kusaka hidenori


YATTA!!!!! Mangafest in Singapore!!!

I’m so so so so happy!!! I got my autograph from Kusaka Hidenori Yamamoto Satoshi the creator of Pokemon Adventure/Special!!!!!! Furthermore Yamamoto-Sensei had let everyone who wanted an autograph choose a character they wanted to be drawn!!

They were really awesome people! Kusaka-Sensei was really cool & I wore a Pikachu shirt & he told me it was cool! =D Yamamoto-Sensei was too busy drawing to have small talk but it was alright =D. I really like how he drew Pikachu and Red

Oh the third person was the editor and it he was really nice he would ask which character you want drawn then he would tell Yamamoto-Sensei. Oh they even had a like board with all the Main Character and Minor Character! Wish could have taken a picture but it was a long quene…

Anyway hope you like pictures of autograph! =D