kurusu syo

一緒にHang in there♪
一十木音也(CV.寺島拓篤)・聖川真斗(CV.鈴村健一)・四ノ宮那月(CV.谷山紀章)・一ノ瀬トキヤ(CV.宮野真守)・神宮寺レン(CV.諏訪部順一)・来栖 翔(CV.下野 紘)・愛島セシル(CV.鳥海浩輔)TALBZうたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ Amazing Aria & Sweet Serenade LOVE Rainbow Stars CDTCON SoundtrackTRCK
一緒にHang in there♪

*internal scream*

(also I’m so sorry t-t I couldn’t find a pic without the “sample” on it or maybe I’m just bad at life honestly I’d believe the latter)



♪ JANUARY 2016 ♪

Natsuki is worried that his s/o loves Satsuki more than him.

Quartet Night’s reaction to their s/o ex trying to win them back.

Starish & QN’s reaction to the ice cream video.

QN plus Masato & Ren’s reaction to their s/o shamelessly flirting.

Ren confessing to his s/o on New Years Eve.

How would Starish & QN react to their s/o singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Ren, Masato, Ranmaru, Syo & Otoya has a nerd lover.

Syo proposes to his lover on New Years Eve.

Starish & QN’s reaction when something inappropriate plays on the store intercom when their kids are there.

Ren’s Wedding Day.

Reiji, Tokiya, Ren & Masato father headcannons.

Syo & Otoya father headcannons.

Starish, QN & Satsuki playing Guitar Hero with their s/o.

Reiji, Ranmari, Tokiya, Ai, Masato, Natsuki & Satsuki’s reactions to their s/o telling dirty jokes.

Starish & QN’s reaction to their s/o wanting to elope.

Starish & QN at the movies with their s/o.

Otoya, Syo, Reiji, Ranmaru, and Camus trying to taste their s/o’s unfinished cooking.

Starish & QN’s reaction to their otaku s/o claiming characters as children, waifus and husbands.

Quartet Night’s reaction to their model s/o getting a nude shoot offer.

Ranmaru, Reiji & Ren cuddle headcannons.

Starish & QN’s reaction to seeing nsfw fan art.

Ai, Reiji, Tokiya, Ren, Masato & Natsuki’s s/o had a bad experience with pools.

Syo’s tall s/o.

Starish & QN dancing with their s/o.

Starish in the zombie apocalypse.

Starish & QN’s s/o has coughing fits.

Syo relationship headcannons.

Ranmaru relationship headcannons.

What would Starish & QN’s superpowers be?

Tokiya celebrating his birthday with his s/o.

Happy Tree Friends reactions.

If Starish & QN were TV show hosts.

What makes them cry.

Otoya, Ren, Syo & Ranmaru comforting s/o after a nightmare.

Marriage Order (First-Last)

Syo, Ranmaru, Ai and Otoya walks in on their daughter dancing.

(NSFW) Starish & QN kinks.

Ren meeting his s/o’s family for the first time.

Syo forgetting his s/o’s birthday.

QN finds out that their s/o has a terminal illness.

What happens when Natsuki’s s/o accidentally knocks off his glasses.

What they miss when their s/o is pregnant.

(NSFW) Masato in the kitchen.

(NSFW) Ai.

Boxers or briefs.

Starish’s crush is moving out of the country.

S/O rescued a kitten.

Natsuki confesses to his crush.

Starish & QN playing Dance Dance Revolution.

Satsuki is worried that his s/o loves Natsuki more than him.

Reaction to s/o being pregnant with twins or triplets.

Natsuki and his s/o swap bodies.

Otoya’s sweater made with love.

Starish & QN’ playing video games with s/o.

A dance underneath the moonlight. (Tokiya, Natsuki,Ai, Reiji & Satsuki)

Starish when senpai notices them.


Ranmaru finds out his sister is dating Ai.

♪ FEBRUARY 2016 ♪

The boys catch their s/o checking to see if they’ve gained weight.

(NSFW) Passionate gifset.

Hearing their s/o singing.

QN’s s/o smacked their ass and left a hand print.

S/O cut their hair short.

Starish and s/o reunited and feels so good.

(NSFW) Otoya.

Tokiya’s child is playing HAYATO.

Starish finding out Haru and Tomo are dating.

Ranmaru’s hot pocket obsessed lover.

Starish & QN’s s/o cries because he gave them a meaningful gift.

(NSFW) Foreplay.

Starish & QN trying to flirt with their s/o.

Jinguji with twins.

Crush gives them chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

S/O playing in QN +Natsuki, Satsuki and Masato’s hair.

♪ MARCH 2016 ♪

Coffee date with Syo, Ai and Tokiya.

Where would Starish take their families for vacation.

S/O believes that they are cursed.

Where would QN take their families for vacation.

Starish and QN’s reaction to the sin that is this blog.

What does Tokiya, Ranmaru and Reij do on restless nights?

Camus confessing his love.

Ren as a husband and father headcannons.

A young kid is hitting on their s/o.

Anger headcannons for Otoya, Cecil, Reiji and Ranmaru.

Best-Worst handwriting.

Camus dealing with a breakup.

Most-Least likely to hold a grudge.

Returning the love on White Day.

White Day headcannons.

White Day with Reiji.

Pet Peeves.

Sad Nacchan headcannons.

Ren, Ranmaru and Reiji with a little sister.

Affection headcannons for Ren, Reiji, Camus and Natsuki.

What kind of flowers would Starish give their s/o.

How QN would spend a rainy day off.

What kind of flowers would QN give their s/o.

What Reiji and Ranmaru were like in their early teens. (Written by @xxyuichanxx)

Tokiya cooking headcannons.

Starish and QN’s reaction to getting giri choco.

Syo comforting s/o who is afraid of thunderstorms.

Cecil and Reiji cooking headcannons.

Jealous Ranmaru headcannons.

Starish & QN’s s/o in thigh highs.

The kind of jokes the Starish would tell/find funny.

What subjects would they teach?

Masato first kiss headcannons.

Starish & QN sees their s/o in lingerie.

Satsuki relationship headcannons.

S/o is now a cat for some odd reason.

Syo and Otoya angst headcannons.

Syo and s/o pregnancy headcannons.

Ren and Syo’s s/o overworked themselves.

Starish and QN’s female s/o somehow turns into a boy from perfume…

♪ APRIL 2016 ♪

(NSFW) Ai.

Finding out their s/o is pregnant.

“First-to” List.

Ranmaru takes care of drunken s/o.

Ren’s s/o is a barista.

Otoya friendship headcannons.

♪ MAY 2016 ♪

The Ran Chan Kitten Saga 1, 2, 3 & 4.

How the would react to their s/o stealing their favorite food.

Ranmaru sees Ren flirting with his lover.

Masato meeting the parents for the first time.

Tokiya’s child is crying because they failed an exam.

Ren, Tokiya and Ranmaru morning headcannons.

Ren, Ranmaru, Reiji, Camus sees their s/o in a wet shirt.

What flusters them.

Masato headcannons.

What they like in a partner.

Ren taking his s/o shopping.

Their opinions on professional wrestling.

Starish dealing with allergies.

♪ JUNE 2016 ♪

How QN acts aorund their crush.

Reiji first date headcannons.

Camus treating his wife.

QN Quirks.

Seeing plushies of themselves.

Starish & QN play Five NIghts at Freddy’s

S/o has a habit of cracking their joints.

Lingerie shopping with the bae.

Starish Quirks.

Most Dom-Most Sub

Natsuki defending s/o from a thief.

S/o would rather wear a suit than a dress on their wedding day.

Masato in a relationship with someone who does not hold the same traditional beliefs as him.

Tokiya and Ren’s s/o brings home a pet.

Make-up or no Make-up.

Tomochika Shibuya headcannons.

Reiji defending s/o from a thief.

Who likes having their hair pulled?

What type of party would Starish throw?

Where they would like to have their first child.

Older brother Ren headcannons.

Starish & QN playing in their s/o’s hair.

Satsuki defending s/o from a thief.

(NSFW) Shower sex.

Are they ticklish?

What type of house would they like to live in?

♪ JULY 2016 ♪

The one with the long lost child.

Type of party the QN would throw.

Starish group outing headcannons.

Starish & QN as pick-up lines.

Starish kissing headcannons.

Syo with an s/o the same height as him.

Most-Least likely to play PokemonGO.

Their favorite anime genres

Age to be married.

What makes them upset.

Seeing their baby wearing a cute onsie.

Ren, Otoya and Ranmaru’s s/o has sunburn.

♪ AUGUST 2016 ♪

Dork s/o crying because their fav died.

QN’s s/o is told he is out of their league.

Starish making up after a bad argument with s/o.

S/O kissed their gay male bestie.

(NSFW) First Time (s/o in pain)

♪ SEPTEMBER 2016 ♪

Reiji reflecting on his seemingly emotionless s/o.

S/o defending Reiji from the rest of QN.

Starish suddenly kissed by crush.

Satsuki experiencing love for the first time.

♪ OCTOBER 2016 ♪

Starish waking up next to their s/o the morning after.

Pregnant s/o is growing more visible.

Ren, Syo and Ranmaru has an assignment together.

S/o wants to put make up on them.

The Birds and the Bees talk- STARISH.

The boys meet their seiyuu.

Starish standing up to bullies.

Favorite place to do “the do”

Dirty pick up lines this time.

Ren with girl bestie headcannons.

QN standing up to bullies.

Best-Worst decorators

Halloween Celebration(+Costumes)












Starish going to a haunted house with their s/o.

♪ NOVEMBER 2016 ♪

Anger headcannons for QN

(NSFW) Tokiya.

If their child walked in on them about to do the do.

Seeing s/o’s tattoos for the first time.

Taking care of their sick lover.

Reiji, Masato, Otoya and Cecil’s s/o can’t have kids.

First date with Reiji.

Ai conversation that wasn’t what it sounds like.

QN gossiping about Starish.

The time they were a little too rough.

If their s/o stole their instrument.

Syo’s short girlfriend.

Their child winning a school talent show.

S/o playing in their hair.

S/o is jealous over his kissing scene.

Starish & QN plays truth or dare.

♪ DECEMBER 2016 ♪

They boys have set a pic of their sleeping s/o as their wallpaper.

Take my sweater.

Moving in with Starish.

Starish Christmas Headcannons

QN Christmas Headcannons

Heavens Christmas Headcannons


♪ JANUARY 2017 ♪

Ren’s wife goes into labor.

Starish Phone/ Texting Headcannons.

QN giving their s/o a massage.

Ren and Reiji’s cat related prank on Ranmaru.

Starish finds out their s/o used to date their senpai.




♪ MAY 2017 ♪

Quartet Night Phone/ Texting Headcannons.

Restaurant AU.