A possible new Teen Titan?

Jump City

Ever since the incident with Raven having those horrible hallucinations, the half-dragon Kuryu had decided to make this city his home for now. At least this way, he wouldn’t be constantly pestered by annoying angry villagers trying to kill him. An occasional shout out from a street gangster would point out the “dweeby ears” or the “freakish tail”, but this he could at least tolerate; Kuryu experienced this every day back in Runeterra.

While taking a stroll down the less crowded of streets at evening, the sound of an explosion caught his sensitive ears, the people who happened to be walking by didn’t seem to take notice. The sound caused his ear to twitch and he immediately turned towards the source.  What was that sound? the teenage dragon thought to himself. 

It may not be much his business, but having no sort of excitement around in such a long time, it was at least worth checking out. Spreading his wings, Kuryu leaped high into the air and flew straight towards the source of the explosion. In the distance, he could see smoke rising from what seems to be some sort of underground facility. 

“This should be fun”


Meanwhile, back at the tower, Beastboy was having some downtime, spending his night playing video games and consuming vasts amounts of food in the briefing(?) room. Pizza boxes were scattered everywhere as well as small packets of tofu, typical for the guy. Then, the sound of doors sliding opened caught the attention of the green boy, but only for a second as has almost defeated his opponent in the game he was playing. Cyborg walked in.

“Yo! Cyborg! Care to join me in an all-night gaming session?” Beastboy invited his friend over, patting a spot on the couch next to him “ I got some pizza and soda here too" 

Taking the green-boy’s offer, the large cyborg responded enthusiastically "Aww yeah~! Count me in!" 

But before they could celebrate, the alarm sounded, forcing them to cease their current activities, no matter how fun they were "AWW COME ON-!!"