「R:B~BLAZE~」 Characters

Suoh Mikoto: Controls Shizume-cho’s Team Homura, the silent and courageous Red King. Having powerful strength and destructive impulses, he constantly endures the anguish of suppressing his powers. He’s worried that one day he might lose control of himself and go wild. (CV/Tsuda Kenjiro)

Munakata Reisi: The newly born Blue King. An extremely remarkable young man but has constantly wondered what he is. After awakening as a King during the hijacking incident he decided this was his destiny. He reestablished Scepter 4 and decided to realise his own ideals. (CV/Sugita Tomokazu)

Kusanagi Izumo: Homura’s advisor, the Red King’s right hand man. Also the owner of Bar HOMRA. He worries about fringe members of Homura becoming unruly and is cautious of the new Blue King. (CV/Sakurai Takahiro)

Totsuka Tatara: One of the leaders of Homura, someone who both sympathises Suoh and keeps him in check. He perceives Suoh’s pent up irritation, gloominess and pain and is worried about his situation. He’s troubled by Homura’s current state and together with Kusanagi, is trying to improve it. (CV/Kaji Yuuki)

Yamata Daichi: A new member of Homura. He became a Clansman to join the strong and proud Homura. But he didn’t have the chance to meet the core members of Homura and instead hung around boorish fellow new recruits. He acted arrogantly using Homura’s reputation as a pretext. (CV/Yashiro Taku)

Awashima Seri: The Vice Chief of the reestablished Scepter 4. She was on the same flight as Munakata Reisi when he became the Blue King. After taking in the existence of the Blue King she was scouted by Munakata and became his first Clansman. (CV/Sawashiro Miyuki)