is that Kishimoto already had in his mind, and probably on sketches, designs from NS and SK kids. He was planning on canonizing them. Then, when he was forced to make this stupid ending, instead of creating a new SasuSaku child, he sneakily threw in the design he already had for the SasuKarin child, either for himself or hoping that his fans would be able to pick up on it. I mean, look at them. 


And look at the color of hair and the color of their glasses. Sarada has black hair with red glasses, while Karin has red glasses with black hair. The glasses shape? Identical! They even have the little bulge on the edges. I’m just saying, it’s strange.

Now finally, let’s move onto the SasuSaku and NaruHina families. They sure seem happy, right? With Sasuke leaving all the time and with Naruto always being gone at meetings so that he can’t even spend time with his own son? And how about him only smiling twice: once, a wan smile to his son (nothing like the wide smiles that Minato gave and Naruto used to give) and another small smile when he was at his job with his work friends. This is why it boggles me when people say that everyone ended up happy. Maybe Kishimoto’s trying to tell us something with that, too. That they aren’t happy because their families aren’t what their families are supposed to be. Hm, hm, hmm… I don’t know guys, I just know things are FISHY, to put it mildly. But I’m starting to think that maybe we shouldn’t blame Kishi. Maybe it wasn’t his fault. Maybe his editors and assistants forced him to change his manga so drastically that in the end, he couldn’t even draw the last chapter himself. For me, Naruto ended in 698, because I think that’s where it diverted from the plans Kishi originally had. You know how he said that he’s known where Naruto was going to end since he began the story? Well I’m POSITIVE that’s what he was talking about - the final battle with Naruto and Sasuke, with both of them losing their arms and Sasuke changing, etc. Not the shipping. 

In all actuality, I’m starting to feel sorry for Kishi, because he was made to botch his story and now everyone is calling him the worst storyteller ever, but in reality… it wasn’t his fault.

All right, conspiracy theory over.

Took me two hours to write this. And yet, it's nowhere near enough to express my emotions...

I started watching Naruto, I think, when I was 11 or 12. I’m 21 now! I don’t really remember. I just remember hearing about this anime a lot on the internet so I checked it out.

My my, was I in for a ride! At the time, the only anime that appealed to me was shounen. So it was only imminent that I took the bait! In fact, I cried already at the first episode, when I saw Naruto’s face full of tears while hearing Iruka’s compassionate words.

What reeled me in? The action, the animation, the story, the humor… but most importantly, the characters. Even after I stopped watching Naruto after a while, I was still so in love with the characters. In my period of hiatus, I would still be checking in on the series and hear about fancy new characters whom I would fall in love with even when I didn’t know much about them! (Tobi/Obito, for instance! Tobi was my first cosplay ever, as well!) Shippuuden got seriously slow at some point, which is when I stopped watching it religiously. I would still check up though, because I couldn’t just give up on my childhood love. I would still be making sure that Sai stopped being so antisocial, that Sasuke would overcome Orochimaru, that he would take his revenge against Itachi, and later find out that Itachi was the most honorable character in the entire series, that Hinata almost gave her life to save Naruto during his fight with Pain, the real reason why Kakashi was always late for his meetings.

It was only imminent that I would pick up the anime again, especially after seeing an Icebucket Challenge-themed fan art of Team 7. I just had to check up on my babies again. And so I did, and I remember why I loved this series so much.

I truly think Naruto has played a big part in moulding my character. The biggest takeaway message from Naruto, for me, the moral behind every arc in the series, was… never giving up. Believing in yourself and in your friends. And, of course, redemption. Only Naruto would make me sympathize with the sadistic Zabuza. Only Naruto was able to bring the demonic Gaara back into the light. Only Naruto would let go of all his sorrows, his pain, his loss, to forgive the man who killed his closest father figure and his sensei, and wiped out his village. Only Naruto was able to shatter Obito’s mask and give him the chance to redeem himself. And Sasuke… Only Naruto was able to save him from what looked like irrevocable doom. I mean, most of us wouldn’t give a crap anymore about people who have abused us. And if we do hold on to those kind of people, it’s for the wrong reason and without the ability to connect with them and share each other’s pain to understand one another. 

I think the best thing that Naruto has ever taught me is to never give up on my dreams, my friends, my family, and my relationships. He has touched countless hearts, including mine, and taught me about perseverance, hard work, genuine love, and faith. He has taught me to see things from many different perspectives, and not just be blinded by the pains of my life and the darkness in others. He has taught me to grit my teeth, gather up courage and fight on, because there’s no shortcuts or backdoors. And when you see someone so fired up, working so hard towards his goal… you want to follow him! That’s what it means to be a true Hokage, a true leader! So… his way of ninja has been instilled into my way of life.

I would like to stress, though, that it’s not just Naruto. Every single character has had something unique to bring in to the story and that’s what makes it so special; the diversity of the point of views that you get from watching/reading Naruto is truly magnificent. There’s so much I learned from the pain shared by all these beautiful characters that Kishimoto has brought to life. The kind-hearted Sakura, the determined Sasuke, the shy Hinata, the youthful Rock Lee, the smart Shikamaru, the loving Gaara, the jolly Bee, the reborn Tsunade, the regret-less Zabuza, the loyal Kakashi, the honorable Itachi, the innocent Obito and Nagato, the hurt Madara, the selfless Minato and Kushina… there are many more, so many more, but I can’t give them all credit for their amazingness!

So… what about the ending? Sasuke’s redemption speech was the single most beautiful thing about the last few chapters. It summarized the whole journey so beautifully that even after reading it a few times I still could not stop myself from getting teary-eyed. That feeling he felt, of always being loved no matter how low he has gotten in life, of feeling like he belonged somewhere, that he was welcome open-armed by a family that loved him, a best friend, no, brother, who gave his arm and risked his life to lead him to the right path… that has to be the most beautiful feeling that has been felt over and over and over again, all throughout the series, in many different shapes and forms by many different characters, all united by mercy and faith and a blue-eyed, happy-go-lucky, ambitious young man.

And the epilogue? Yes, it was rushed, because it was many years into the future, so what else did you expect? But I LOVED every bit of it, the children, the adults, the politics, the friendships, the relationships. It was filled with so much love that I had to read it again and again, because it was just so satisfying - with all the hardships that these characters have been through for the past 15 years, that epilogue was essential.

Among the plot points I loved the most about the last few chapters, here are a few really worth mentioning in this (HUGE) paragraph! Sasuke’s redemption and Naruto returning his headband to him is one of the first; with Sasuke saying that he will hold onto it until they REALLY settle things between them, you have this feeling of happiness and hope for their future - and a feeling of mystery about what he really meant! But even before that, the connection that has been restored between them symbolized by the touching fingers of the Hashirama and Madara statues. Then there’s Sasuke tapping Sakura’s forehead with his first two fingers - there’s SO MUCH symbolism at play there! For instance, Sakura used to be self-conscious about her forehead, and learning to accept it was a great part of her character development, so that simple gesture meant a lot to her. The famous gesture is shared by Itachi, who loved his little brother to pieces, and conveyed to Sakura as the only way Sasuke really knew how to SHOW love. Also, in that intimate moment, Sakura was the only one who could glance into his eyes and see the reflection of the emotions hidden behind them. As for the epilogue itself… Bolt, Himawari, NaruHina - NEED I SAY MORE? Their family is beautiful, and no, the relationship between Bolt and Naruto was not portrayed as perfect, but that’s how it is in a family, isn’t it? The entire series was about developing yourself through pain and perseverance, so dismissing it in the very epilogue and painting an unrealistic picture-perfect relationship would be rather pointless. Besides, it leaves an opening for the upcoming springtime spinoff! Sarada (still can’t get over this stupid name - who calls their beautify baby daughter salad?! I know Sasuke likes tomatoes, but come the heck on!) says she is very much like Bolt - I think she was referring to how she also doesn’t get to see her father much. Another springtime plot point! See a pattern there? Like parents, like children! Oh, and I’m so glad that SasuSaku happened. I would love more development on it in The Last! Shikadai is quite a character, and Chouji’s daughter made me really proud when she dismissed being called fat, unlike her father who would get really mad about it! She’s quite an inspiration for girls who are insecure about their bodies! And I love Anko - if you love to eat something, you go on and eat it, whatever! I’m glad Kakashi got to be Hokage - he carried on Obito’s dream and I couldn’t be happier. I already mentioned Himawari, but mentioning her again because she is SO FRIGGING CUTE. Just like her brother! There’s more things I’m happy about the epilogue, but the thing I’m MOST happy about (apart from NaruHina) is that Naruto has finally achieved his lifelong dream of being Hokage. And thus, a huge slap to the face of all the haters who are there to bring you down and crush your dreams! GET LOST, DATTEBAYO!

It’s true that there are still some plot points to be covered, but remember, first of all, that there’s a movie coming out and new chapters in spring, and with the 72nd volume coming out in February there might be some extra information in there. Secondly, one of the things that make a story very appealing is the room it has left for imagination! There’s so much room for speculation that it keeps you going back to it: what happened to Orochimaru, Karin, and the others? How are the Bijuu doing? How are the politics in the ninja world now? How did Naruto and Hinata fall in love? What happened between Sasuke and Sakura? Who mothered Lee’s son? Who’s responsible for Gaara’s awful new haircut? But most importantly, how does Kakashi look like without that Goddamn mask?!?!

There’s so much to know, and I’m stoked about The Last, about buying the last volume, about the new spring series, and about reading the manga again and finishing watching the anime! The main Naruto storyline might be over, but my love for it and its effect on me is not.

10-15 years down the line, if I’m still alive and doing well, I’ll still be watching anime and reading manga, and I may be made fun of taking the bait known as ‘Naruto’. Well you know what? I’m fucking glad I fell for it. I’m grateful that I’ve been falling into this trap for the last 10 years, and would gladly fall into it again as much as I can.

Thank you so very much, Kishimoto-sensei. Otsukaresama deshita!

(pic from neruhs)

Day 12: Meet the Grandparents

It was an inconvenience that Naruto and Hinata lived 200 miles away from Hinata’s father while they lived 150 miles away from Naruto’s parents. So when Hinata went into labor, the first ones to arrive was Minato and Kushina, both out of breath though the latter pushed her husband away when it looked like he was going to be the first one to congratulate their son. Naruto was seated beside Hinata who was gripping his hand in an iron grip before releasing it and mumbling her apologies. It hurt watching his wife and love go through pain and he barely noticed when his mom slammed the door open, her wild red hair flowing behind her, with an out of breath father behind her.

“Thank god we got here in time, dattebane! See, Minato, it was a great choice to let me drive!”

Naruto’s eyes widened. “Dad, how many tickets did you get?”

Minato took a deep breath before apologizing to an angry nurse and turning to his son. “Three but your mom managed to convince the officer out of the fourth one.”

Naruto sighed and shook his head, a smile on his pale face.

Both parents locked eyes with each other and nodded, years of marriage coming into play.

“Naruto, come with me. Let your mom talk to Hinata for a while.”

Hinata suddenly gripped Naruto’s hand, her eyes wide with fear and nervousness. His heart broke then and he turned around to give his dad an apologetic look.

Kushina smiled, knowing what it felt like to be in the indigo maiden’s position, and grabbed Hinata’s other hand. “Let the men have their talk. I’ll take care of you and I’m sure Naruto has enough trust in me to protect you,” she cooed to the frightened woman, her violet eyes locking with Naruto’s worried blue eyes.

Minato clasped a hand on his son’s shoulder and smiled warmly when the 23 year old man looked at him. At this moment, his son looked like his two year old self, afraid of the world and entering preschool. Minato still remembers the fear in his son’s eyes and how he felt powerless for a moment. But when Naruto was born, Minato vowed to make Naruto’s happiness his number one priority, along with his wife’s. Now was a time to share some wisdom.

“C’mon son, I think a break would help.”

Naruto glanced at Hinata who reluctantly nodded back. She was afraid of her own comforting source to leave the room but the way Kushina—someone who she came to see as a best friend and a mother figure—held her hand and how her gaze comforted her; she trusted her life in this woman’s hands.

When the door closed, Kushina tucked back a sweaty indigo lock and caressed Hinata’s flushed cheek. Another contraction broke through and Hinata bit her lip, squeezing her eyes shut and gripping Kushina’s hand. After the wave of pain left, Hinata mumbled out a sorry, feeling embarrassed that she just crushed her mother-in-law’s hand.

“I remember being in your shoes,” started off Kushina, sighing wistfully, “and it was just horrible! Naruto just wouldn’t stop moving. One moment he was at my side and the next, he was digging his foot on my pelvis. It hurt dattebane!” Hinata giggled when Kushina pouted. “I remember thinking I couldn’t wait till I give birth so this pain would go away. I couldn’t wait till my son was born.” Kushina squeezed Hinata’s hand and smiled. “The actual birth hurts like hell but hearing the first time your baby cries will be worth it. I know the road you have ahead of you might sound scary—and it is—but you have created life and if you can manage that and giving birth, then there’s nothing you can do.” She wiped away some tears that trailed down Hinata’s cheeks. “This child would be a creation from my son, your husband, and yourself. It would be our blood and veins and you will raise this child amazingly, I just know it, dattebane.” Kushina wiped away some tears, choking on a sob. “You guys will do just great.”

Hinata smiled softly and reached out to grasp Kushina’s other hand. She interlocked their fingers and smiled widely, a smile that looked familiar to Naruto’s, while shedding some tears. “T-Thank you, mom.”

Kushina gasped and let go of one of Hinata’s hand to cover her mouth. Kushina knew Hinata’s history. Her mother was a beautiful woman and met Hiashi after a bump in a local café. It was love at first sight and they married a few months after they dated. Hinata’s mother gave birth to two beautiful daughters but tragically died a few years ago from cancer. It was disease that went undetected and once they discovered the disease, it had spread to her brain and lungs. It was a time of depression for the Hyuuga family and it took three days of Naruto’s coaxing for her to come out of her sadness. So for her to use the title “mom” on her brought happy tears to her eyes.

“You’ll be a great mother, Hinata.”                                                     

“How are you feeling?” Minato managed to get his son across the lobby to a nearby vending machine. The poor man looked worried and he’s still within reach of his wife’s hospital room.

Naruto shrugged and shakily took a sip of his bottle of water. “I don’t know. I’m scared, sad, nervous…” Even the cold water running down his throat did nothing to alleviate the dryness he felt.

Minato nodded and smiled. “Did you know I fainted when your mom was giving birth?”

Naruto’s head whipped around so fast, it sounded like his neck broke. “What?!” In his eyes, Naruto always viewed his dad as an unstoppable force, someone who can still be gentle but strong, but to hear him say that? It left him speechless.

Minato chuckled, not at all fazed by his son’s reaction. “Yeah. I couldn’t handle it and I loved your mother even more when she managed to give birth to you. How do you feel about this? How do you feel about having your first child?”

Naruto looked at the floor, diving deep into his mind to answer that question. How did he feel about this? Ever since he could understand what a family is, he wanted one of his own. He was in awe the way his father would look at his mother and his whole demeanor would shift to one of tenderness and you could practically feel the love he had for his wife. He wanted someone to love him the way his mother loves his father. He wanted someone to wake him up on his birthday only to make him his favorite food or bake the goodies he wanted. He wanted to love someone so deeply that the ocean would be jealous. And he found that person. He found Hinata in a library in a summer afternoon. Her book, “The Fault in Our Stars”, that was clutched firmly against her chest, made him smile and she blushed, something he’ll never get tire off. He started off with a simple question.

“Is that your favorite book?”


“Oh? What’s your favorite quote?”

She hesitated, unsure to answer or not. But then she parted her lips and said something that he’ll never forget, “‘You gave me a forever within a number of days, and I am grateful.’”

“Why?” he breathed out.

“Because I w-want to find someone to love like Augustus loved Hazel.”

He knew from that moment that the woman who he found on that day in the library would become a part of his life. It was a few years after their marriage that he started to imagine them with a little kid—he’ll have his moms hair and Hinata’s eyes!—and twins. They’ll have a big house so their children can have enough space to play in them. He started to imagine a family with Hinata. He talked it with her and decided to try it out. She, too, shared familiar ideas with him and he was beyond happy when she told him he’s going to be a father. And now that the moment was happening, he was nervous that he won’t be an amazing father like his dad.

Minato nodded and clasped Naruto’s shoulder, understanding that look in his eyes. “You’re going to do an amazing job because I’ve raised you well. I’ve seen the way you look at our family photos and the way you stare at Hinata when she plays with little kids in the preschool that she works. You’ll raise your child well like I raised you.”

“How?” croaked Naruto, his eyes begging his father. “How do you know that?”

Minato smiled. “I just know. You are my son and Namikaze Naruto never gives up. I know him and he’ll protect his family and raise that child as the best Namikaze ever known. I have faith in you, my son.”

Naruto cried and grabbed his father, hugging him tightly. “Thank you.”

“Naruto!” Naruto whipped around and looked at his mother who was standing in the doorway. “Hinata is going to give birth right now, dattebane!”

“What!” Naruto shot out of his seat and ran to the room where a doctor and a few nurses were already surrounding his wife.

“Good luck, Naruto. I love you.” Naruto smiled widely and hugged his mother tightly.

“I love you too, mom. Hinata, I’ll be there for you, dattebayo!”

A nurse gently told Kushina to wait in the lobby and the red headed woman nodded, a few tears escaping her eyes. There was her son, who she gave birth to and saw him grow from a toddler to the man he is today, starting his own life and creating his own story. How the years have passed by. Minato came around and hugged her close, kissing her forehead.

“There goes our son, huh?”

“Don’t make me cry here, Minato. I don’t want my grandchild to see me all ugly.”

Minato chuckled and led his wife to the lobby, wiping a few of his own tears. “Yeah. I have a feeling Naruto is going to love that kid so much, he might become a better father than me.”

Kushina smiled and settled into her seat, Minato joining her soon after. A moment of silence passed—Kushina heard Hinata’s screams of pain but decided to ignore it—and the Uzumaki smiled suddenly.

“At least we beat Hiashi, dattebane.” She always had a streak to be better than the older Hyuuga.

Hiashi grumbled as he pulled up into the driveway owned by his daughter and husband. He received a call from a very panic Naruto that his wife was going into labor. He was in a business trip then, a few days away from his home and a few weeks away from where his daughter lived, and nearly spit out the tea he was drinking when Naruto delivered the news. He couldn’t believe that the daughter who he still sees as his little girl was going to have a kid. A kid with that Namikaze no less! He still remembers the day Hinata brought home a messy yellow haired, tan skinned Naruto who was dress casually with a sheepish look on his face. Though he disapproved at first glance, he couldn’t help but be relieved in the way he would look at Hinata. It was a tender look of love and happiness. His daughter’s happiness would always be his first priority.

But he still hated the man somewhat.

Sure, Naruto had some of his quirks that he liked. He could make an amazing dish ramen; he could make his daughter happy; he would always brighten up the Hyuuga household when he visited; he managed to convince Neji—who was revengeful towards Hinata due to an accident involving his father and herself—that seeking vengeance was not the answer; and now, Naruto made him a grandfather, something he secretly wanted after Hinata married the whiskered tattoo man.

But now, sitting in his car while he began to lose feeling in his feet due to the cold, he was a bit nervous to meet this new additional member of the family. He worried that the stress of taking care of a child would push Hinata and Naruto away and the idea hurt him deeply. For one, his daughter would be killed with every passing second if Naruto just left her—even he saw the deep love Hinata had for Naruto—and depression would settle in if they get a divorce. Sometimes couples believe that marriage would strengthen the bond but in some cases, it pushes the people apart. Hiashi would have to bring out his big threats and blackmails if Naruto just left his precious daughter. And two, it just didn’t seem right for the two apart. It was as if they were meant for each other, two pieces that mold together perfectly. It’ll be a cruel fate to see them part.

He sighed and fixed his tie—he didn’t have time to change out of his business suit—and opened the door, the night’s cold air biting his skin. Damn it, why did they have to live so far and somewhere cold?

He ringed the doorbell and waited for the door to open. What he didn’t expect was for Kushina to open the door with a wide smirk on her face.

Did he mention that Kushina also irritated him?

“Kushina,” he said stiffly, slightly inclining his head “is Hinata home?”

“Why, she is. Their son is too.” The first clue to the newest member of the family! So the child is a boy? “You’re rather late for this amazing moment. Mind explaining to me why?”

“I have no reasons to explain anything to you. Now if you excuse me, I’ll like to see my daughter.” ‘And my grandchild,’ he added in his mind.

Kushina smiled even wider, her violet eyes glowing with mischief. “I was there for the labor and was one of the first to hold the little angel.”

They glared at each other—though one had a smirked on her face while the other scowled deeply—before the tension broke by Minato popping out from the side.

“Ah, Hiashi, it’s a pleasure to see you again.” Unlike his wife, Minato never tried to invoke some kind of reaction out of him. He extended his hand and the older Hyuuga shook it with as much strength he can muster.

“Yes, it has. Now like I was telling your wife,” Hiashi shot a look at Kushina’s smiling face, “I’ll like to come in and see my grandchild.”

“Ah,” Minato nodded and opened the door wider, pulling Kushina to the side with an arm around her waist, “come on in. Hinata has been waiting for you.”

Hiashi nodded his thanks to Minato and took of his coat, placing it on a nearby rack. He walked towards the master bedroom where yellow light pooled out from and knocked on the door once, the Namikaze’s close behind him.

“Come in,” drifted out Hinata’s soft voice and he opened the door wider. “Father! Oh, it’s nice to see you.” Their relationship had always been a bit distant since he grew awkward trying to reach a level of intimacy that Hinata had once when her mother. His daughter was gentle and quiet and he found it in himself to try to close the gap that was formed between them after his wife’s passing. He began calling her every week, checking in on her and her rather loud husband. Every week turned into every other day which then turned into video chatting and exchanging emails. He never knew that he could get close to Hinata the same way he was close to his other daughter, Hanabi, and his nephew, Neji. It was an opportunity he never regretted taking. He took in her appearance. She lay in bed, pillows propped up on the headboard so she was sitting comfortably, and a massive blanket covering her petite body, her husband right next to her. What caught his attention, however, was the bundle she had in her arms.

Hinata noticed the slight widening of his eyes and smiled softly, gazing down at her son. No, it was their child now, evidence of the love between her husband and herself. Her blood ran in this little child’s veins, as well as her husband’s, and it was something that brought her to tears. Naruto wiped away some that escaped and cupped her face. He motioned towards the still Hiashi and nodded a wide smile on his face. “F-Father, come meet Namikaze Boruto.”

Hiashi was by her side while Naruto moved to the other side of the bed, his parents joining him. Hiashi gazed at the child that had Naruto’s whiskers—though he inherited two—and his tuft of blond hair that was barley growing. Boruto blinked and Hiashi smiled when he saw the light blue eyes underneath those eyelids. ‘He looks like his father.’ Hinata smiled tenderly watching her father caressing her child’s soft baby cheek.

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he?” Kushina whispered, a hand interlocking with Minato’s who was wiping away some tears.

“Yes, he is.” After a pause, Hiashi continued. “He’s going to be extraordinary.”

You Are All Taking It TOO Seriously.

I think everyone is overreacting.

People claiming if it is abusive, and if it is not. Or if abuse is abuse no matter what.

I have always stated that I’m not a pairing person. So dont start with me.

NaruSaku is abusive? No. Sasusaku is abusive? Not really. But there is a difference here.

First: this is an anime ok? An ANIME. In every anime is the girl who hits or yells, or whatever to the main character.

Dont pull out the card “abuse is abuse” for a fucking anime, when it is a common thing in anime. Even there is a joke with DBZ that said “Goku, why your wife’s punches hurt you more than the ones from your enemies?” Uhm, so then anime is abusive because there’s at least one female that is like that in EVERY anime.

The thing with sasusaku is SASUKE TRIED TO KILL SAKURA, okay?? There’s a difference between Sakura stopping Naruto from saying stupid things, and actually wanting to kill him.

I repeat: IT IS AN ANIME. Some things are like that. Or will you tell that when you cry little waterfalls come out from your eyes??

After receiving Sakura’s punches, Naruto stood up like nothing happened, because in reality it wasnt with the intentions of hurting him. It is how ANIME works. It is the exaltation of a normal reaction.

Sasuke DID have the intention of killing Sakura. It was serious. And some people will always see him as a psycho.

But that doesnt mean sasusaku relationship is abusive. Maybe the thing is, we (or at least myself bc as I said before I couldn’t give a damn about pairings) expect to see Sasuke doing actually something for Sakura to believe in him. A poke in the forehead and a “im sorry” wouldn’t be enough. I’m not stating that she stopped loving him, but if a guy tried to kill me, I would be scared of him. Doesn’t matter how much you love someone. If you touch fire, you will hurt yourself, and you wont ever touch fire again. That is the logic of why there’s people against sasusaku. 

Dont try to convince them that Sasuke was crazy when that happened. He almost killed Sakura. Nothing changes that.

But he also tried to kill absolutely everyone. It wasnt only Sakura.

Now, why Sasusaku isnt anusive?

When chapter 699 came out, it is clear Sasuke came back to his old self. Sasuke from part I. 

I even dare to say he began to behave as he would have if the clan massacre never happened . It was weird because it seems he came back to his old self in one second. Not at all. I’m sure there was a time skip between 698 and 699. It is obvious because Naruto and Sasuke are in good condition again, Sakura’s hair is long again, and the village is in good shape. What happened in that time? I dont know. Im supposed that as Sasuke came back home, he found peace, and by being in peace, he was again himself.

Let’s remember part I. Sasuke used to show emotions and everything. At the start yes he was an asshole, but that changed. So no, dont hold on to the Sasuke that took the path to power as a definition from him. Sasuke used to be a nice guy. He saved Naruto from Haku, he was worried about Sakura when Gaara trapped her. Give the guy a break. He wasnt the best, but it is because his fuckin family got killed by the one he loved the most, then it turns out his brother was always a hero, and then he feels terrible with himself, and he cant stand the ones who did that to the person he loved the most: itachi. So it’s pretty fair he lose his shit.

So no, just cause Sasuke lose ground after so much shit, doesnt take the fact that before that, he was a gentle kid, and he was actually a good person. And actually a really emotional one. 

For me Sasuke is a person that lives by the try-error theory. He do, or said something that makes him kind of a little shit, but then he is proved wrong, and he acknowledges that. When Obito and Sakura saved him, he said it was thanks to them he made it. He was proved wrong, and he knew it. 

My point here is, I don’t think Sasuke would hit Sakura or treat her child as if they were nothing. When the thing of Land of Iron happened, they weren’t a couple or something, they weren’t friends anymore, to start from. So is not abusive. But that happened. And Narusaku isn’t abusive either cause that’s how ANIME works. 

Other fact here is: Sakura and Naruto relationship was MOOOORE developed than NaruHina. That is a fact, sorry. Hinata was never more relevant than Ino, or TenTen were in the whole series. If you say that NaruHina was obvious in the manga, it wasn’t. Even when The Last came out it was explained it was how NARUTO FELL IN LOVE WITH HER. So in the whole manga he was never interested in her. You probably felt a connection with that particular kind of relationship as million of others, and that’s why you turn it into your OTP. But not, NaruHina was never developed as much as NaruSaku was. 

Hinata confessed, and Naruto didn’t say anything to her after the whole Pein thing was over. What happened after the confession? Sakura hugged Naruto, with the air blowing their hair and everything. Hinata never was that relevant until The Last. And in a interview Kishimoto said he supervised the script, he didn’t write it. It was SP idea. 

And also (idk how much true this is because I haven’t watch the movie, BUT) Naruto being able to use the kage bunshin no jutsu as a child, when the start of the manga is Naruto learning it, because it was a secret jutsu no one was supposed to know, it’s the prove that SP were the writers. I mean… Kishimoto forgetting how his WHOLE fucking manga started?? Naruto as a child was the worst, he couldn’t do any jutsu right. Just watch the first 3 episodes. Because if Kishimoto wrote that shit, then well, at least that would explained why so many things were left without an explanation. He fucking forgot them! Just as the start of his manga. 

And Naruto saying his love for Sakura was rivalry with Sasuke was the worst excuse EVER to get rid of her. They could’ve just made Naruto said “I know you’re right for Sasuke, so I just had to get over it. I want both of you happy. And we’re all cool, so it is good!” It was that simple. They didn’t had to take things that far. And it would be more like Naruto to say he wanted to see Sasuke happy with the woman that would never give up on him, than saying he was just fooling around with her to mess with Sasuke. Like, even when Sasuke wasn’t around for years, right? Why the hell would he still say he liked/love Sakura if he wasn’t around to see this. And also, he wasn’t going to make Sasuke come back by flirting with his girl. It was stupid to make Naruto say that.

Kishimoto DID take decisions according to popularity. Why do you think there’s editors? They read your work, and say what works, and what doesn’t, and between the author and editors they come to a conclusion. The love triangle in team 7 was the idea of an editor. Not Kishi’s (look for their interview) So the story was affected by popularity? Yes. That’s another fact. Because that’s how Shonen Jump works. There’s even a manga that makes fun of the way Shonen Jumps works. 

And finally, let’s remember how all of you used to call Kishimoto. KishiTROLL. The only writing tool he used was the one where he left too many doors open so he could end things like he wanted. 

Things were like this: Minato thought Sakura remind him of Kushina, and asked to take care of Naruto. There I said “NaruSaku”. 

The Sakura saved Sasuke from the desert, and the whole thing happened and then I was “Or maybe SasuSaku?" 

But then Sasuke rejected Sakura again and promise of a lifetime was brought again and I was like "NaruSaku? KakaSaku? what’s happening?" 

There was never "It’s obvious!!!!!” No. There’s a phrase that says “We see, what we mainly look for” So I’m not surprise some of you were kind of delusional from most part. The pairings were never obvious. That’s why I gave up pairings when I was 15.

And stop bashing Sakura and the other for being “housewives”. We only saw a little part of their lives. And there’s nothing wrong with taking care of your house and family.

I’m one of the people that hated the ending. I am. 700 chapter, was rushed, and Naruto and Sasuke are absent parents just to give Boruto and Sarada something in common. I think it was bullshit team seven was torn apart for NaruHina to happened. I think it was bullshit Neji died for them. I think is bullshit we didn’t get to see team 7 together, when they were the main characters. I think is bullshit Team Taka was forgotten. I think The Last is bullshit because it didn’t explain 700. It only explained NaruHina. I think is bullshit. Like, how did Sakura and Sasuke have a daughter the same age as Naruto’s son if when NaruHina got married, Sasuke hadn’t come back to the village? Like, Sasuke just came and proclaimed Sakura, or how that happened? Because if they were 20 when married, and they are 27 and their kids 7. It means they fucked right away. Soooo…. there are a lot of things that weren’t explained. So for me it’s bullshit. Don’t tell me “it was obvious, you’re salty”. I’ll take 700 chapter as a good chapter, when things get explained. Not kisses while they float in front of the moon. 

When Kishi said he had the ending planned 8 years ago, I think his end was they way Naruto and Sasuke ended in chapter 699. They were the strongest, and most important bond in the whole series. If you can’t accept this, or see… the one who read the manga wrong was another one… The end of pairings was not planned, because as Kishi said “he didn’t want to write about romance because he doesn’t know how” That makes sense because, Naruto’s friendship with Sasuke and Sakura was always mistaken as love. There’s this one interview from years ago (but not more that 8 years ago) where Kishi said there would only be one pairing, because he had to resolved Team 7 love triangle. So no, It wasn’t planned ALL along. 

Chapter 700 is trashed. 

They needed the audience to stay because they were planing in making a new series, so they pair up everyone and made it super bizarre. I don’t understand how SaiIno happened. The only pairing that was pretty obvious was ShikaTema. In the first episodes of Naruto he asked if they were already together, and ShikaIno couldn’t happened since they needed de InoShikaCho formation again as a tradition.

And last reminder. This is an ANIME. The characters in it doesn’t think by themselves. People should stop saying “Sasuke always loved her since the begging” “Naruto always knew Hinata was there for him!”

If the writer of the story, doesn’t show that to me, then that isn’t true. If Kishimoto doesn’t state anywhere the thoughts of the character, or something. It isn’t true. 

In the manga, Naruto was always shown alone. Watching over the distance makes NO difference. Hinata started to be there at the same moment all the Konoha 11 were properly introduced. And we have no prove of Sasuke stating when his love for Sakura started. 

They ARE many things that were forgotten. The WHOLE end of naruto has been about the pairings and mainly NaruHina. The end should’ve been dedicated to Naruto finally being Hokage. To Sasuke and him making the village a better place hand by hand, as the brothers they are. And what the actual fuck everyone is doing besides having a family.

They could’ve given us the army of kids as an extra. As a preview for the next Naruto project. Not as an actual chapter of the manga. 

I love Naruto, but there are things that went sooo wrong. Just because your ship, is, or isn’t canon doesn’t mean you should ignore actual facts. 

And don’t get so invested in bringing an anime to the real life. What is stated in the manga is the only true. If Sasuke doesn’t think, or say he started to love Sakura when they were in team 7, or anything then it isn’t true. The only prove we have that he loves her is their child. And no, it’s no Karin’s daughter, for God’s sake. It is called art style. And Kishi said a couple of years ago that he always has trouble drawing women, and knees. Not surprise. Sasuke and Neji got pants in shippuden because Kishi always had trouble drawing their knees. 

We’ll never know what really went down with the pairings or everything until we get an explanation. NaruHina is a another case since The Last exists, and that’s that. Whatever. 

I’m waiting for the upcoming movie in summer, and for the little novels too, because I sincerely hope I get answers from there.

Just keep in mind it’s an anime, ok?